Monday, March 3, 2014

Fabulous Finger Oscar Picker

There's something nice when the large piece of faux to the left of Austin is the least accessory in the picture.

Austy sweetie! Loving that - and using one of your fav phrases - Big Ass cocktail ring you're sporting on your finger. Because if you have to drag  faux out on an industry night, it's only fair you get to wear a fabulous faux too. Because who are you kidding, everyone attends these soirees already knows who you're really with and having been coming with to the Oscar parties for the last 10 plus years.  (This year - the equivalent of taking your cousin to the prom)

Or is that gold band doing that for you? Making sure people know this man is off the market.  Nice to see it's back.

(You know it always goes with everything.)

Kind a like this fella.   Who's flashing his more and more.

Speaking of which - is this pic your shout out to your favorite picker?

One tip - if you guys want the universal symbol for I've gotta secret - it's tapping the OUTSIDE the nose with your finger. (Pass the word)

And you can see your mani better too.


Florida Tom said...

Love seeing those wedding bands. Jake and Austin have worn those rings in one way or another for a long time now. Those bands represent something very special to them. What a wonderful example it would be to young Gay men about how beautiful long term relationships can be. We have celebs out there who are out and proud of their relationships but none that are considered leading men in the movie industry.

destiny said...

Great post today.

prairiegirl said...

Very enjoyable post. Just the right touch, Special. Geez though - what a sight to open up to every single time, lol.

Very nice wedding band.

It's a Box Lunch day!!! Yea because I forgot my can of Progresso soup. We're like a herd of cattle as soon as word spreads that lunch has arrived. I don't know who keeps ordering the muenster cheese but no one ever eats that thing and it's always the last one left and then it goes into the refirgerator where it's up for grabs. Then people are swapping cookies or whoever doesn't want jalapeno chips. And my mate didn't get a cookie in hers so I'm splitting my cookie with her. She had tomato on her sandwich which she didn't want so I took her tomato. BWAH!!

You know, sometimes work is just an extended arm from school. There are a few things that just never change.

: ) I love where I am, I feel so blessed. Life is fun. People are fun.

Special K said...

Wanna bet that's just one of a many big ass rings of Austin's?

I mean you couldn't miss Big Blue either. I think Austin loves the bigger the better. ;)