Friday, December 16, 2011

Where less speaks more

Austin found a succinct and profound way to sum up his experience at the Vad Vashem's Holocaust History Museum

This picture is worth 6 million words -----> - Aus10

As the celebration of the miracle of Hanukkah begins next week, no doubt Austin has a new understanding of the faith, culture and history of Jake's heritage.
Happy Austin Friday.


Wow said...

Awwww, so nice. :)

Wow said...

^^the sharing of each other's cultures at holiday time, I mean.

Vad Vashem pic is very powerful and humbling to see.

End of Watch screening said...

jbhoneebee jbhoneebee
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael! Amazing movie! @GetGlue #EndOfWatch
15 hours ago

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@mermon7 Marzena
@jbhoneebee How do you know?
14 hours ago via web

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@mermon7 I went to an advanced screening tonight. Just got back from watching it and it was better than I expected.
14 hours ago

mermon7 Marzena
@jbhoneebee Thx so much. Can you say a bit more or you are not allow to.
13 hours ago

we actually did sign a paper that says we can't talk about it,but I will say it's a mix of Harsh Times, Drive, Cops, and Training Day. Very emotional,funny, and realistic. Definitely go watch it,out next year. :)
13 hours ago

mermon7 Marzena
@jbhoneebee Wow, sounds amazing! Did the audience seemed to like it too? I just wish Jake a big success with that movie.
13 hours ago

oh yeah,applause when it was over, then we all filled out a survey saying what we like/didn't like and I am sure his performance will be acknowledged,especially by law enforcement community/families13 hours ago

mermon7 Marzena
@jbhoneebee Just write what you feel you may.
13 hours ago

mermon7 Marzena
@jbhoneebee Lucky you! How is a Jake&Anne chemistry? How is his baldness in action?
13 hours ago

prairiegirl said...

How is his baldness in action? LOLLLLL!! I don't know, but that just sounds hilarious.

I look forward to seeing your menorahs everyday, Special. I always enjoy them. This one is certainly a little unusual - kind of spikey - the colors are gorgeous.

prairiegirl said...

lol, I just love my GI Jake guy. I was told that he is actually a 60's GI Joe. And here I thought he was a modern doll. **crushed**

He's a ringer for ol' OxyClean Billy.

Yeaaaaa! Fred has slid down the back of Dino and it's a 3 day weekend!!

And even after that Nov. 14 yogurt, we're still doing good. LOL. Dest, it's good to hear that I'm not alone. I was kind of desperate for lunch today and found that coconut cream one buried in the crisper of our office refrigerator with my customary Fat Sharpie initials scribbled on the lid.

Special K said...


1970 was when your new favorite fella got his flocked beard. And poor Joe had to wait until 1974 before he got his Kung-Fu grip.

They stopped making the full size GI Joes and shrunk him down in the 80's.

What guy wants to shrink from 12" down to 3 1/2"?

twitter said...

David Ray
Best company holiday lunch! Celebrity sightings of Lo with her new bf, Kevin Bacon & Jake Gyllenhaal @Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills Hotel!
27 minutes ago

twitter said...

Jennifer Buenrostro
I just left the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and @JLo was there. I am in love. Oh- and Jake Gyllenhaal was there too. I love @JLo
1 hour ago

destiny said...

I really like Calexico.

prairiegirl said...

Jake looking good on just Jared tonight!

Where? The medical center, of course.

just jared said...

Jake Gyllenhaal stops by a medical building on Friday (December 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actor will be celebrating his birthday this Monday (December 19). Happy early b-day, Jake!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jake Gyllenhaal

Earlier this month, Jake was spotted catching a flight at Burbank airport after enjoying the weekend with a pal.

Jake can next be seen in the crime drama End of Watch, where he plays a police officer opposite America Ferrera and Michael Pena.

The flick centers around the long-term friendship and partnership between two cops.

prairiegirl said...

# 2 Chelsea @ 12/16/2011 at 11:00 pm
Some people think Jake is a closeted homosexual. Is this true?
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# 6 OMG @ 12/16/2011 at 11:19 pm
Go to this blog to find out:
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Wow, OMG's first reference on an outside blog. Don't tell me this little blog isn't getting traffic.

Just Jared said...

^^^ comments on Just Jared

;) said...

LOL one of you regulars probably posted that on JJ, just like your loaded letters to Ted!

twitter said...

Desiree Anderson
Satiating my Spanish food addiction..Oh & Jake Gyllenhaal was just here :) (@ Casa Vega w/ 6 others) [pic]:
26 minutes ago

the real m said...

My favorite from yesterday ".Order from Good Vibrations came in.' He needs something besides his own hand while Austin is traveling or working.

Anonymous said...
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Wow , LOL! said...

"someone" has linkd OMG on the E/AT boards and Ted's posts several times.

tweet said...

BobbyRiversTV Bobby Rivers
Does Jake Gyllenhaal as a Marine wearing a Santa hat and a red thong in JARHEAD qualify it as a holiday film? Just curious.
20 minutes ago

ontd said...

For the love of God, you're 31 (on Monday)! PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!

This Christmas we should help Jake find his other clothes and a razor.

say what? said...

For the love of God, you're 31 (on Monday)! PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!

The hell are you talking about?

Special K said...

If you go click on the ONTD link you'll see that was the caption with the post.