Friday, December 30, 2011

What's good for the goose...

Why Jake on Austin Friday? 1. Who else makes Jake smile like this? And 2. What would Austin like on Austin Friday but Jake?

And it looks like he's getting just that this last Friday of 2011. All signs point to Jake finishing up 2011 the way it started at LAX.And just like Austin there was a lot of Jake to see this year.

He flew backand forthNorth (CA)South (TX)domesticand internationalHad hairthen no hairthen really hairyHe ateand ateand ateand ateand drankand drank and drank ... coffeeHe saw the Dr.againagainand again.He went blueand brownand tanand greenHe booted upand showed off the specsand got WildHe kicked and punchedand ranand spun.
He gave backand grewRoad the railstook the Trucksterand shot steelHe talked about movieswas nominated for a moviecelebrated moviesmade moviesand went to moviesThere was a familiar ringand familiar friendsa familiar smileHe took big stepsand followed his heart.

And in the "how big is my backpack race", Jake might have this one.


the real m said...

nice compilation of photos. They make Jake look busier than he's actually been this year.

PG thats so funny. I've not done that yet, but my vision is getting better, not worse as I age. I have had to turn around and go back home because I forgot to put my contact lens in at all so many times its not funny. Problem is as the day wears on and my eyes get strained, I don't see as well. So in the AM, I see clear as can be and can drive no problem but when it comes time to go home after a day at work, staring at a computer, it would be a whole different story.

Special K said...

A love connection for Atti?

John Hamm Is A Mad Man When It Comes To Cora

German Shepherd mix, Cora may be eligible, but that doesn't mean she's not hunting. When asked what other celebridog Cora might want to date, her pet parent, Mad Men actor Jon Hamm responded, "Jake Gyllenhaal's dog, he has a nice looking German Shepherd." It must run in the family!

Cora was adopted from LA's famed Much Love Rescue by celebrity couple Hamm and writer/actress Jennifer Westfeldt. Cora has received a certain reputation around Hollywood, not only for visiting her father on the set of his hit series, but also cruising the Hollywood dog park, which Hamm calls "a hot spot." Who knows, maybe this most eligible pet will one day run into, or even end up sniffing Gyllenhaal's dog after all.

Huffington Post

Awwwww said...


prairiegirl said...

m, I found out when I went to take out my left lens and had to say "Ow!" because I was touching my eyeball. LOLLLL!!! Just the most bizarre thing and no problems seeing at work today at all.

good grief.

Well, interesting look back at the fellas, Special. Nice job!! Look at allllll those times Jake was in those darn GI Jake pants. And then runner up pants would be the light tan ones. They're probably standing up in a corner somewhere. LOLLL!!!! Oh sorry, couldn't resist that one.

AWwww, and look at the nice picture of Jake in his glasses. I love that. He looked wonderful, didn't he? Just great.

We don't see his smile much anymore - guess we're not deserving of it or something. But when he does give one up, it's a great sight.

Special K said...

Jake name to The All-Time Sexiest Men in Cinema list by the San Francisco Chronicle.


Special K said...

That picture of Jake smiling was of course the night he was out for dinner and a movie... hmmm I wonder who with?

AUS10 said...

Art is oxygen. Without it, my heart might have stopped beating today.
2 minutes ago

Twu Wuv said...

I hope Art feels the same about Austin. Awww.