Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blued and Bunned

Jake suited up and slicked his bun as he appeared at the premiere of Enemy in Madrid tonight.

 It looks like Jake celebrated the first day of Spring with beautiful medium weight trim cut blue suit, while bringing back his go-to (that's go-to not go-go) boots. Unfortunately the broke the line of trousers catching the bottom the pant leg and grabbing it and not letting go.

Jake baby, one shoe does not fit all occasions.   Bring back those Cordovans!

Jake bunned up pulling his long locks back into a low knot for the event.  Who's waiting for a braid or a messy chignon for his next public appearance?  Jakey you've got the hair - have some fun with it while you can. Who says you can't do a French twist.

But seriously  Jake have you thought about what are you going to do when it's time to cut your hair?

 May OMG suggest something?

For many years you support causes such as Stand Up 2 Cancer raising awareness and funds. You've support charities, visited cancer centers and talked about how cancer has touched you life.

So maybe this next haircut when you have to lose the locks, give them to Locks of Love.

 It's great hair to gift.  It's definitely long enough, hasn't been chemically treated or dyed and it's thick as hell, it would make a great wig for little girl who's lost their own hair.

And the man bun lives on.


prairiegirl said...

Well, once you regain your vocal cords after seeing all the pictures from Madrid. one is really left with more questions than anything else.

One thing that really hasn't been brought into the speculation, which should be, and that person is Austin. Because Jake and Austin are a pair.

So it could be that the long hair and the beard are for the love of his life ----> Austin Nichols.

I'm beginning to think that maybe this is who it's for.

It's for Austin. Who wouldn't want to please that big guy?

prairiegirl said...

I'm just sayin'. Must be a lot of fun to unclasp that bun.

And now I have a question to pose, not that anyone's left who remembers or who would be inclined to offer any information, but I thought I would throw it out because it's come up in conversation.

When I came to OMG, I think WFT2 had just been created maybe? Does anyone know if the original administrator of WFT2 used to post on the original WFT? I say original admin. because I no longer believe that person is over there at the present time. I believe without a doubt that the site has been hostilely taken over.

Hopefully I'm not out of line asking this question, but I don't know how else to find out. I was never on the original WFT and there are no longer any archives. When did the original WFT come into being?

With every passing day, it becomes so apparent that WME has been working like the devil on eliminating the whole Toothy saga from Jake's online history. I have heard there was some good stuff on the old WFT - it's too bad those archives are no more.

It's so important to preserve OMG because this is it, folks. OMG has become quite the living archive.

Florida Tom said...

The original WTF was awesome. That was after BBM and everyone thought that Jake was going to come out. Dany the admin pretty quickly lost faith and interest in the guys after Austin made some remarks which pretty much showed the path that Jake and him were heading down. She sure was correct. I remember being so disappointed when it was obvious the way things were headed. Now I am not sure Jake had ever planned to come out but played along till he was pretty much ready to wipe his hands of his following from Brokeback. He actually pretty much gave them the finger. The worse was certainly the way he behaved after Heath's death. Never had the same rspect for him. NEVER !!!

Special K said...

Video of Jake at the premier and signing autographs.

You can see how long his hair is by how he has it folded up in the ponytail holder.

Jake Enemy Premiere Madrid

very long hair said...

#EnemyPremiere #JakeGyllenhaal

Special K said...

Very Long Hair

I made a hot link for the picture for you

#EnemyPremiere #JakeGyllenhaal

meanwhile said...


Back on Ray Donovan for a fun little scene this week. Hope you love it.

prairiegirl said...

Now we know a reason why Austin needed to be in L.A.

And why Jake came to him.

facts said...

Jake has always been in Europe, no matter how hard you push, he has never been in LA in the last month