Friday, December 2, 2011

Bedtime stories

Looks like Austin is doing a bit of reading in bed.He was definitely learning lessons from a movie master. Sidney Lumet made over 40 movies during his career including such movies as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Prince of the City, Network, Murder on the Orient Express, Deathtrap, The Verdict and yes he even eased on down road with The Wiz.Lumet "made his feature film directing debut with the critical and financial hit 12 Angry Men (1957), which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival and earned Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay, and is justly regarded as one of the most auspicious directorial debuts in film history."
Could it be that Austin is revising his book club? For that you need a least two...

Hmmm... he might consider Jake who might have some personal antidotes to the bedside table. In the small world of all things connect Lumet directed the Running on Empty, written by Jake's mom.

And while the bed Austin shared on screen for the past three seasons isn't up for sale, most of the rest of Tree Hill is over the next few days. First up wardrobe this weekend, then the rest, lock stock and barrel, next week.

Happy Austin Friday.


prairiegirl said...

I bet that picture was not taken in the home.

Why? Lookit those drapes.

LOLLL!! Well now wait a minute before I get the foot in the mouth too far, lol. Was it Jake that you said likes retro stuff or something, Special or M&M? Who told me that? Like 50's or 60's? Or is that in my head?

Perhaps that is in the Gyllenichols Compound sniff**den**sniff. No, wait. No, no, no, no. There are no sliding patio doors in dens. My money is on Wilmy.

We'll never find out but it's fun to wonder.

prairiegirl said...

Baby Flynn!!!!! Baby Flynn alert!!! Awwwww...Baby Flynn is in Sydney. Gosh, that little tot has been to Australia at least twice already. He is already starting to stretch out a little - so sad!!! But he is just as cute and beautiful as ever. Just love baby Flynn.

old tweet said...

心の姫 ♥彡
RT @boyfolk: the only person that has a 'beauty mark' is jake gyllenhaal the rest of you just have moles
28 Nov via TweetDeck

Sophia said...

I know PG will find this of interest:

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Sophia said...

Sorry, bad link:

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twitter said...

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at pinkberry tonight. Oh my gosh he is so beautiful!
27 minutes ago

? said...
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^ LOL said...
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Special K said...

Bret Easton Ellis tweeted this a few hours ago.

Bret Easton Ellis
Why didn't Josh Hartnett do The Informers? I don't think he wanted to have sex with Austin Nichols.
2 hours ago

? said...
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Special K said...

Jack why don't you take a break and go get breakfast.

Schoolmarm said...

Sit down SK

Special K said...

Excuse me?

Do I need to turn this car around?

destiny said...

LOL the Ellis tweet.

destiny said...

Sixteen stars with gay rumors. Huff Post

Kind of interesting because of some of the choices (Alycia Keyes, but not Queen Latifah), interesting that their doing this list at all on this site, and no Jake.