Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before...

You know Jake, if you want to be Santa.

Stick with the hat.
The Santa beard only works when it goes white.There'll still be plenty hung by the chimney with care. ; )
Happy Christmas Eve!

For those who gather and celebrate tonight opening gifts and sharing Christmas spirit, we wish you the best.

For those who are waiting for Santa's arrival overnight, may you be on the nice list and maybe have just enough naughty to squeak by to have your stockings be stuffed.

And for everyone. In all the ways we celebrate, may there be Peace and Joy.

(Oh.... and Santa if you're listening... just one thing, maybe you or one of the reindeers could snap of picture of the boy with "eyes-how they twinkled!" and "dimples how merry" and his fellow who's mouth is "drawn up like a bow" together.Shhhhh...we won't tell anyone. Especially The CW)

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Hanukkah!


twitter said...

Caroline Gottlieb
I'm standing right behind jake gyllenhaal at liquiteria oh my god
37 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

twitter said...

Jason H
And he apparently knew about caviar express line RT @JacquieLH: Stood next to Jake Gyllenhaal at @LoxPopuli. Seems he's a regular=awesome
9 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Second That said...

Maybe you or one of the reindeers could snap of picture of the boy with "eyes-how they twinkled!" and "dimples how merry".

Glad to hear about your good luck today shopping, Special!

Happy Christmas Eve to OMG!

destiny said...

Good wishes for everyone celebrating Christmas Eve.

the real m said...

Happy holidays to all. We open presents in the AM here, but Santa came early with a new sound system for our large screen TV. So we'll be glued to Netflix or DVDs tomorrow.

That Baltic air show was a real delight. Airports are so blah, what a treat to have that happen.

Austin could be anywhere. Austin is his favorite town but he does not have to be there to say that.

Methodical Muser said...

Merry Christmas, (((Everyone))). Hope your day is full of laughter and sparkle and blissful tranquility.

Seaweed said...

It's a White Christmas here... wishing everyone all the very best today!

Methodical Muser said...

I see that Just Jared has repeated the obvious falsehood about Jake being in LA on Wednesday at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz with Levine. Another example, of how so much that surrounds Jake is smoke and mirrors and just plain false. The bombardment of tweets yesterday was ridiculous. Jake has never been so active on the day before Christmas. In fact, he normally disappears into the ethernet.

Looks like 2011 was Adam's turn to help out Jake. Last year Levine collaborated with Austin. Guess the guys have a revolving "Buddy Plan" with Maroon Five's lead singer.

I also noticed that Adam made sure that a post appeared to document him holding hands with his GF. Awww. Ain't love grand? How sweet of Just Jared to let us know that Levine was out and about on December 23 to minimize the obvious clues of Ted's column from yesterday.

Jason said...

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all, including our favorite mischievous elves, Jake and Austin. I agree M you don't have to be in the city of Austin to say it's your favorite town. (Wonder how long it will take to get new Austin tweets placing him in Texas today?) LOL! I love jerking their chains just to see them respond like two trained seals.