Monday, March 17, 2014

On the Green

Today was all about the wearing of the green, and for Jake that's not a problem since he is the New Mr. Green Jeans with those favorite cargos.

Speak of Jake it looks like Everest has moved on from Italy and off to England to Pinewood Studios.

This is the only kind of snow most want to see at this point of the year.

Jake won't have to worry about any real snow for a while, especially later this week when he is scheduled to appear in Spain to promote Enemy.  

While Jake was wearing the green most of this past year, Austin was getting some Irish eyes a smilin' on three of his project this year.

From Parkland about the assassination of John F Kennedy of one of the most famous Irish-Americans ever to being a part of the Donovan crew who's fixer is another Irish-American by way of Boston too,  to playing Tommy Donnelly in the movie San Patricios.

And while it is the custom to wear green,

Austy you make an great case to be in the pink.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Boston Style


BOOM said...

Kendra Nielson (@__kendra_____)
3/17/14, 23:05

I slept through an earthquake, met jake Gyllenhaal , and pet a jellyfish. What did you do today?

London Calling said...

Alicia Davies (@Thealiciadavies)
3/17/14, 17:09

Yesterday,whilst eating lunch on Portobello Rd,Jake Gylenhall walked past me. I had to be physically restrained by friends #OneLikeHimPlease

Florida Tom said...

So I am gathering that Jake is in LA.

prairiegirl said...

The key for me for Jake having been in L.A. for awhile is that Austin TX Facebook sighting. That sighting was all kinds of legit, you can't deny it.

Jackie Egelhoff Wright
March 8 10:06pm
Watching Donnie Darko. The girls and I saw Jake Gyllenhaal last night at the party but the guys kept saying it was not him. He disappeared before we had enough drinks in us to go ask for a picture.

Notice the men insisted to these girls that it was not Jake, probably because Jake wanted his presence kept quiet. Except someone forgot to tell this wife of one of the Chaotic Moon employees.

Chaotic Moon has a direct affiliation and involvement from WME as well as a company called Silver Lake Partners, located from California. WME lends this Facebook post its high credibility.

From Austin TX, I believe Jake went to L.A. and he has been there ever since. We have several other sightings of Jake in the L.A. area and I'm sorry, but this one by this high school senior on what is likely a spring break trip, just jumps out at me.

She is on holiday, she doesn't tweet a whole lot and #1? She doesn't tweet that Jake is hot. She merely says that she met him. I wouldn't be surprised if she met Jake at the same place she petted the jellyfish. There's an aquarium in Long Beach, CA - it's called Aquarium of the Pacific. Long Beach is near L.A. and maybe not as busy or popular as say, Sea World. They're closed on Tuesdays but if this is where Jake was at, it would have been a Monday. And you can pet a jellyfish at Aquarium of the Pacific. I'm just sayin'.

He could be in L.A. yesterday and still have traveled to Spain, leaving today.

prairiegirl said...

Yesterday,whilst eating lunch on Portobello Rd,Jake Gylenhall walked past me.

You don't eat lunch on a road. Why not mention the restaurant where you ate instead? You eat at a restaurant, not on a road. But the words 'Portobello Rd' instantly places this person in Notting Hill. There was another tweet placing Jake in Notting Hill. wow. They tried to cross reference both of the tweets by using 'Notting Hill' and 'Portobello Rd'.

smh. And if I see one more tweet placing Jake in this Convent Garden Hotel, I'll scream with laughter. Since when does Jake advertise where he's staying at? He doesn't. The guy is a freak about his real-life privacy. If everyone knew he was staying at this Convent Garden, his London fans would be hanging out there to get a picture and we surely would have some pictures of him by now.

But we don't. We haven't had one single civilian picture of Jake up to this point out of all this time Jake has allegedly been all over London.

Jake and Austin's EKG spiked like a heart attack there for about a week. They were everywhere - red carpets, restaurants, picking their noses, banging pans...

Now it's back to normal rhythm. Beep!......Beep!.......Beep!.......

What happened? Why so quiet again?

Methodical Muser said...

and #1? She doesn't tweet that Jake is hot.

Yes, that does upgrade her credibility quite a bit.

LOL! I think you mean Covent Garden, PG. But, your point is spot on, nonetheless. I'm surprised Jake hasn't taken out a billboard yet to remind people where he is staying. Jake was in London in December dining with Josh Brolin. I wouldn't be surprised that all PR is doing is playing with dates. That's their established MO.

Methodical Muser said...

PR really needs to get their act together. Maybe break open the piggy bank and buy a calendar. Is Jake supposed to be in London or is it Rome? Because tweets were being sent out elaborating how Jake was at Covent Garden and then out of nowhere comes pics of nekkid Jake from Rome.

Perhaps necessary diversions to bury the Austin, Texas Chaotic Moon sighting.

prairiegirl said...

You have to ask why those bun pictures were put up on IHJ the first night, taken down by morning, but then at some point, they reappeared again, where they all still are on display at this point. And there was such a big to-do made about them disappearing everywhere else.

If they were "stolen" or so private, then why are they still on IHJ? That's because they weren't stolen. They were released on purpose by Jake's people. They and Jake played everyone big time and that's just the worst kind of deception to play on people's consciences like that because Jake knew all along what he was doing.

prairiegirl said...

And so now, looking back at that afternoon/evening, look how we were all led to those photos.

!! said...
Go on just Jared NOW!
March 11, 2014 at 5:58 PM

Why "NOW"!? Because they were going to be soon taken down, that's why.

If you go back to the 11th on OMG, following this 'tip', you will see it all explained to us. That the pictures were disappearing online, that Jake must have been p***ed, that the pictures were stolen, and that they originated from Facebook. See all that information fed to us?

Fed to us on purpose.

meanwhile back in the real world said...

Ugh. You two. You're setting tinhatting back a century. FYI , PG, that's how Brits talk. How in the world would you spin it if someone saw Jake "over the road". Would your mind even be able to comprehend such a thing???

Methodical Muser said...

The photo diary of Jake in Rome on March 7th with the "Mystery Blond" was put out to continue to place Jake in Europe when he had already left for America.

If those pics are looked at closely, it's pretty clear that Jake was not eating with that person. (Who Jared, by the way, originally called a mystery blond and now has altered the headline to name the person, Elizabeth Debicki. PR probably saw OMG comments making fun of the anonymous Mystery Blond, Brunette, Redhead rinse repeat cycle and told him to change it. Particularly, since some of the commenters recognized the woman.

Even more obvious was that only one photo, out of over 30, had the two supposedly sitting across from each other, and that snapshot didn't even look real.

In fact, one of the Just Jared posters summed it up nicely:

# 33
look at photos @ 03/08/2014 at 7:36 am

Jake DID NOT have dinner with that woman
- they just were at the same restaurant at the same time.

Methodical Muser said...

FYI , PG, that's how Brits talk.

You mean all I have to do is write that I'm a bit knackered or fagged out today and that means I'm British? Gee, that's easy. I could work for PR too. :-)

prairiegirl said...
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the real m said...

The trolls always get nervous when comments here reveal the truth.

I checked Box office mojo and it showed Enemy at only 1 theatre. Is that true? I know it's a limited release, but that is truly limited. The studio, financiers sure knew it would not do well. Just too weird for words. And the plot did not even make sense.

prairiegirl said...

I think it's getting released elsewhere later, m? I'm not sure what kind of release they are carrying out. It's a pretty slow rollout, that's for sure.

prairiegirl said...

Add me to the line of thought that Jake never dined with that Elizabeth D person. What a lot of kicked up gravel over nothing. You had an excessive amount of pictures but only one where their faces were in the same frame and that lone picture certainly doesn't show they're at the same table.

But they posted a lot of pictures to help create a stir. Kind of ended up being a "Is that all there is?"

prairiegirl said...

Would your mind even be able to comprehend such a thing???

Thank you for your human concern! I think my mind is doing pretty good, though.

: )