Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Something for everyone

Happy Shrove Tuesday and Happy Mardi Gras!

And just like the day the two different holidays associated with it represent the two fellas of our focus on OMG.

Shrove Tuesday - is all about the pancakes and who is the Pancake Man?

Jakey Jake.

He's talked about pancakes, has been seen out eating pancakes (even in NYC recently) and talked about that G's celebrate with pancakes.

While Jake surely loves a tall stack dripping

you know he goes for the Dutch Baby

 And Mardi Gras is about everything over the top, big flashy jewelry, hell just flashing in general, hot and spicy, jolly drinks, having a great time and losing your shirt

Who does that sound like?

Something for everyone.


Methodical Muser said...

There really is a bunch of BS flying all about related to the now infamous Denis & Jake bromance and how the Enemy screenplay came about. The latest bloviating contradiction has to do with the March 2014 Vanity Fair article which actually links to the original story on Huffington Post to explain "how a drunk Jake and Denis came up with the idea for Enemy when confronted by a woman who claimed her son looked exactly like the actor. (Gyllenhaal didn't agree, but thought the premise was interesting enough to be examined.)"

Yet, six months earlier Denis stated in Playbackonline that he had: ... “just finished shooting Incendies when he partnered with Niv Fichman of Rhombus Media to make Enemy. But having no time to do the screen adaptation of the 2002 José Saramago novel The Double, on which Enemy was based, Villeneuve and Fichman hired Javier Gullón, a young Spanish screenwriter, to pen the screenplay.”

“As I was finishing the post production on Incendies and then travelling around the world for a year, Javier was writing Enemy. It was a collaborative process,” Villeneuve, who gave Gullón his first feedback and notes, recalls.”

Jake should really try the truth sometime instead of pushing fake male bromances and collaborations with Directors. He looks foolish as well as desperate when he participates in this kind of storytelling. And, why Denis enables and helps to facilitate this kind of nonsense is beyond me. He comes off as a snake oil salesman as opposed to an artist. I can’t even imagine someone like Ang Lee participating in this kind of public deception.

Jake’s inebriated inspiration

Recycled garbage

prairiegirl said...

Hmmmm, well, it looks like Denis forgot how the whole screenplay came about, doesn't it. You know, when you play with the truth, you run the risk of forgetting what you said the last time or losing track of "your story". Know what I mean?

There's another part of this Vanity Fair and also an interview from Indiewire that after reading it over several times, is rather fascinating. And that is this part and I'll quote both from Indiewire as well as the Vanity Fair interview:

I knew what Denis was going for. All I need is like an anchor, conceptually, emotionally, and he explained to me what he wanted the movie to be about. You know, he wrote a bit of a manifesto and he said, "Before you read the script, this is what I want the movie to be about. I want it to be about intimacy, struggle with identity, searching for your own and how that gets mixed up with being intimate, romantically, sexually, all those things."

I love that idea of someone being split. Trying to kind of find their way and commit to in the end... a real relationship with his wife, who is pregnant with their child. You know, that's to me what the movie was about. To me, that was the beautiful hopeful ending, that I thought, "Okay, that's where he's moving towards."

Indiewire's Jake Gyllenhaal On His Evolution As An Actor

One of your characters is a professor, the other is a self-absorbed actor. Which character did you relate to more?

Is this a trick question?! I felt more comfortable playing the [professor] Adam character because he was sort of the protagonist, the one in my mind whom I wanted to succeed. And I wanted Anthony’s wife to end up with Adam ultimately. With Anthony [the actor], sadly, maybe he came to me more naturally given my own profession.

Jake Gyllenhaal Plans On etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Special K said...

It seems like so much of the stories of Enemy's production are very fluid in nature. Molding into the situation.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't that interesting? For all the VO5-slicked up, Arthur Fonzarelli white T shirt womanizer ways that WME and Jake have "masterminded" for the past 12-14 months, Jake blows all of that work to smithereens by acting out all of his domestic, diaper-toting, pancake flipping, Disney World teacup riding inner desires in this latest movie, Enemy.

I don't know, perhaps Melanie Laurent with a foam belly is unconsciously, really his husband Austin.

Because Denis V is quoted, after all, as saying this:

Villeneuve also said the movie really gets into his leading man's real mind -- calling it a documentary about the subconscious of Jake Gyllenhaal --- something the actor identifies with to a certain extent.

Jake Gyllenhaal on Enemy and Dueling Doppelgangers


Methodical Muser said...

Another curious quote from the VF article:

"Between Prisoners and Enemy, I did a play in New York. And towards the end of the run, I was experimenting with the character because I only had a week between when I did the play and Prisoners."

First off, Prisoners did not come before Enemy. Someone really needs to buy Jake a calendar or something. And, the first set photos of Jake filming Prisoners in Atlanta, with Hugh Jackman, came on January 22, and were identified as being from January 20. If we're to believe Jake's statement, then he was filming Prisoners from the first week of January 2013, which was not the case. Once again, playing with dates to try to make it seem like he's always working.

Methodical Muser said...

I love that idea of someone being split. Trying to kind of find their way and commit to in the end... a real relationship with his wife, who is pregnant with their child.

You know, that's to me what the movie was about. To me, that was the beautiful hopeful ending, that I thought, "Okay, that's where he's moving towards."

Commitment? Real relationships? Intimacy? Fatherhood? Well, this sure flies in the face of the whole public persona of Jake the womanizer who is not interested in having children doesn't it?

Methodical Muser said...

So whatever’s happening in my life, I put into the character because it has to correlate into the storyline. It has to be where I am in my life.

Then there are sometimes when Jake doesn't even realize what he is saying. Because this kind of self reflective quote supports the rumor that was circulating back in 2005 that Jake wanted to use Brokeback Mountain to come out of the closet with Austin Del Mar Nichols. He was quoted at the time as being in love and trying to make it work. Very telling.

prairiegirl said...

For me? It's because of thinking about that time and Jake really wanting to come out, that makes me still hope for a happy ending for this Jake and Austin story instead of something eventually tragic the longer this drags out.

Methodical Muser said...

It seems like so much of the stories of Enemy's production are very fluid in nature. Molding into the situation.

LOL! It's that your diplomatic (i.e. special way) of suggesting that Gumby Jake is a liar?

Methodical Muser said...

That, of course, means that Austie is Pokey, his loyal pony pal.

Jake's slip ups said...

Looks like someone is blowing out a few tires over the observations made on this post. Go talk to Jake. He's the one flubbing up when he's trying to portray himself as Mr. HETEROSEXUAL. Man, his people are sure using every trick in the book to get suckers to go see that awful film, Enemy.

removing the trash said...

I see the nasty comments of the troll have been removed. Good riddance.

the real m said...

What is really funny about all those interviews is that having seen the movie and comparing it to the directors intent and Jake's intent, regardless of which version, it's a huge fail. Keep talking guys. Maybe you can get a couple more people to like the film.

prairiegirl said...

For the negative that is on OMG (or what the commenter refers to as "hating" but is actually merely pointing out the discrepancies being made in interview statements and article reporting), there is also positive at times from posters. I've seen praise from regulars on how Jake looked in the Everest pictures. I've seen praise for his performance in Prisoners. I've seen praise for Austin, who is also an equal devotee of Oh My Godot. I've seen tons of praise from the administrator for both men in her daily posts.

And one of the most critical of all (moi), look what I said the other day about the Man of the World article:

prairiegirl said...
This was a nice magazine spread and interview. It was good to hear the things he had to say and I do believe Jake is doing everything he can to spend as much time as he can with his and Austin's kids. I love that about him.

Where were you then? So don't give me that lip.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sorry, but everyone sees it. Everyone has seen the date playing and the "girlfriend" shenanigans these past several months. Everyone in his entire fandom.

This is where WME, Jake and Austin really messed up this time. Everybody saw it. Some ignored the confusion and conflicting stories. Some pointed them out. Some openly questioned them. But no matter how you cut it, you couldn't miss it this time and it was apparent to all.

That falls on no one but WME, Jake and Austin. They take everyone for fools but sooner or later, they will have bitten off from the hand that is feeding them once too often and they will permanently lose that money-paying resource that they keep placing a dunce cap on.

Jake and Austin may not give one flip what their followers think. But they care about and they need the money that comes from these same people. That's why they're in the business. They can produce and direct and act to their heart's content.

But these actors are nothing if the public doesn't watch their shows, pays the theater ticket, pays the On Demand $4.99 or 12.99, buys the DVD, or goes to Broadway. With no audience, the entertainment dies.