Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smoked to the Bone

A little Austin flashback today - courtesy of Full Count - (formerly Lenexa, One Mile)

Why the title change? Maybe Lenexa didn't sign off on it. Because even people in Lenexa, only like it, can't commit the love.

What's up that?

Full Count is the story of a group of high school friends the last summer before they split up and go their separate ways. Their friendship is put to the test "when a disturbing secret comes to light and they are forced to set out on a quest to protect and redeem the reputation of one of their own - at whatever cost to their futures." Set in then rural suburbs south of Kansas City in the 1980's it also capture a time before it became the ever expanding sprawl of the Metro. It was filmed on location all over Johnson County and Kansas City's Westport district.

Now for a fella from Texas - he had to try out some KC BBQ to compare with what he was raised on. And KC BBQ and Texas BBQ are not the same. Now he would never admit if he like KC's more but wonder if he's tried this one. ; )


prairiegirl said...

LOL! Hey, I've got to check out where that Lil Jake's is.

"Eat it an' Beat It". lol.

This just burns my butt every time I think about Austin filming near my home and I didn't know it, didn't know who he was at that time. I could've been checking it all out, been a "LIVE SOLO COVERAGE" kind of gal for OMG. Rats, drives me nuts!!

I've not seen this movie - I'll have to check it out; maybe use my Netflix for once. I need to cancel my subscription. I've had Maurice for probably 4-5 months now. LOLLL!! Heck, maybe longer. I've lost the little envelope by now.

Okay, that's it for now. I've got to write.

Seaweed said...

Well, there's a major winter storm heading our way now; just might get snowed-in tomorrow and if I do, m'thinks an afternoon in front of the TV with 10 episodes of JFC will have me in Austy Overload.

Not that I'll complain mind you... :o)

Hope the writing is going smoothly for you PG.

Are you snowed-in Special?

prairiegirl said...

Hey Seaweed!! Writing is progressing, yes. That's a good thing!

So you're maybe going to get it tomorrow, huh? Join the club! lol. I keep staring out the window and everything is white and crystalized. Huge icicles hanging off of roofs and I wish I had collected enough snow to make snow ice cream. We have so many dogs around here and stuff that I'm kind of reluctant to do it now.

Enjoy your JFC! Nothing like a little wetsuit Austin to get one through a snowstorm.

ryn said...
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prairiegirl said...

What in the h are you talking about, ryn. Your rambling, ridiculous comment will be removed soon so thankfully not many will see it.


prairiegirl said...

**sigh**. Cereal bowl lowered. No new person today.

Man, the afternoon was slept awaaaaay! Good grief. That is ridiculous. I dreamt about being somewhere and not being able to find a disabled parking spot (I was able to get a temporary permit) and then later being inside somewhere where there was the smell of chlorine and a lot of moisture and there were dressing stalls. And someone had pooped & made a mess inside one of them, people were shaking their heads and screwing up their faces.

LOL. What in the heck does that mean? Talk about being in a deep REM sleep. That's scary if you ask me. I'm not sleeping tomorrow afternoon.

prairiegirl said...

Oh boy.

Ol' Tay's trying to create drama where there ain't any, isn't she?

This US Stinkley cover is getting some coverage on other sites and Jake, you cad! You ran ol' Tay right into the comforting arms of her bff, Selena Gomez. You're awful! Just awful. lol.

Tabloid magazine US Weekly has told how Taylor Swift was left shattered when actor boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal dumped her over the phone.

WATCH Taylor's latest video 'MINE' right here!

Apparently the country singer is still coming to terms with the shock break-up, and at the recent 'People's Choice Awards', one eyewitness told Us Weekly: "She was not her usual bubbly, overanimated self. She didn't eat anything, seemed very sad and definitely wasn't having a good time.'

When Taylor caught up with her favourite gal pal Selena Gomez on the night, her vulnerability became even more apparent..."Taylor found Selena and said to her, 'It's so good to see you. I need a friend tonight.'''

Well all we can say is that Taylor's going to get some great song writing material out of this saga! Good luck Taylor, we heart you!

From The Hot Hits. lol

prairiegirl said...

huh. "I need a friend tonight."

Sounds a lot like "I needed a girls night out after the day I had", doesn't it?

AUS10 said...

# I want to welcome @LevenRambin to One Tree Hill. She is great. And is playing a great part. Follow her now!! Cheers about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# Great to be back at work with the best crew. Getting very excited to direct. I can taste it. I want it now. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

I've been to Lil Jake's in KC - good BBQ. The sign always cracks me up.

Jersey Tom said...

That thing that Lainey wrote was the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. You can't get it any better. Jake has reached new lows to be involved in stuff like this. Unbelievable.

dlisted said...

Taylor Swift Should Just Let That Shit Go To Voicemail

Joe Jonas couldn't deal with seeing Taylor Swift's heart-shaped irises break into four pieces from getting dumped, so he did the quitting via a phone call. Jakey Gyllenhaal took a page out of Joe's "How To Quit The Squint" playbook and also called up Taylor to tell her that he could no longer come over to her house to braid her hair and let her paint pony paw prints on his toe nails. Oh, and Jakey also told Taylor to stick his uni-corn holders in the mail, because he wants that shit back.

A source tells UsWeekly (via Hollywood Life) that Taylor thought everything was apples and latte foam between them and was totally surprised when he broke up with her over the phone. One of Taylor's friends said, “Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn’t know what she did for him to just put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him.”

What really happened was that Taylor got upset when her publicist let her know that Jakey stamped a "NULL AND VOID" on their contract and said he's off to find a new leased girlfriend who doesn't make him skip through apple orchards and constantly order lattes with a fucking foam heart on top. But Taylor shouldn't feel sorry for her ass. It could be worse. She could be my high school friend's deaf ex-boyfriend.

So my friend was dating this really hot dude who was deaf. Everything was going fine, but the main problem was that he lived an hour away. In high school that counted as a long distance relationship and my friend was a huge slut at the time. Huge sluts and long distance relationships go together like....well like huge sluts and long distance relationships. Eventually, she met another dude and was really itching to get on him. Since she was a slut with morals, she knew that she had to quit the old dude before screwing on the new one. She wasn't going to see her boyfriend for two weeks and the only way they communicated was by phone. She had to talk to an operator who captioned her words for her boyfriend and then read back what he typed out. Yes, the bitch did it. The words "It's not working out..." came from a random operator's fingers! What a cold motherfucker. And the he kept typing "WHY?!" over and over again. At one point, my friend said to the operator, "Don't type this. You think I'm a total bitch, right?" The operator didn't say shit. Silence means YES!!

He and Taylor should get together and write the lyrics for a haunting song about getting kicked into Foreveraloneville OVER THE PHONE!

destiny said...

What really happened was that Taylor got upset when her publicist let her know that Jakey stamped a "NULL AND VOID" on their contract and said he's off to find a new leased girlfriend who doesn't make him skip through apple orchards and constantly order lattes with a fucking foam heart on top.


That US story is beyond pathetic, even if it was real, you'd think they were talking about people who went out for a couple of years, not a couple of weeks.

I can't believe people believe that crap.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh man, Michael K killed me. You know he is just having a great time with this material. That's the only thing I miss about Jaylor. It was just awesome material. It was a laugh a minute. You can't buy that kind of stuff. It was like being handed a gift, which I'm sure is how Michael K views it. It's just great material.

This rag cover about ol' Tay's Torment is priceless and it is getting some laughs amongst other blogs.

Tay's a real piece of work.

the real m said...

Poor Taylor. If she is going to be that devastated by a guy she "dated" for all of about 3 weeks, she is in for a long, sad life. Some people want a cloud over their head. Actually, I think this is the result of her PR people trying to reap a bit of revenge since Jakey broke the contract early.

Dlisted is hilarious. One of his best ever.

destiny said...

Swifty and Jake have certainly given Michael K. a lot of material to work with, not since the early days of Reeke has he written so much about Jake.

lol said...

If she is going to be that devastated by a guy she "dated" for all of about 3 weeks, she is in for a long, sad life.

Um, the story is fake.

gossip cop said...

The cover of the new Us Weekly focuses on Taylor Swift’s “torment” in the aftermath of her breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal.

But the magazine is a bit off with some of what it calls “the details of what went wrong.”

Us portrays Swift as a fragile, devastated mess in recent days, including her “uncharacteristically sullen” appearance backstage at last week’s People’s Choice Awards, where, according to the mag’s eyewitness the country-pop star “didn’t eat anything.”

Friends are also supposedly “concerned” that she’s become “extra-mindful of her weight” since the Gyllenhaal split, with an “insider” observing that Swift is “working out every day.”

Well, it is true that Swift didn’t eat backstage and has a strict exercise regimen.

But those things have nothing to do with a broken heart.

There wasn’t any food served backstage at the People’s Choice Awards.

Also, Swift is working out daily because she always works out daily, and because she’s about to kick off a major tour in a few weeks.

As it happens, a Swift insider tells Gossip Cop that she was “in a good mood” and “had a good time” at the People’s Choice Awards.

In terms of her emotional status, we’re told Swift is doing well and not the broken woman the magazine makes her out to be.

All breakups hurt, of course, but it sounds like Swift is moving forward.

Jersey Tom said...

How in the heck can two people hanging out for a couple of days and having some pictures taken be considered a relationship. And Taylor is now not eating. This is some funny shit.

prairiegirl said...

lol. You cracked me up, Tom.

They think we're all stupid.

destiny said...

You both cracked me up.

Swifty may have been worse for jake's reputation than Reese, but it certainly has been more entertaining to watch.