Friday, March 21, 2014

Bad Ass Back

He's back with the boys.

Something to celebrate this Austin Friday, Austin is back on Ray Donovan.

Back on Ray Donovan for a fun little scene this week. Hope you love it. -AUS10

Yup Tommy's back and behind the wheel in what looks like filming a new action movie.  And from the looks of it kind looks like Mad Max-ish.

But if Tommy is back in dramas front of the cameras it also means Tommy's back in drama off camera.

So what, or more likely who, will Tommy creating more trouble with this season? 

And it's doubtful it's a one and done for Austin with the Donovan boys this season. Keep your eyes out for more Tommy Trouble.

One more celebration today - Twitter.

Twitter turned 8 today and to celebrate they created a way to find every twitter user's first tweet.

And who's OMG's favorite tweeter?

The Texas Tweeter

So what did he say - that first tweet:

So how has he done with tweeting pure outrageousness? 


the real scoop said...

The FACTS posted here appear to prove otherwise. Jake has been in Los Angeles. Nothing new. That's where his honey bun has been.

Anonymous facts said...

Jake has always been in Europe, no matter how hard you push, he has never been in LA in the last month

aww said...

You really love this Austin guy, don't you Special?

the real scoop said...

Don't say that. The troll's head will explode!

Nope said...

You have not posted any facts here, just poison against Jake and wishful thinking

Facts say Jake was in Europe filming Everest, whose release date has been moved to September,just in time for the awards season

prairiegirl said...

March Madness has come and the Jayhawks have a win under their belt. And congrats also to the Wichita State Shockers!!

Sorry, my mind is not changed. It's one tweet against another.

And I have yet to hear one single argument against Jake being at the Chaotic Moon party. Not one single explanation for that.

the real scoop said...

Your "facts" don't make it so. You mean "facts" like the flood of articles, interviews and pics that "prove" Alyssa Miller is Jake's main squeeze? Or, that Reese and Jake were going to get marry and start having bambinos together. Or, how about how Taylor Swift and Jake were going to make beautiful music together 4ever and ever? Those kind of facts?

facts said...

I do not know, Just tell me you what kind of facts

Facts from Ted Casablanca aka the first robsten shipper? or facts from that another blogger, who has gone insane after announcing who knows what great scoop about Jake, and then he reneged on everything, even saying Jake was straight? or maybe facts like that from Keram on Datalounge who has been debunked over and over again

occam razor

troll's comment makes no sense said...

Huh? I think the troll's head has officially exploded.

prairiegirl said...

Ted was a different writer in the beginning than in the end.

Writers get bought off. Writers get silenced. Writers get railroaded out.

Don't even sit there and tell me it doesn't happen because it does.

Ted was railroaded out and he has been silenced. It's as plain as that little bun on the back of Jake's head.

prairiegirl said...

I'm still not seeing holes poked in the Chaotic Moon party sighting. Chaotic Moon - the Austin TX based business organization which WME has taken great influence in.

WME - that agency that represents Jake.

Methodical Muser said...

Back on Ray Donovan for a fun little scene this week.

Don't exert yourself too much there, Austie.

I see Jack has no comeback regarding the Austin, Texas Chaotic Moon appearance of Jake when he was being placed in Rome with a mysterious blond. You know, the photo op where there are a gazillion pics of her separately. And, Jake separately. Some vases. Some walls. And, then one bizarre photoshop of her at one end of the table and Jake at the other. Yes, that's convincing alright. In an absurdist kind of way.

facts said...

Ted was fired because it had become boring, his lies, could be endured until they were funny, then it's gone too far and made himself ridiculous, I mean further ridicule, no one has put him to rest, it's a free country, he has a free acess to internet like everyone,and the most boring twitter account after that of President Obama, He can say whatever he wants, as does Michael K, I imagine his "stories" are too boring even for him

Methodical Muser said...

And what does Ted's writing about Robsten have to do with Jake being at the Chaotic Moon party? The answer: Nothing.

TOC TOC said...

MM you really want to face the argument " Jake to Rome with Elisabeh"? Say a simple yes and I am ready with all my facts lined up, and we know how it goes to end

prairiegirl said...

Jack, because you are Jack up there at 22:15.

You don't know who you are trying to mess around with. You? Have got no idea.

She will mow you down, buddy. Trying to challenge her is a huge mistake.

Nice to see the Chaotic Moon party being ignored. No explanation for that one.

the real scoop said...

President Obama? The troll has really lost it now. And, Elisabeh? Do you mean Elizabeth Debicki? You can't even spell the chick's name right and you want to convince us you adhere to facts. Ooookaaay.

And, don't forget that Just Jared didn't even know who she was and then changed the caption secretly as if it always read that way.

TOC TOC said...

I have a lot of explaining and actually I'm still waiting for the answer, did you want address the topic "Jake in Rome with Elisabeth?"

boring said...

give it up, the real scoop I do not have the patience to explain you the obvious

and I still want to be polite

TOC TOC said...

come on MM, do not be so mean to cling to a typo in order to not answer to the question, one more time, you want to approach the subject Jake in Rome with ELISABETH?

the real scoop said...

and I still want to be polite

I'm just asking for clarification because your gibberish makes no sense. And, how would you have information about Elisabeh that Just Jared doesn't? And, what does Obama have to do with it?

prairiegirl said...

And, don't forget that Just Jared didn't even know who she was and then changed the caption secretly as if it always read that way.

I remember that Just Jared initially referred to Elizabeh as merely "Mystery Gal" and "mystery blond". Look at this. Here was the original link:

If you do indeed look back now at the post again, he has changed it to Jake Gyllenhaal Dines Out with Elizabeth Debicki in Rome.

What in the hell is that about? Who does that? Who changes the title of their post?

Why would you do that?

facts said...

Elizabeth Debicki a very talented actress who is currently working in Everest with Jake, maybe you would know this basic information if you don't wasting all your time behind false sightings

prairiegirl said...

Okay, so now this is very interesting. You go back to that Jake and Elizabeh post on Just Jared, and that thing now has 78 comments on it. And if you look towards the end, you can see why all of a sudden, JJ changed their title.

Because Elizabeh was used to not only try and make Jake look like he was on a real date with a woman, but there was an ulterior motive.

Elizabeh was used to make it look like Jake was cheating (gee, imagine that) on A Miller and thus, break them up without him having to do one little photo op with her.

If you look at the newer comments on the thread, you will see "random folks" pointing out how Jake is stepping out on Alyssa. What a set-up. Jared Eng, we see what you did, buddy. Oh, and look at where Jake may have possibly gotten his beard reference, from likely another beard:

Alaia @ 03/08/2014 at 8:17 pm

@cait: Mia is Australian and she’s filming in Canada. And importantly, that is not Mia. I can see some resemblance, but it’s definitely not her. Also considering Gyllenhaal is friends with Carey Mulligan whose Gatsby co star was Debicki… Maybe she met him through her.

Methodical Muser said...

You would do that because WME has you on speed dial and they wanted to use Just Jared to set up the Jake Lothario story. Stepping out on poor, innocent Alyssa. I smell "break up". *sniff*

Simple facts said...

I'm still waiting for that answer MM, run away?

Jared changed the title because he had no idea who Elisabeth was, as well as the rest of other gossip sites, he has changed the title after the people recognized her,
her most famous movie is The Great Gatsby and she was wearing a short black wig

prairiegirl said...

So who else is excited? I'm excited.

Funny, Elizabeh is not listed on IMDB as being a member of the cast. Perhaps Facts could provide the reason as to how they are privy to this information and neither Jared Eng or IMDB are not.

Then, I am really looking forward to seeing Jake out and about in London and I expect to see Elizabeh at his side. In the same screen shot too, mind you.

This should be awesome. I wonder if he'll make one of those vending machine moves.

I'm always right :) said...

darling go on facebook and on the board dedicated to her, and you'll know straight from the considerate mouth of hER fans that Elisabeth is working on Everest and that afternoon SHE had lunch with Jake and Josh Brolin and other cast members, IN ROME

prairiegirl said...

Interesting, isn't it, about Elizabeh being a former co-star of Carey Mulligan's?

You know, I really think these beards have their own kind of network, their own "family".

Notice how they tend to hang together or hook up at times, a la Reese getting friendly with ol' Tay.

Not to get off subject, but boy, Marcus Mumford has really gone underground, hasn't he? I haven't seen him out with Carey Mulligan at all since I don't know when.

Special K said...

It's bedtime for all the trollies - you don't have go home but can't stay here.

Run along.

??? said...

Interesting, isn't it, about Elizabeh being a former co-star of Carey Mulligan's?

Why Interesting? Elizabeh being a former co-star of leonardo di caprio Also Isla ficher Tobey Maguire and so on she is an actress, and Reese and Taylor Swift come from the same state

the real scoop said...

Elisabeth is working on Everest and that afternoon SHE had lunch with Jake and Josh Brolin and other cast members, IN ROME

Then where is Brolin and the other cast members? Don't see any of them in those photos on Just Jared. In fact, you don't even see Jake with her in those photos. And, why is her inclusion in the movie such a secret? As usual Jake surrounded by deception. If she's one of the hottest rising young stars, wouldn't it be common knowledge that she's in Everest?

And, I still want to know about Chaotic Moon because that is the question. Jake was supposed to be in Rome. And, he was in Austin, Texas and later seen in southern California on several occasions.

;) said...

do not worry Special, it is the last time I come to visit you, enjoy :)

good night and good luck!

prairiegirl said...

Reese and Taylor Swift come from the same state


Then I should be hanging with Paul Rudd and Kirstie Alley, both of whom hail from my area.

What logic. **eye roll**

logic said...

I do not know, you're a celebrity?

prairiegirl said...

Interesting what was flushed out tonight, isn't it?

Interesting that nothing can be brought forth to argue against the Chaotic Moon party and Jake being seen yet again in Austin TX.

The wedding bands do not lie.

Jake. And Austin. Still very much together. And in a family way.

G'nite, folks!

geez said...

I brought you a mountain of evidence against your sighting in Texas, except that, as usual, you've decided to ignore it because it is more convenient

the real m said...

Good to see the troll gone, especially since their tactics smacked of the WFT2 routine. And if you have facts, state them. why do you need someone to ask for them. Poor trolls never realize how obvious they are. I'm still waiting for the troll to produce the thousands of photos of Reeke they claim existed. One picture for every step they took on the same walk does not count.

So happy to hear that Austin will be back on one of my favorite shows. Can't wait for it to return. And I love his Tommy character. A real hoot!

One last thought re the troll. How many weeks were we told Jake was in Nepal when he was seen walking around every day right here in the USA. And they claim they know where he is! He is an expert at hiding his whereabouts.

correction said...

I brought you a mountain of evidence

You mean you brought nothing.

One More said...

Judge lifts Michigan's ban on gay marriage

Florida Tom said...

Yes Michigan. I wish the Supreme Court would just step in and put an end to this. Tax paying, law abiding consenting adults should all have the same rights.

real facts said...

go on twitter the real scoop, you'll have all the evidence you want, and there should be photos in the comments of JJ too, someone more observant than you, has seen fit to post the photo, make an effort and stop asking real scoop

prairiegirl said...

What are you talking about.

It's all very clear now. Just Jared changed the heading on his post. And it appears now that a favor was called upon Elizabeh. I bet in exchange for creating some kind of "romantic" meal which would "break up" his resurrected fauxmance with A. Miller without Jake even having to rejoin her in NYC, E. Debicki was given a small part in Everest.

That's the exchange.

A small part/cameo in Everest for helping Jake out. No coincidence that she was filming at the time with Michael Fassbender who just happened to be promoting with Jake's sister at the same time in London. And she also happens to know Carey Mulligan, also a friend of Jake's.

This would also explain why E. Debiki is not listed in IMDB yet and why Jared Eng didn't know either who she was.

Because she wasn't cast in Everest to begin with and would only now be added to the cast.

The IOU's and debts continue to mount for Jake and Austin. They would be up the creek without a paddle without all of this help.

He's still there somewhere said...

Who knows about Jake's filming schedule any more. He's even hiding and playing games with that now. Could it be any more self explanatory? Jake is in the closet. He probably is with Austin still. I've seen no reason to think he isn't.

He looks awful, either because the stress is getting to him (living a double life can't be easy), or he really likes looking as dreadful as he can to turn people off and keep away from him. Still love his voice in that Enemy video where he introduced the movie at the Spanish premiere. It's soft and sweet. He seemed a little embarrassed because he's got to know that the movie turned out lousy.

I can still see the good guy beneath all his chicanery.

prairiegirl said...

(((he's still there)))

I agree. He is still there.