Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whaddya Say....

More interviews for Enemy and new insights from Jake

From IndieWire:

I know you had a backstory for Detective Loki when you and Denis worked together on “Prisoners.” What kind of backstory did you have for Adam and Anthony?

Denis always wanted it to be two different people, and I always felt it more easy to play the people that we are in different contexts. Like you go to a party and you’re a different person when you come home. But who is that person at the party? What were you playing? Were you playing somebody? Were you aware of that? And I just think it’s a fascinating question. So to me it wasn’t about a backstory as much as observing in this case all the many kinds of parts of a personality that we meld into one––their feelings, their emotions, their interactions with people. Those are the personality things I was trying to ask myself. It was always subtle. It wasn’t like all of a sudden he’s wearing a blond wig. 

And who knew Jake was a little arty- as in the paint sense

 You say it’s easier to play the people we are in different contexts, but I feel like it would be harder. Isn’t there more of a chance to mix up their personalities?

I found it to be like watercolors, where it would easily bleed into the other area. But if I was working in oils or something, you could define the lines a lot more clearly; when you make a statement it’s there. I would constantly ask Denis if he could feel the difference. I could feel the difference and I didn’t know if he could see it, so he would be like Woah, too much! So I don’t know about harder or easier, it was just different. It’s the same medium but you’re working with a different composite material.

Speaking with  he shared this:

And then I decided, because of what he talked about, the idea of identity, the idea of sort of the exploration of intimacy, sexuality, connections of all kinds with yourself, with other people, commitment — all these things — to yourself, to a relationship. I decided not read the the book because I felt like it would somehow hinder this exploration. Sometimes the literary form makes it hard to interpret something cinematically because you get caught up in the things you love so much about the words and I really actually didn’t want to get caught up and I knew I would because I knew the script was already different from the book.

Talking about the technical aspect of movie making:

Right, a lot of people complain about that in other movies.

Yeah, a lot of people say, “I don’t like that. I want to really interact with someone.” And I do like interacting with other people so much, other actors. Watching another actor do amazing work, for me, is my other favorite thing. But I never realized how much I love the technical aspects of moviemaking. You feel like you’re helping make a movie even more when you’re doing those things because so much of moviemaking — the filmmaking process — is so technical.

Funny how the son of a directors and screenwriters has never mentioned this before - may be it's that other fella who write and directs that might have made the difference.

Jake also sat down to talk with the Screen Actors Guild in a 90 minute Q & A back in November


Check out all the interviews for more about Enemy and Jake.


Special K said...

What wonderful parents.

This is the kind of love and acceptance you wish for all those who have the courage to come out.

Advocate:This Is How Every Parent Should Respond After their 13-yr old sons comes out

Methodical Muser said...

Heartwarming, indeed. And, what a brave young man. Only 13, and already a role model for others. "You are pure potential," and because of parents like this, Connor should be able to reach for the stars. Thanks for sharing this inspiring coming out story.

Methodical Muser said...

Same-sex couples in England and Wales can be legally married beginning March 29. Therefore, since couples wishing to get married at a registry office must give 15 days' notice, as of today (March 13, 2014), they can begin registering to wed.

The New Civil Rights Movement said...

Queen Elizabeth II Signs Scotland Same-Sex Marriage Bill Into Law

March 13 - Queen Elizabeth II has signed Scotland’s same-sex marriage bill into law. The process, known as Royal Assent, means couples will be able to marry before the end of the year. There are still details of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill to be worked out.

“Over 15,000 people answered the Scottish government’s consultation with nearly three in four people (72%) saying they support same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnerships,” Gay Star News reports.

destiny said...

It's amazing, almost every day we have a great coming out story, and/or news of progress on gay rights.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww said...

Austin and Chloe look fantastic together

No rings for Austin.

prairiegirl said...

I'm not clicking on any link of yours and I will strongly suggest to anyone else not to ever click on one of your links again because we know how you love to insert viruses into them.

Nope, sorry!

prairiegirl said...

But seriously? No rings is supposed to send us over the edge? BWAH!

Hey, I'd rather talk about something else, I don't have time for Nickelodeon stuff.

I'd rather talk about this:

Peter Sarsgaard goes solo on the carpet at the premiere of the movie Only Lovers Left Alive on Wednesday (March 12) at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City.

So the Riviera Maya was last weekend, I wonder why Peter was solo on Wednesday night?

Hmmm, could it be the same reason that Austin can be in L.A.??????

prairiegirl said...

See, this is a big, ol' honkin' walk-in closet. It's not just your little bungalow foyer model. It's a walk-in because the Foner side of the GHaal family and the Sarsgaard patriarch? They're residing in this closet as well.

They all have careers at stake and all these bells toll for Jake because if Jake steps "out of line" with the Old Hollywood mafia, so to speak, they're all going to pay.

sis said...

Austin is in Los Angeles because his life, his work and his girlfriend are in Los Angeles,

Maggie and Peter have their own lives, their careers and their family, they don't live their lives for Jake nice lil ass

prairiegirl said...


Don't waste your time on that one.

I am soooo spot on.

Methodical Muser said...

Austin is in Los Angeles because his life, his work, and his girlfriend are in Los Angeles,

What work? And, girlfirend? That's not nice to call Jake that. After buttgate and those unflattering photos, Jake's self esteem can't be doing too well right now.

ya know said...

Jake is far,oh so,far away from being Austin's girlfriend

And after rave reviews, he is getting for Enemy, I would not be too worried about his self-esteem

clear to me said...

I was just going to respond to the troll, but I'm glad they are being deleted. I kind of went back and forth about the whole Waiting For Toothy takeover theory by Jake's Management team. Along with the idea that one of their hirelings hung out here to try and bring down this blog. But, this whole Red Carpet staged kiss between Chloe and Austin has completely convinced me.

Notice how the troll came over here immediately to post it, with the taunting "no rings for Austin."

Looks like Jake's people are responding to observations made here. I had to laugh about the comment of Austin not working. Except, of course, for straight shipping "outings" like these.

And, who "kisses" on the Red Carpet like this? Funny how "someone" just magically gets a clear shot of the moment. This is classic desperation.