Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

With Elves busy trying to fill all the orders Santa has, OMG is here to help with suggestions for a certain Tall Texan and Spin(Cycle)Master.

For when Jake buys too much from the Farmers Market, a food dehydrator. Hey who wants dried kale!

And they can all play Foodie Fight Rematch game.

Because the boy loves denim, how about a denim tie.

For all those frozen yogurt eaters in the house. The Yonana Ice Cream Maker, that uses frozen banana to make a creamy cool treat.

And the ultimate fake out for the fella who loves coffee and always seems to be snapped getting it, this coffee lens coffee travel mug.

For Austin how about a Lomokino camera. It's a hand-cranked movie camera that turns a 36-exposure roll of 35mm film into 144 frames of retro movie magic. Check out some of the mini movies here.

And another gift for the movie lover, Laurel & Hardy The Ultimate Collection on DVD, that includes special commentary by legendary director Hal Roach.

Or how about this Murray print? That's a retrospective of Bill Murray's films for his wall.

And for those Two Wheel Tuesdays? A little Texas Pride.

And a little bit of home. A print of an Austin landmark.

After being together almost 10 yrs, how about some couple like gifts:

Harper Lee for Jake.Kurt Voneggut for Austin.
Maybe belt buckles.
Jake showing off what he loves about Texas.Austin just showing off.
Or a movie to share. The 50th Anniversary of West Side Story. The fashion for Austin and Sondheim for Jake.

And think they both would get a kick of these:
While a PoP wreath might not work.
But there's always the tree that could use:
A felty flock,
or a string of birds made from a vintage map of Austin TX.Don't forget the veggies. Maybe a fat radish and all about kale.

Happy Hanukkah!


prairiegirl said...

Well they were in the BA room of a gay club, my guess would be sexual jealousy, or stepping over some agreed upon line due to the alcohol.

Ooooh, now that kind of gives me the hot tingles. lol

Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the guys get all excited over the mere mention or image of two girls fighting. "Ooooh, catfight! lol!!!

Not sure what you would call a brawl between Adam and his boyfriend but it's having a similar effect on moi.

The said...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been hearing a ton of stuff about Jake Gyllenhaal lately. Apparently his sexuality is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. He’s basically been outed all over the internet under the name “Toothy Tile” and has a supposed baby with a former boyfriend. Reese Witherspoon was also an in-the-know beard, hoping to gain from their showmance. I’m having a hard time believing all this so I thought I’d ask someone on the inside – you seem to know the dirt on everyone…so Jake, gay or straight?


I have no idea, this kids whole life has been staged… I can’t tell if its for gay purposes or to maintain his acting career?- nik

Making a List, Checking It Twice said...

I always look forward to your holiday gifts posts, Special. :)

tweets said...

JessDMarti Jessica Martinez
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Little Italy...just a typical Thursday night in the city
6 minutes ago

Marleny Escobar
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal my life is complete.
17 minutes ago

Ted said...

Robert Pattinson vs. Kristen Stewart: Who Will Top Our List of 99 Reasons We Love Hollywood?!

Today 9:30 AM PST by Team Truth

In honor of the New Year, we decided to bring a little holiday cheer to all you Awful readers!

And after quite a year filled with babies, hot couples, break-out stars and a whole lotta Robsten, we decided to compile the ultimate list of the 99 things we still love about Hollywood.

So we're taking a positive outlook and spreading the love, ‘cause no amount of divorce or drama will stop us from holding Hollywood dear to our hearts this holiday season.

But of course, we had to keep you loyal readers guessing, and while both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison made our list, only one half of Robsten came out on top.

Any guesses?

Sorry, Awful readers, you'll have to wait for the full list to find out why we gave this twosome separate slots, and why we love them both for totally different reasons.

And shocker! It's so not because of Stephenie Meyer or Twilight.

But even if you're not a fan of Robsten, there are still lots of stars on the list for you to worship.

From George Clooney's love life to Jake Gyllenhaal's walking to Charlize Theron as the wicked evil queen, we've brainstormed our little hearts out to give each one of you Awful readers something to love about H.Wood.

And as for Rob and Kris? Well, you know we have mucho adoration for the duo, but we're also fans of their solo work.

Only one of the two can make our nine favorite reasons, and we want to know who you think it will be!

Sound off, Awful readers, and be sure to check back tomorrow—we're serving up our first batch of reasons we're just as much in love with Tinsel Town as we ever were!

prairiegirl said...

LOL, that belt buckle cracks me up. So Big Texas. lol

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Big Texas is getting shoved to the small back burner by Latrine. Mr. Gyllenhaal, is this what you wanted?

Someone sent Perez Hilton the twitpic of Jake and Adam Latrine dining at some restaurant the last time Jake was in L.A. And now Perez is saying it happened yesterday and calling it:

We're getting all kinds of warm, tingling feelings! Forget holiday spirit - we want in on this bromance!

A reader sent us this EXCLUSIVE picture of two of our favorite guys breaking bread yesterday. Adam Levine and Jake Gyllenhaal stopped off for a bite at the Mustard Seed Café in Loz Feliz, CA for another one of their intimate dates semi-private lunches!

It's a wonder to behold, huh!

The "intimate dates" is struck through. So now it's getting retweeted like crazy with added comments like:

carmitanadines carmitanadines
Pics of Jake Gyllenhaal & Adam Levine looking damn sexy in the Mustard Seed Cafe in Loz Feliz,CA private lunches sexy (-;
35 minutes ago

lovethewhitesox Amanda Harvey
jake gyllenhaal + adam levine = my favorite bromance
1 hour ago

em_carpenter Emily Carpenter
Adam Levine + Jake Gyllenhaal has to be the hottest bromance ever conceived. #makeoutalready
1 hour ago

Jake Gyllenhaal + Adam Latrine.

Was that the desired reaction? Did he really want that? To have Austin shoved under the tablecloth? To have Austin forgotten? To have Jake shipped with Latrine?

Hey, if that's the case, I say equal time and let's have us some Buckles!!!

Warm Tinglies

Methodical Muser said...

A coffee lens travel mug for the man who has everything. LOL! Talk about multi-tasking. Great prezzie list, Special. Surely Wlliams-Sonoma must carry half of these things. Or, maybe Jake can just go online and get his man a Pinkberry Case for the old Ipad to match their yogurt runs late at night.

prairiegirl said...

LOL, this one is funny.

MagasinxStitch Sarah
Why is Jake Gyllenhaal always pictured going in and out of medical centres. Something up? Is this standard celeb procedure?!
1 hour ago

prairiegirl said...

Nah, no Buckles. That ship has sailed and gone already. Although ol' Roberto was looking pretty good in fan photos during this past filming season, kind of like his old self.

Special K said...

So how could Jake be in Los Feliz yesterday and be seen shopping and at Soul Cycle in New York at the same time?

I wonder how Perez will answer that one.

Eriq La Salle in Manhattan said...

@RoommateHappyHrRoommate Happy Hour

Just walked by Eriq La Salle in the LES! #ComingToAmerica

15 Dec via Twitter for Android

from Manhattan

prairiegirl said...

lol - this is how out of Buckin practice I am. I called it Buckles!! LOLLLL

Heyyy, good to see Eriq LaSalle in NYC last week!

prairiegirl said...

Is Perez that bad that he doesn't double-check the dates on things? All he had to do is look at the date on that tweet, for cry in' out loud.

Lousy work, Hilton.

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, don't forget wherever Adam Levine is, Austin isn't too far behind. These two tweet one another like old friends, Austin goes to his concerts, his x beard, Claire Oswalt, is a friend of Adam's, and last Christmas Eve these two guys had nothing better to do with their time than to tweet one another. Austin perfectly summing up their relationship with six little words:

@adamlevine you know me too well sir about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hmm. Wonder how Austin and Adam got so tight? Perhaps, a mutual "friend". And, I don't mean Soapy Bush.

Methodical Muser said...

Is Perez that bad that he doesn't double-check the dates on things?

Wouldn't be the first time Hilton got something completely wrong when it came to Levine and Jake. Don't forget the May 29th movie outing the two had with a group of "friends". Hilton indicated that the event took place two days later, on May 31st. That's the time a picture of a line of people going into the theater surfaced and Austin cryptically tweeted:

"Sand people always travel single file to hide their numbers. -Obi Wan"

prairiegirl said...

Hey, don't forget wherever Adam Levine is, Austin isn't too far behind

I suppose I could take solace in that. But the point is, it isn't Austin that people are thinking Jake is having intimate, sexy private dates with. It's Latrine.

I cannot imagine what kind of stomach it takes to read, to see pictures, and hear yourself paired up with someone who is truly not your partner/love interest. What does that do to your head? Nothing good, I can tell you that.

I just have to shake my head at the constantly bad repercussions these 2 guys' closet situation keeps conjuring up. Oh well, huh?

Jason said...

I think M&M was suggesting that Adam provides cover for these two guys. All three men know what's up and what they are doing. Remember the out of the blue, awkward statement by Levine last year, "Stop thinking Jake is gay?" That came after the unexpected, side by side picture of Austin and Jake in Leadville. Levine probably thought he was helping but really all it did was cause a bunch of people to question his own sexual orientation.

Don't forget that Adam and Jake have only been seen together in public over the past couple of years after Reese dumped Jake and left him "beardless". Nature loves a vacuum and it appears that Adam has voluteered to assist the guys. Both of whom are obviously his friends.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Jason!! Happy Holidays to you.

Yeah, I'm a bit whiney tonight. I think it's my cold.

Well, all the guys got from this was some ill-focused attention on Jake with Adam, LOL!! Again, not exactly what Adam was wanting, I'm sure.

Christmas Vacation is on again. LOLLLL! Cousin Eddie and his dark dickey underneath the cream colored, too-tight sweater with the light colored shoes. LOLLLLL! It just kills me.

prairiegirl said...

nelligo Natalia
@AUS10NICHOLS I would like to wish you and all your family Merry Christmas! Let this Christmas be a family and joyful! Kisses and hugs!
2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

all your family

lol. She has no idea.

prairiegirl said...

Buzz off, 10:28

prairiegirl said...

Wow, Michael's is having a big BLOWOUT! sale today, open until midnight. I may have to go check that out later.

I'm sticking around home for the most part on this day off; finishing up a few decorating details, laundry and wrapping my presents. I still need to kind of stay away from people because of this stupid cold. What a drag. Also have the doggie Santa deliveries to make as well to my furry little customers. Boy, I tell you what. Need to save a little extra more for that expense next year, Lord willing. Those "good" doggie treats at PetSmart and Petco don't come cheap! But they're so cool. They come in weird flavors like carrots, veggies, salmon and whatnot. Organic cotton toys. lol. Good grief.

Jason said...

lol. She has no idea.

The troll really can't stand the idea of these guys being parents, literally commenting Every Single Time the topic is even casually introduced. That and the idea that Austin is still with Jake in a committed relationship. If they truly thought there were no kids and no Austin they wouldn't even bother. As mentioned many times before this lurker stalks OMG 24/7, particularly since Jake has been beardless. They are worried. They should be.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Jason - best wishes to you & your family, too. It's great to see you.

Hey, you guys, who do you think this could be? (note, no Fisher Price link!)

theawfultruth Ted Casablanca
Blind Vice! Rock Star Reeks of Playboy Ways!
1 hour ago

Very interesting BV

You'd think that buckets of moolah, tons of adoring fans and a hot chick at your side would be enough.

Not so for Lesley Grotto, one of those swoon-worthy rock star types with the slick moves and killer abs. See, Les has all of that (including a knockout gal most dudes would kill to canoodle with) but—surprise! surprise!—he wants more, more, more.

Especially when it comes to chicks. ‘Cause let's be honest...

READ: Blind Vice: During Awards Season, the King Forgets His Queen Days

Lesley is a straight up dawg!

You wouldn't know it though because when he's around his "special" lady (especially when there are cameras around) Lesley is the image of a doting boyfriend—ya know, lovey dovey kisses and all the "awwww"-inducing crapola.

But when she's out of sight, she's definitely out of mind too.

Which leaves Lesley to do what he does best: sweet talking the panties off of any (and every) chick in sight.

"He's a total d-bag," one of the pretty party gals who attended one of the many booze-soaked event that Grotto frequents bitched to us. "He's all over chicks at these parties and flirts with everyone."

Continues our blabbermouth babe: "But as soon as he's with his woman he's a whole different man, all committed and monogamous."

Sounds smarmy. Well, actually, that totally sounds like half the other dudes in Tinseltown.

Here's the real Q though: If his lady found out would be really even care? We kinda think not.

AND IT AIN'T: Jason Mraz, Kanye West, Bruno Mars

Most people are guessing Adam Levine. Special, someone guessed Billy Idol!! LOLLLL. I just thought this was interesting in light of what Perez Hilton posted yesterday.

prairiegirl said...

I also think it's interesting that Ted makes it a point to say "Lesley is a straight up dawg". As if to clarify things.

Don't you?

free bird!!!!!! said...

one of those swoon-worthy rock star types

Does Ted think he's breaking any new ground here? The road is littered with "swoon-worthy rock star types" who flirt and play while their ladies are away. It's part and parcel of being a swoon-worthy rock star type.

prairiegirl said...

True. But what I find interesting is that Ted posts it today. He could've posted something like this on any day of 2011.

But it came today.

Special K said...

Hey Jason, Happy Holidays to you!

Methodical Muser said...

Ted's not trying to be groundbreaking. He's just being topical. Adam Levine is in the news from his role as a coach on The Voice, his recent Victoria Secret's performance, and hanging out with Jake (his BV Superstar) to give Toothy some street cred as a straight dude.

The moniker and the AIA's are a dead giveaway. For instance, Levine appeared on Kanye West's Late Registration album, on the third single, "Heard 'Em Say and Kaye West recently performed at the last Victoria Secret’s Show, along with Adam Levine.

Regarding the name of Lesley Grotto, there was a birthday bash last year that was all over the internet about Adam Levine and Ryan Leslie in which both men were portrayed as being explosively demonstrative to their supermodel girlfriends.

The Decembrists have a song called, Leslie Anne Levine so that could be where Ted gets the name Leslie as well.

it's so easy to spoon feed ted crap, especially if it's a celeb you hate eh MM??? said...
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Special K said...

Jack run on, you must have some shopping left to do.

Methodical Muser said...

Have a great holiday this weekend, Jason, and a Happy New Year too!

destiny said...

You should be a personal shopper Special, you always find so many unusual and great gift suggestions.

So the guess for the blind vice is Adam, my guess would have been Justin Timberlake.