Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Game is a foot

Will Jake take on a series and settle in for a season at True Detective?

Word is he and John Hamm are in talks for starring in the second season of the hit show.

All great detectives had a signature that made the stand out.  Sherlock Holmes and his hat, Columbio and his trench coat, Monk and his OCD.....what would Jake's be?

Kale?  A bicycling detective?  Detective by day, karaoke singer by night?

Although he could just pull from his own past and do it in a bubble.

One thing about series work is the stability of it, great for those carpools.  But back to LA  after the "big move" to New York.  It's gonna be tough.  ;)


spotlight said...

I think the Twitter gaff/glitch was bullsh*t too. It shined more light on Louis and Harry's relationship, just like a lot of Austin and Jake shenanigans make things worse when it comes to the gay rumors and them being a couple. When will Management/PR teams ever learn?

I like the idea of Jake doing a TV show too. Sounds very promising.

destiny said...

I would love to see Jake do True Detective. I thought this season was pretty good--not great--and I really got sucked in. We watched all 8 episodes just last week. The acting was good, I loved the way it looked, and I liked that they intentionally did not go the guts and gore route.

Very interesting about 1D twitter shenanigans.

What??? said...

That Twitter Display "issue" is such bull. And Modest Management is all kinds of paranoid and overreacting.

Things were made worse with the Display "issue". Jake's people do the very same thing with their overreacting and over-correcting. They make it worse and instead turn the big laser pointer right back on themselves.

Now I've heard it all. PG talking about paranoia and
"(Overreacting)". WoW!

PG is the most paranoid person on this site and over-reacts to everything. Then she post it.
Give it a break PG, will ya.

prairiegirl said...

Oh no, I don't think so. We are nailing quite a bit.

Otherwise you wouldn't care less.

So bite me.