Monday, December 26, 2011

This End Up

Happy Boxing Day!

Taking inspiration from the message on the side of many boxes for today's post.

While Austin's plans have always been to run his off.
Jake's have seemed to have worked out.

Happy Hanukkah


Jersey Tom said...

Happy Boxing day.

Twitter LA said...

Wayles Martin

We were literally just houses away from Jake Gyllenhaal's house #crying

16 minutes ago

tweets said...

Rio Caraig
Jake Gyllenhaal dresses like a teen dad from our time.. Not like the 70s.
10 minutes ago

the real m said...

Nice backside, Jake. These four days off were sure a nice break from work. Its going to be really hard to get out of bed tomorrow.

prairiegirl said...

You are telling me, m. I can't believe I've got to go back to work tomorrow. What a DRAG.

Spent the day at my mom's. We took my brother & sister in law to some stores that they like to go to when they're here - Crate & Barrel, Dean & Duluca and now we have another one to add to the must-see visit list: Trader Joe's! We watched The Polar Express which I had never seen before but I really liked. I think I may have to buy that movie now. All in all, a great time this weekend, but it sure flew by fast. And now it's back to the old salt mines.

Happy Boxing Day!

destiny said...

Happy Boxing Day.

prairiegirl said...

Can never see enough of Mr. JBG's gluteus maxes.

Oh oh! Better hit the hay! How time flies.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree. Jake sure does have a cutie patootie, cabootie, alright. Loved the GPS tweeting at strategic times over the long holiday weekend. Good to know that Austin was recognized at just the right times to place him far away from Jake.

Special K said...

Jake's all over the place on TV the last couple of days. His movies that is. Right now October Sky and PoP are both on.

A lot of his female co-stars have in the past seemed so maternal in their affection to Jake. Looking at him back in the day for October Sky with that baby face you can see why.

twitter said...

Brian Hart
How soft is Jake gyllenhaal? #octoberskyflashback
3 minutes ago

A poster from WFT2 earlier this year said...

"He [Jake] has very nice and competent nannies and you never know, if you read tweets and sightings with Jake and a kid or kids, you assume it's Ramona or a friend's kid(s). Think twice." ;)

A tweet from someone having brunch at Bubby's in NY, yesterday morning, 12/26/11:

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal, please stop making faces at the baby, you're making my ovaries explode.
23 hours agovia Twitter for iPhone

tweet said...

fahad_hamdan Fahad Hamdan
I wonder how many takes it took for dennis quaid to not laugh after seeing jake gyllenhaal with a girl? In the day after tomorrw #shitstough
11 minutes ago

Special K said...

It doesn't seem like the tweeter had a baby that Jake was making faces at, so who's baby was he trying to make smile. The one at his table?

BTs don't go out said...

The one at the next table?

Jake's closeted ways said...

Use to not think much of the idea of Jake with a growing family, but as we segway into 2012, it would explain a heck of a lot. How many years has it been since we've heard that all Jake wants to do is settle down, get married and have children? Certainly, at least, six years. Yet, all of his so-called "relationships" have been PR generated, tabloid manufactured and annoying as hell. Some say he's done all this for career purposes, but I would wager my next pay check that it's probably to hide a bunch of other stuff Mr. Gyllenhaal still doesn't want us to know about. I never would have thought Jake would be ashamed of his own children, but if he can't own up to being gay, everything else follows from that.

Ever hear of nannies said...

Except the tweeter didn't indicate that the baby was at the next table. Nor, did anyone else tweet that day about how Jake Gyllenhaal was goo-gooing over their tiny tot. If people can't wait to tell us know where he stops for coffee, buys yogurt or what shoe store he's shopping in, I'm sure a proud mother or father would have screamed twitter joy about a sexy Jake Gyllenhaal coo-cooing over their bundle of joy.

Twitter said...


The other side of the coin is, that (IF) Jake was with a baby (toddler) himself or seen with a woman in tow (nanny) with a baby traveling together, what makes you think people would not tweet about that.

The tweet and post pictures about him sitting on the NYC subway train, he and Adam L. at lunch.

These twitters tweet about EVERYTHING!

I can see the tweet now, "Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal and some unknown woman and baby at the diner", is he playing make shift babydaddy or, who is the woman.

^^ We have yet to see any tweet similar to this.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake was no doubt at a table with several people. That's not an untypical M.O. for Jake. No one is going to mention others at the table if they are not recognizable (i.e. famous). Let's face it, Jake is pretty spellbinding and distracting, except apparently for a Jake making cute faces at an adorable newborn. That would be pretty, captivating I would have to admit.

Methodical Muser said...

"He [Jake] has very nice and competent nannies and you never know, if you read tweets and sightings with Jake and a kid or kids, you assume it's Ramona or a friend's kid(s). Think twice." ;)

Yep, that's how it would work alright.