Saturday, March 22, 2014

How Many Licks

Austy has always a been about the ice cream.

i have an addiction to ice cream. this is serious. i am pacing the room right now. trying not to eat it. its all i want. its all i care about in life. without it, there is no reason to go on!!!!!! i need an intervention. i need rehab. Fuck it. I'm out the door to get some ice cream - AUS10 (August 9, 2010)

So Austy being friends with a hipster ice cream truck man is not that surprising. ( BTW What is a hipster name for a Mr. Softee?)

Best ice cream in LA. @cvtsoftserve. My buddy Joe. Come join us. Follow him to find locations. I will be at the... AUS10

Nothing soft about that Tall Texan who is looking rock solid and hot enough to melt your ice cream.

Forget about the ice cream as the most lickable thing.

But that wasn't the only thing on Austin's mind:

Working on perfecting teleportation. I will keep you updated. - AUS10

So Austy does that mean?

You want to teleport to somewhere where someone might be?

You want to teleport that someone to you?

or is it that you just want to teleport the faux away somewhere were twitter doesn't exist?

Then again you could be thinking exactly what we are thinking as we get ready for a long flight.


Seaweed said...

I swear... that Austin just keeps getting better looking in all those pictures. And Special, if you have a soft spot for Austy and are showing it with brazen abandon, then cheers to you! I think you're just trying to get Florida Tom and I all steamed up in the process.

I could be mistaken, but that Ice Cream softee next to Austin, Mr. Joe with the mobile CVT softserve could easily pass for a brother, cousin or twin, don't you think???

I've been watching all the latest activity and comments as always... amazing the lengths our Mr. Jake and his minions are going to, just to keep everyone off the trail of his hubby and kids. Happy to have a ringside seat for this show, gets a bit dizzying from time to time, just wish the boys would make a clean break of it and deal with reality up front and proud. I'd expect and out-pouring of love and acceptance.... ah well, time will tell I guess.

prairiegirl said...

All I know is Jake needs to be sure he hangs on to that guy. Austin looks incredible.

What a hot dad.

destiny said...

That is a great picture of Austin.

AUS10 said...

ABOUT TIME is one of the most satisfying films I've seen in awhile. My compliments to everyone who made it. Excellent work Mr Gleeson