Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hair Raising

Will my hair ever be as high as his?

Please Johnny - what's the secret - wash twice and leave in conditioner or do you rinse it out?


prairiegirl said...

LOLLLL!! Big hair.

That is darn hilarious, Special.

It's the male version of the beehive!

destiny said...

So, is Jake trying to correct the damage by appearing like is making nice with Taylor after breaking up on the phone (lol), or milking this for more publicity, or do they stupidly think that if they get back together after all the negative talk people will think they are real and embrace them?

Either way, I guess Jake is taking the view that any gig and publicity is better than none.

prairiegirl said...

Dest, I have no idea. This is utterly stupid and a waste of time and more toner.

Why go through all of that drama with the big Traumatized Tay stories? Only to "get back together" again?

Ludicrous. And beyond comprehension.

Not to mention a total waste of jet fuel.

Does Jake not read his man's Global Green twitters? Has fuel conservation not come up at the dinner table? What the hell.

OwlGirl said...


Not sure this is a "let's end on good terms" dinner at all.

I'm afraid this is more like a "let's rekindle right before you leave on tour so we won't actually have to see each other but PR can keep planting stories about the bracelets I buy you" dinner.

prairiegirl said...

I agree, OwlGirl. I don't think this is a flash in the pan thing either.

I think Jake's biding time. Biding time with ol' Tay.

Oh boy. I can hardly wait to hear about their tear-stained pen pal letters - whoops! Excuse me! - their tear-stained emails and texts to each other.

Special K said...

Maybe Camille was giving him some advice about Ms. Swift writing songs about you, and he went to head it off at the pass.

She leaves to start touring in less that two weeks.

Special K said...

Using stats like the number of gay bars and openly gay elected officials, The Advocate magazine lists the 15 most gay-friendly cities in the United States.

#1 might not be where you thought.

Gay Friendly Cities

prairiegirl said...

Or like some are saying, Jake & ol' Tay "break up" in time for the two milestone birthdays and the holidays, then are "back on" with the start of 2011 and just before ol' Tay has to go overseas for her tour. Jake doesn't have to do endless photo ops in the States and maybe has to go overseas a few times to put a stamp of validity on it.

I think that's what's going on. Fits perfectly.

And Camel's Belle? She's a beard! She knows. She was part of the whole plan. Used by both Jake and ol Tay to help validate he "break up".

The whole thing reeks of a really, really bad junior high play. A beard used to break the heart of the other "dumped" beard so that the Bearded One can look like a cad and "player". He sees his wayward ways, can't get over his "girl", and comes crawling back to try and make it work.

You know, we all may get stumped or scratch the heads for a moment, but give us just a little time and a little headgathering, between OMG and WFT2, we will figure it out.

dlisted said...

Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Had Dinner Together

This is about as shocking as the time Taylor Swift found out that storks really aren't flying uteruses (she found this out last night). Here we were all thinking that Taylor and Jakey Gyllenhaal's connection to each other is solely powered by caffeine and diuretics. This isn't so, because People says that Taylor and Jakey ate a meal together last night and as far as we know cups of coffee were not served. Although, there's a good chance they ate mole sauce and tiramisu.

A witness-type tells People that Jakey and Taylor had dinner at Bound'ry restaurant which is near her apartment in Nashville. They sat in the back and the witness gave up these highly important CNN breaking news details about their time together, "They did eat. They were cordial to one another, but not affectionate."

Jake and Taylor are bold bitches for opening up their contract re-negotiations in a public restaurant! Or maybe Taylor asked Jake there because a stork has been flying around her bedroom window lately and she was afraid that maybe she open-mouth kissed with him for too long (that's when he broke the news about the stork thing to her). Or maybe Taylor asked Jake there to let him know that she has anal warts. Or maybe they're just friends and they're tricking us all. Or maybe you really don't give a dick about this, so why don't you watch this video of a horse trying to do butt sex with a tree.

prairiegirl said...

This is hilarious. From US Stinkly:

He just can't quit her?

Three weeks after their split, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift reunited in Nashville on Wednesday night, a source confirms to

PHOTOS: On-again couples

Driving into town together, Gyllenhaal, 30, and Swift, 21, dined at local eatery Bound'ry -- located just around the corner from Swift's condo.

It's the first time the duo have been spotted together since Gyllenhaal put the kibosh on their two-month romance just before New Year's. "Jake just told her it wasn't working out," an insider told Us Weekly. "Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn't know what she did for him to put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him."

PHOTOS: Undercover lovers

And Love and Other Drugs actor Gyllenhaal seemed to be on the prowl after Sunday's Golden Globes -- flirting up a storm with a bevy of A-list actresses (including Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams).

PHOTOS: Jake and other stars party after the Golden Globes

"He was talking to so many girls!" a witness told Us.

Gasp! You don't say!! To so many girls?!!! Scandalous! That scoundral!!

L. O. L.

Tell me, do you see George Clooney needing this kind of pumping up? I don't think so.

prairiegirl said...

Oh no, I was wrong. Michael K was hilarious.

anal warts. LOL!!! I can't believe that guy sometimes.

Okay, Dest, here we go!! More material!

And maybe a double date with Selena Gomez and Berber Carpet!!! Yesssss!!!

OwlGirl said...

Using stats like the number of gay bars and openly gay elected officials, The Advocate magazine lists the 15 most gay-friendly cities in the United States.

#1 might not be where you thought.

Gay Friendly Cities

I've never heard of Vancouver, Washington described as a "city" before. That has me LOL. It's basically a suburb of Portland, an extremely gay-friendly city. Very interesting.

Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Jake got a ton of press during the couple days he hung with Talyor. I think he is looking for a long term less in your face deal. If he gets Talyor to sign on the dotted line especially when Talyor is on tour and these two make some dinners in tour sites your talking more magazine front covers. I think Jake prefers the long term beard romances than the one night one date type contracts. This is not gonna end. It will go on and on. I don't know if Jake will ever marry. My guess is no.

I still have no answer to this question is Jake not able to get work or is he too busy to work. It should be very interesting to see what happens when Austin is unemployed if Jake suddenly goes back to work. Could tell us a lot. One works. One stays home.

destiny said...
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destiny said...

Interesting article about the gayest cities.

LOL Michael K. Fingers crossed for that double-date, I can't wait to read what Dlisted would say.

Speaking of gossip blogs, there was an article in the style section of the NYT today about Just Jared that I thought was interesting. Celebs love him, he has five employees, and the site is raking in over a million a year in revenue.

Nice Bloggers Don't Finish Last

prairiegirl said...

This is how a "reunion" with ol' Tay benefits Jake.

Ol' Tay's Tour Schedule:

Jan 21 Royal Caribbean - Cozamel Mex.
Feb 9 Singapore
Feb 11 Seoul Korea
Feb 13 Osaka, Japan
Feb 17 Tokyo, Japan
Feb 19 Manila, Philippines
Feb 21 Hong Kong
Mar 6 Brussels, Belgium
Mar 9 Noway
Mar 12 Germany
Mar 15 Milan, Italy
Mar 17 Paris, France
Mar 19 Madrid, Spain
Mar 22 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Mar 25 Belfast, N Ireland
Mar 27 Dublin, Rep of Ireland
Mar 29 Manchester
Mar 30 London

grand ole opry said...

Jake will have fun being Taylors roadie!

prairiegirl said...

Will be interesting to see if there's just enough time between now and the time ol' Tay needs to leave for Cozamel to re-establish Jaylor. She'll have to leave the country until late spring and Jake would be free to nest with his family while having to exert little effort towards ol' Tay.

AUS10 said...

Bike Team. Follow @lacbc. #twowheeltuesday. Were starting a revolution.
about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Destiny, for this link on Jared Eng, originator of JustJared. Is this any surprise?

No introduction was needed with Ms. Lively, the star of “Gossip Girl” — the two had met many times before. Their conversation lasted five minutes and resulted in an “exclusive” post the next day. The headline? “Blake Lively’s Thanksgiving Plans Revealed.”

Even by the lax standards of celebrity journalism, this was a trifle of a story, but it is precisely the kind of cheery, quotidian, Britney-goes-to-Starbucks stuff that has turned Just Jared, a gossip blog started by Mr. Eng, into such a runaway hit among millions of readers.

It might also explain the adulation Mr. Eng enjoys from press agents, who practically shove clients his way, knowing that his is a snark- and judgment-free zone that treats celebritydom as a kind of never-ending slumber party.

“A lot of bloggers will just grab stuff and make judgments,” said Kelly Bush, the chief executive of ID, a public relations firm in Los Angeles that counts Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sean Penn among its clients. “I love the fact that he’s successful because he’s not trying to be negative.”

Or, as Taylor Swift told him in a recent video on “You’re really, really nice! You’re really positive!”

destiny said...

Yes, funny that the article got in mentions of both Swifty and Jake.

the real m said...

Well if Jake thought the repairing would help him this time around he is sadly mistaken. Negative comments on the web are right back. This one was my favorite -"I think Taylor just wanted to collect her check in person."

Here is an interesting tidbit - off topic, but interesting. Jobs is taking a medical leave from Apple and the man who is taking over running the company in his absence is gay. From a story about the change - "Cook, a famously quiet and collected person, will find his backstory, both personal and professional, the topic of increasing interest and discussion in the tech community. That new attention is a good thing for a man with a reputation as fearsomely good as Cook's. Cook's rise to his position—he is one of the most powerful corporate executives in the world, to say nothing of being the most powerful gay person in tech by a mile—is also a tribute to his skill and work ethic on the one hand, and to the utterly unconventional and unconventionally empowering people skills of Jobs on the other." Another milestone, I think.

Anonymous said...
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prairiegirl said...

^^^ lol - trolls are out of sound arguments! This is all they have left.

lol said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Attaboy, Jake. I was truly beginning to worry about you and that keen ecological consciousness you have cultivated over the years. I mean why waste a freshly coifed “beard” when there's still plenty of thick "cover" left to repackage and recycle for future use?

When the so-called breaking "news" hit on January 4th, declaring that Swyll was supposedly no more, the first thing I thought was why would high profile “performers” like his sister, Paltrow and Levine, give their seal of approval, and risk a public backlash, for a PR driven campaign that was only scheduled to last less than 50 days. In other words, actively participate in a risky investment for so little return. Never mind that well informed Florida tweeter who announced the breakup in the first place: @elysiasegal Dunno if this has broken yet (or if anyone cares) but Jake Gyllenhal dumped Taylor Swift - was using her to promote his movie. Douche! 9:26 AM Jan 3rd via ƜberTwitter A person vacationing in Palm Beach, who somehow still was connected enough to have advance notice (the day before the story hit the web) about a private phone conversation a 1,000 miles away?

From the beginning, it was pretty easy to see that Swyll was a tightly scripted contract, coordinated to get maximum visibility, with minimum effort on Jake’s part. From the September 23rd, "leaked" sighting on the SNL set, to the fake 911 call on December 9th, this lighting speed coupling was set up to seem doomed to crash and burn from the start. An unlikely pairing of two people who didn’t travel in the same circles or share similar interests. She was too young and he was too experienced. She was a country sweetheart. He was a pervert. Jake was such a private person and those paps were just impossible. The out of control frenzy propelling him to coldheartedly ignore Tay’s 21st birthday , avoid a joint celebration of his 30th, and skip the romantic intimacy of Christmas and New Year’s Eve merriment.

Now, when there are no more red carpets or award show publicity to manipulate, we are given the inevitable post-Golden Globe revelation that maybe Jake was too hard on Tay Tay. The time apart perhaps giving Jake the perspective to make the "mature" decision to man-up and face the twanging music. Let that devastated gal know, in person, he still wants to remain friends. Of course, we’ll soon learn that the close proximity and familiar smell of maple latte on her breath will evoke those long ago fond memories of apple pickin’ and ice cream lickin’, inspiring Jake to admit how much he can't live without her. Auto-tuned music will swell in the background, candle light will flicker, horns will trumpet the reunion…fade to black.

Okay, Jake. We get it. Your fauxmances are as contrived as one of those simulated “love” scenes from your last movie. You’re a gay man, who more than anything else wants to continue hiding that ever expanding family away from the public square. It’s more than obvious you will do anything to distract from what’s real and cause people to focus on the illusion. What’s that Old English saying, again? Oh, yeah. “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

swill said...

familiar smell of maple latte on her breath


Ted said...

Are Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Back Together?

Oh lord, here we go again.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted grabbing dinner in Nashville last night near Taylor's apartment, so it's safe to say their run-in wasn't accidental.

A dinner patron claimed the two were "not affectionate."

Jake had been in L.A. for Golden Globes craziness, where the freshly single stud was never hurting for female company. For example: Jenny Lewis, Mila Kunis and one Swift enemy, Camilla Belle.

So what gives here?

Don't be quick to think Jaylor are on again.

T is working that cute little behind off, and if we've learned anything from her albums, she's one to hold a grudge against a dude. And let's just say she wasn't thrilled with the way Jake pulled the plug (although she can thank Reese Witherspoon for that one).

Really though, Jake was on his game this weekend, happily chatting and flirting with any lady that crossed his path.

It's the best we've seen J.G. look in a long time. Maybe in Nashville he was just apologizing to T.Swift in person for the Camilla Belle rumors? He is a good guy, after all.

Don't get us wrong, we totally heart Swift, but these two are so much better apart than they are together.

We're getting a caffeine-overload headache just thinking about Jaylor, round two.

We've reached out to Taylor's and Jake's reps for comment but have yet to hear back, which isn't exactly a good thing: Silence often means something's up.

destiny said...

I didn't know that about Cook M. The one I always hear about is Hughs, one of the people behind Facebook, who recently got engaged to his boyfriend, who is a big gay rights activist. Talk about your power couple.

destiny said...
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actually said...

I think you have the whole setup right, Methodical. Pretty amusing rendition too. You should work for PR! ;-)

I guess what you're saying is Jake is going back to Swyll because he wants to be home with the family, and not out and about pushing his heterosexuality. She'll be gone a lot on her world tour and he will be the dutiful boyfriend pining away for his beloved at home. I think I'm about to be sick. But, it sounds right.

roadie said...

Jake ain't doing shit right now, I bet he follows her around like he did with Reese.