Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From the Mixed up files of ADN

3 June

Jakey got me this neat journal with his picture
on the cover and inside every page

Think he wants me to think about him a little?

Bet he's going to send healthy snack next.
He went shopping yesterday all healthy stuff
Healthy cookies made with agave juice WFT!!

He doesn't know I grabbed some tacos when

I said I'd go get more juice,
thank God had
some toothpaste in the truck.

Going to the Arclight when Jake's at the gym
gonna get the caramel corn, he'll never know.

June 6,

God another red carpet . Chrysalis Ball.

conversations different people rerun of a
party from
two years ago.

Fuckin' hysterical that everywhere
I stood it
said Grey Goose.

Showed off ring Gonna catch hell who cares wanted too.

Grabbed In -n Out on the way home. Busted by Jake. Burger breath.

What no mention of striped socks anywhere?


Anonymous said...
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covering for 2:20 said...

Anonymous said...

Austin's on Twitter

June 16, 2010 2:20 PM

Special K said...

Austin's Twitter is a verified account.

Hotlink: Austin's Twitter

Like the play on words for Austin (Aus10) Clever man you got there Mr. G.


Possibly yell at BP officials and other irresponsible power players. I am going to do whatever I can to help with this disaster.

I am going to the gulf coast this sunday to attempt ocean clean up, beach clean up, animal rescue, speak to fisherman and families.

So do we expect pictures from the Gulf this weekend or mug shot?

Actually you can see Austin wanting to get involved in this, especially growing up so close to the Gulf and he and family's connection with the water.

I also want to make people laugh. Thanks to all the fans of One Tree Hill and my other past projects. Please stop by often!!!

How can you not love a guy who wants to make people laugh?

Will put the link to his twitter up on the main page.

Vanity Fair said...

Well this should be interesting to watch. Are we going to get tweets of him out on dates with Sophia?

Speaking of which, what happened to all those music festival pictures we were supposedly going to get of Sophin.

m said...

Destiny, I got a bit turned off by True Blood last season but am giving it a fresh start this year. All the promised nudity is too good to pass up. There are so many hot guys, its hard to know who to choose but so far Eric (skarsgard) is still my favorite and his nude body was to die for. The new guy who plays Alcide looks pretty spectacular too.

One of the Good Guys said...


kc said...

Will Aus10 bring anyone with him? Surely, he's not going alone...

Two of the Good Guys said...

Awwww...hope it's true. :)

destiny said...

I didn't like it very much last season either M, it was just too over the top, too violent and not even all that fun. I've read a couple of the books, and the show last season may as well have been from a completely different source.
This season looks like it is going to be a lot better, and hell of a lot sexier.

I agree that Eric has great looks and a killer body. My girlfriend was talking to her mom after we watched it and told her she'd have to be dead to not find him a fine specimen. That being said, it's always the dark-haired guys that get to me, not the blondes.

m said...

I just added Austin's twitter to my list of who I follow so I am glad it is a verified account. Now I just have to remember how the hell I get them to show up as text messages on my iphone. It's been months since I did it last so have to reactivate some brain cells.

I think it is so cool that True Blood is using real wolves. They look so powerful. I purchased the books as a set but never did get around to reading them.

Destiny are you by any chance a Breaking Bad fan? No sex but still a great series. If you have not been watching, it must be viewed in chronological order to have the most impact. Season 3 just ended Sunday.

LOL!! said...

Ha, ha! The account was set up to tweet about sophin. I bet if he does go next Sunday, it will be with Sophia.

I thought he hated twitter? Good PR move

Atticus said...

The [True Blood] wolves are allowed time to get used to the set by arriving the day before the shoot and allowed to sniff around. They rest in air-conditioned trailers between scenes.


J said...

Interesting that Austin now has a twitter account. I can't follow it so I hope we get updates here.

destiny said...

I've heard good things about Breaking Bad, but I've never watched it. So many good shows, so little time.....

I do remember Austin saying something about not liking Twitter. Hmmm, I wonder what changed his mind.....and what he's really going to use it for.

Jersey Tom said...

I miss PG too Destiny.

There is no doubt that is Austins friend at the game. Anyone who wants to can go back and check out old pics. Jake has been out with him several times. Just check them out on IHJ. Especially the Border pics and the one that he and Jake were walking into or out of another game.

Awesome that Austin is wanting to help out with this mess in the Gulf of Mexico. I cant watch seeing those poor animals. Does anyone know of any really good ways to donate money to help out. I need to do something.

Jersey Tom said...

I hope Austin doesnt use Twitter to advance sophin. I also wouldnt mind seeing Austin, Jake and sophia together helping out in the Gulf. Wouldnt bother me at all.

turbulentmouse said...

I bet it's some assistant for the CW who is going to use it to drum up interest in OTH's death rattle season. Then once it's ended the twitter (and coincidentally Sophin) will mysteriously disappear.

destiny said...

Wouldn't it make more sense for Sophia to twitter if it is just to drum up interest in OTH? Or is it a case of Bush fatigue.

LOL! said...

Sophia is too obvious, doesn't she have FB using a different name?

Twitter is for people too lazy to blog. Austin was using Hilarie's blog to post stuff, the one about the movie they were going to do.

Since it wasn't his blog , maybe he wanted to psot stuff. This is the easiest. Also, even though it his verified account, I wouldn't be surprised if his PR set up the account and he just said yes. He will tweet, but I bet his PR will as well.

One of the Good Guys said...

Tom, check out any of the news blogs or your local Audubon chapter in PA - they have listings of organizations that could use help or donations, or could direct you.

I'm not going to assume that Austin is just doing this to promote OTH - I think he could do that without hazmat gear.

Good Luck Austin! I hope we hear more about it. :)

Special K said...

Well Jana who Austin is pretty good friends with has a twitter account and does her own messages, so maybe she told Austin to try it out to.

It might not just be about OTH, but to let know about other things, like Beautiful Boy coming out, or Fencewalker etc too.

Special K said...

Jake out in Beverly Hills fir business today.

Jake Today -- Just Jared

Special K said...

OTH's Twitter has RT all of Austin's tweets.

Pelicans said...

Tom, whatever you feel most comfortable with, but here's one. They'll probably need help in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida too. HuffPo, FOX, CNN, CBS, etc. all have listings of organizations as well. :)

Audubon's Louisiana Coastline Initiative"

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks for those suggestions. I trust the Audubon Society to do good things.

Pelicans said...

You're a sweetheart! :*


turbulentmouse said...

One of the Good Guys- We aren't saying that Austin is going down to help the Gulf to promote OTH, we were saying he set up his twitter account just to promote OTH (possibly).

comment on Jared said...

#7 Randi @ 06/16/2010 at 8:45 pm
He’s hot. His boyfriend is so lucky!

M and M said...

Hi, everyone. Sorry I haven't been around this week. Work is super crazy. But, I saw the discussion about how folks might help out in response to the ecological disaster currently occurring all along the Gulf Coast. I've been involved with the International Bird Rescue Research Center since 1975. They do terrific work both domestically and around the world. So glad to hear that Austin is going to personally lend a hand. Just thought I would share some links. Talk to everyone later:

How to Help in the Gulf #1
How to Help in the Gulf #2

Bird Rescue

Special K said...

Thanks for all the great ways everyone gave for people to help with The Gulf crisis.

m said...

So far Austin's twitter intentions sound sincere, not just for OTH publicity. We'll see how it goes. I do miss his blogging.

?? said...
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lol said...
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AUS10 said...

Please follow her and help raise money for the Gulf of Mexico. about 4 hours ago via web

I love Olivia Wilde. She has been doing so many good things for Haiti and the Gulf and so much more. about 4 hours ago via web


monk said...

Definitely Austin's friend in the car with Jake.

Austins Twitter said...

# Location ubiquitous
# Bio Work in progress. When I die, I hope they say, He was a chivalrous cowboy, who fought for justice all over the frontier. And he loved up some womens!

Is Austin straight now?

bio tweet said...

I think it’s a rather vague way of closeting himself because “loved up some womens” would be a reference to his female fans who have a crush on him. This is like the “birds in Italy” blog or Jake’s “every man should find the right woman” quote, a non-committal vague general women reference. It's not ideal but I guess this is preferable to declaring his fake love for the beard.

tweet said...

Is Austin straight now?

No just his twitter is.

Jake who? said...

I think it’s a rather vague way of closeting himself because “loved up some womens” would be a reference to his female fans who have a crush on him.

"And he loved up some womens!" is not vague, Austin wants everyone to know about his 'heterosexuality'.

leave the guy alone said...

"And he loved up some womens!" is not vague, Austin wants everyone to know about his 'heterosexuality'.

I agree. If he and Jake are or have been involved, it means he likes women as well as men.
Posters keep acting as if Austin or Jake is bearding to fool them personally. Whoever they are doing in their bedroom is their business. If you are upset about your this it makes no sense to follow their personal lives, does it?

facade said...

it means he likes women as well as men.

Sorry, "loved up" means "had sex with". He is just perpetuating his straight facade.

Pelicans said...

He's teasing, that's all it is.

When I die, I hope they say, He was a chivalrous cowboy, who fought for justice all over the frontier. And he loved up some womens!

It's almost like he adds some humor into a serious devastating subject, and sometimes that's needed to lighten morale, give a lift.

M and M said...

Yes, I agree. Austin is just having some fun with a very serious subject.

Btw: loved up does not mean having sex. Besides the drug and ecstasy connotation, the term means to be empathetic, affectionate toward, overly romantic (in an idealized sense -note that he uses the term chivalrous as well, which is a transcendent/exhalting medieval form of "nonsexual, courtly love, virtue and honor). Just as a side note, courtly love was secret (cloistered away and closeted) and between members of the nobility, i.e. the same class/elites.

Although Austin is confusing his epochs, (Medieval and the Old West), I'm sure like any kind of virtuous cowboy who fights for justice on the lone prairie, bet he always "get" his man, as well!

It's telling that Austin's bio is not about his life at all, but rather a eulogy. That way he can make up whatever he wants and technically not be lieing. After all, he said how he hoped others might remember him. Talk about doublespeak. Admittedly, cute doublespeak, but doublespeak nonetheless.

hetro here said...

M&M that's a lot of words and explaining you just did to pick a part a very simple statement that means he is implying he's straight.

If Brad Pitt would have worded his statement that way, it would mean what he is saying "implying" and you would except it. You are making Austin's statement to fit "YOUR" reality and reasoning of his sexuality.

Can't you see that Anyone can see this.

Lureen Newsome said...

courtly love, virtue and honor

This is not the first time Austin's blog/tweets have alluded to honor, in his own charming way. :)

M&M, was you IBRRC? I was Tri-State myself. ;)

haha said...

*raises hand*. I can see it. Because let us not forget that M&M is titilated by the mere thought of boy/boy sex and gets off on thinking Jake is a bottom boy. Her overly thought out dissertation on Austin's bio blurb is great spin, no doubt, but it's still spin.

Journey said...

I never thought "loved up" was strictly about sex, it's more about huggin' kissin' squeezin' each other, IMO.

There's a funny line about that in the Cohen Bros. movie - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou!

After being mesmerized by The Sirens bathing in the river, Tim Blake Nelson's character turns around, and John Turturro's character seems to have disappeared, a toad left in his place, to which he says:

Them sireenz done loved 'im up and turned him into a horny toad!

Always makes me laugh.

lol said...

^^ LOLx2

M and M said...

M&M, was you IBRRC? I was Tri-State myself. ;)

That's right! Guess we're bi-coastal wildlife rehabilitators. ;)

Lureen said...

:) I only helped out with one tanker spill in my area, it wasn't anything like this - but I got the picture. This one is the the Exxon Valez every four days. I can't even comprehend that. :(

Lureen said...

sorry, that should read: "this one is said to be leaking the amount from the Exxon Valdez every four days." *shudder*

I hope we get some pics of Austin.

M and M said...

*raises hand*. I can see it. Because let us not forget that M&M is titilated by the mere thought of boy/boy sex and gets off on thinking Jake is a bottom boy. Her overly thought out dissertation on Austin's bio blurb is great spin, no doubt, but it's still spin.

I try my best to elevate the conversation. If you can't keep up, try Mr. Dumb-as-sh*t's classroom. I hear he always has room for the remedials.

M and M said...

Hey, Lureen. The last oil spill I worked on was the one in San Francisco in 2007 when a cargo ship just bumped into the SF Oakland Bay Bridge. It doesn't take much to make a disaster. I agree. What's happening now along the Gulf coast is pretty incomprehensible.

I hope we get some pictures of Austin too. Maybe a YouTube video where he can talk about helping out. That would be terrific.

destiny said...

Very interesting M and M. I do think Austin is very conscious of his word choice.

I do however think he is trying to make the masses think he is straight, even if he is playing them with his language.

Lureen said...


Double hulled ships for oil transport, and no registering them in other countries with less restrictive requirements and laws. :)