Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

Where Austin is like liquor like his name implies, Jake is like wineBoth Nouveau
and Vintage

Drawing from the world aroundwith good legsA dichotomy of complex and simplisticSometimes a bit roughOther times seductively smoothHas some good notesSparklingEffervescentSweet
SaucyJuicyCan be a blush
and a flushRomantic
Loosens inhibitionsWarmsGlows
and paired well
And with time

big and boldCheers!

May all of your wishes come true and receive all you hope for

and a "Baker" who's handy with the frosting.

Happy Birthday


Special K said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

tweet said...

Ashbrookeross @Ashbrookeross
12/19/11 12:59 PM
Staycation Day 1: @soulcycle class in the middle of the day. Bonus? Jake Gyllenhall was in the class.

monk said...

Happy birthday, Jake!

Special K said...

Hey Monk good to see you!

twitter said...

Briana Mathew
I just walked passed Jake Gyllenhaal on my way to the train. NBD. He's beautiful.
5 hours ago

prairiegirl said...

Best wishes to the birthday boy. Happy Birthday, Jake!

destiny said...

Happy birthday Jake.

Beautiful photos and post today.

Good to see you Monk.

happy birthday said...

Celebrate Jake Gyllenhaal's Birthday with His, Sweet, Sexy and Shirtless Moments Through the Years!


Beau-jolais said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Beautiful post today. :)

they cut Austin out said...

Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal! Hollywood Hunk gets better with age.


Methodical Muser said...

...a more personal level, Gyllenhaal has been linked to several lovely ladies, including Kirsten Dunst and the now-married Reese Witherspoon. He also briefly dated country and pop music singer Taylor Swift.

Well, Hollywood is about storytelling, isn't it?

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob! Let's see, to keep with the wine analogy of today's wonderful post, it's true that Jake has been known to be precociously unevolved, lacking clarity with a closed off vibrancy, which has combined to limit his ability to reach his full potential over these past several years.

Nonetheless, here's a sincere and heartfelt toast to Jake maturing into a textually compelling, undiluted spirit, long in taste, with an unconcealed bouquet, full of memorable distinction and a reliable consistency.

Seaweed said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE... in hopes you have an enjoyable occasion, a toast in your honour, a wine or liquor of your choice, and that Austin get's a mouthfull as well.


Methodical Muser said...

and that Austin get's a mouthfull as well.

Deliciously wicked, Seaweed! I wholeheartedly, agree. It's only fair that Austin gets to enjoy some of the "plattered" treats, as well. ;-)

Special K said...

This is a nice tribute to Jake on his birthday. The Blog - This Movie Guy pick his five favorite Jake performances with clips.

Happy Birthday Jake

Special K said...

Great toast M&M.

And Seaweed your wickedly wonderful comment could make some wonder it if would be a wine tasting or savoring to the last drop.

Seaweed said...


Wink, wink. I know I'm bad!

Love the delicious photo selection Special!

tweets said...

rebeccafurer BeccsFurs
@SSIPOS thanks for the shouttttt could you tell ur friend @AUS10NICHOLS to also follow me?
3 hours ago
in reply to ↑

@rebeccafurer @aus10nichols He's his own man, I can't tell anyone to do anything. But, you could ask him...
1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

Seaweed said...

Checked out the The Movie Guy blog and liked his choices. In January it'll be six years since I saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time. Managed to see it 14 times between Jan 14th and Feb 28th. Still have the ticket stubs.

Its been some time since I had a viewing of my DVD, but some nice quiet stormy day or evening in January, I know it will be a happy/sad reunion filled with emotion. Simply Amazing!


twitter said...

Lafleurdeparis Rebecca Leffler
Ran into Jake Gyllenhaal today- definitely love at first sight (for him, that is, i've known for awhile we're soul mates now he does! ;)
59 minutes ago

tweet said...

Katie Berlin
Happy birthday to the gorgeous & immensely talented JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!!! I'll always remember this moment.. #soulmates

Jersey Tom said...

Slightly Happy Belated Birthday Jake. Since it sounds like he is in NYC.

the real m said...

Great post today. I loved the selection of photos and captions.

Best wishes to the birthday boy and many wishes that he lets his true nature flourish in the year to come.

star sign said...

Jake Gyllenhaal
Born: Dec. 19, 1980

Although those born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp are known for their inscrutability, the key to understanding enigmatic Jake Gyllenhaal is in his deep, confident gaze. The best of those born this week know to trust their excellent intuition, and the Oscar-nominated Source Code star navigates the Hollywood game -- wisely selecting only strong projects and avoiding negative gossip -- with unusual savvy.

Is it True said...
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rinse, repeat said...
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Special K said...

Looks like trolls are talking to themselves.

Trolls not welcome said...

The troll is here 24/7 and the gay is staring him in the face

AUS10 said...

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twitter said...

Jonathan Kay
Oh, hiiiii Jake Gyllenhaal at @LaColombeCoffee in TriBeCa. Hi, too, door I just ran into.
13 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

He lives! Good to see Austin on Twitter.