Thursday, December 8, 2011

More to Explore

Austin had another full day yesterday ending with some incredible late night two wheeling.

Starting out early in Galilee.
Fans found them.

Then a tour the mystical city of Safad.(That's not Austin secret twin next to him, it's MaryLynn's husband)

And fans found him there. He is getting recognized all over Israel.

Then a two tour of the Golan Heights and the Lebanon and Syrian borders and sharing lunch with a couple running a bed & breakfast living in the area.

With their tour guide Ari.By Wednesday night they had made their way down to Jerusalem. And capping their day off with "a 90 minute mountain bike ride from the Haas Promenade overlooking Jerusalem, down to Jaffa Gate and through the Christian, Muslim and Jewish quarters ending with a L’Chaim overlooking the Western Wall.late night mountain bike ride through Old City Jerusalem."
Don't think they were ready for someone who needed a Texas sized bike helmet.
Ready to explore the ancient city.

" Wait! I've got to get a picture
of you in your helmet"

Today is more time in Jerusalem.

Austin and Shaun overlooking Jerusalem.
Including a visit to the Western Wall.
And while touring by Zion Gate and they came across a Bar Mitzvah celebration and joined in dancing with them.Austin just tweeted that he will be in Jerusalem through the weekend.

I will be walking around Jerusalem for the next 4 days and 4 nights. Come see me. - Aus10

Wonder if he will hop back on the bike a bit too.

Did anyone notice all the jackets & coats Austin has with him? Yeah all that is not going to fit his go to handy dandy backpack.

And those curls that seem to have sprung back up front?

While people are still talking about Jake's bold move leaving his manager, they have been tweeting about him all during 2011.
According to Twitter's analytics Jake came in #7 of the male celebrities tweeted about on twitter, coming in ahead of Ashton, James Franco, and Colin Firth. The top spot this year ? Charlie Sheen of course - or as Charlie says - "Winning!"

What is amazing is that Jake doesn't even has his own twitter for people to follow.

pictures: amvoicesnisrael,ihj


Charity said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I usually counteract rudeness with rudeness of my own. I'll decide whether or not I want to change blogs - I happen to be enjoying the posts about Austin in Israel, and want to read more about Jake's mgmt goings-on, but thanks for the suggestion. I know you had the best of intentions, PG.

destiny said...

I'm really enjoying all the pictures and stories of Austin in Israel--and very jealous too!

Special K said...

Austin too little bike helmet cracks me up. It is like it is just perched on the tiptop of his head.

And Austin brought back the toothpick for the trip. :D

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Is Hugh Jackman really the great guy that he seems to be? The all-around great husband and great father. Does he have any skeletons or Vices? Also has Toothy Tile ever been photographed with his beard?

Dear Naughty and Nice:
Just because the X-Men star may also be a Vice star—which he is—doesn't mean he's not the nice dude he appears to be. Trust me, I adore Mr. Jackman and I've known about his Vice since like...forever. As for Toothy, T.T. has been snapped with beards, of course. That's the point!

^.^ said...
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jake in new york said...

BariLieberman Bari Lieberman
If it wasn't your bday I'd say mean things. So jealous! RT @maridelreyes bday dreams come true! Jake Gyllenhaal in my SoulCycle class today.
15 minutes ago

BOBrien1117 Brittany O'Brien
Jake gyllenhaal spotted in my spinning class XOXO gossip girl #starstruck
17 minutes ago

@maridelreyes Maridel Reyes
Birthday dreams come true! Jake Gyllenhaal and @jamiebeckman in my SoulCycle class today.
1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

tweet said...

“@jonc20: Standing next to jake gyllenhal at la colombe in SoHo. He has a pretty impressive beard.” Dammit I was just there!
7 hours agovia Twitter for Mac

destiny said...

LOLLLL! I thought something about Rick Perry's anti-gay ad reminded me of BBM.

Brokeback Perry

Also, saw on Rachel Maddow tonight that Malawi is reconsidering their anti-gay criminal statute as a result of Hilary's speech (they get over $250 million a year in money and aid from the U.S.)

the real m said...

Austin looks a bit tired and worn out, but also like he's having a great time. It's so good that he has this opportunity for such a memorable trip. And I see the guy from Shameless there too. He's really cute. Love that show.

People said...

People Best of 2011

2011's Most Shocking Guy Makeovers
Jake Gyllenhaal

Special K said...

Just one of the parodies of Perry's ad.

Rick Perry commercial parody reveals his latent desire to make love in a tent to Jake Gyllenhaal.

twitter said...

Scott Summers
chicks ran out of my office to see jake gyllenhaal down the street
7 minutes ago