Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stuck in the Middle with Who?

Thanks Teens Choice. "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into."

So what's a fella to do?

The Teens Choice Awards just announced their nominations and Austin could be stuck between a rock and hard place or maybe that's more between his boy and his beard.

Hugh knows?

Jake got nominated this year for his role in PoP, but look at his competition.

Choice Movie Actor: Fantasy
Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Sam Worthington, Clash of the Titans

Depp, the guy who went blue, and Edward AND Jacob. Ok if you just went by regular hair he and Pattinson could make interesting. Long hair - come on Depp's got em. And abs, he has Lautner to contend with. Jake's totally the dark horse to grab the wood (at least as an award, maybe not if Austin goes to the awards show)

Then there is Sophia who got nominated as well. (Yes for OTH, yes for Brooke Davis, yesssss... for acting......)

Choice TV Actress: Drama
Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill
Blake Lively, Gossip Girl
Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl
Olivia Wilde, House
Shailene Woodley, The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Now since Austin seems to be her tag-a-long (and not the Girl Scout cookies) on the red carpet, it's expected to be the same for the Teen Choice awards.

Now do you think Jakey will bow out after being in the driver's seat now, and not go?

So what's this trike to do?

Maybe Jake goes on his own and the well oiled red carpet photo op machine called Sophin go too.

Red rover Red rover send Jakey right over.

Maybe Austin says he's too busy shooting and doesn't go and Jake and Sophia go together and just to mix it up.

Everyone goes on their own and grows their own beard.(wait wait, Reese is the one that can grow a beard, per Jakey, not Sophia.)

Maybe they all go together, like Three's Company. And like the show the short brunette get lost in the shuffle.


Special K said...

A reference to Gray Goose and confirming that TT and GG are the ones referred to in the Shaftarella BV?


LOL! said...

Jake ain't going to that tacky awards show. The winners are notified ahead of time.

Special K said...

Also think when Ted says "embrace the gray" it's dual speak. 1) Accept that Goose is with Toothy. End of Story. 2) A play on words of "embrace the gay" - and that could be not only to those JIS fans but a little message to Toothy and Goose as well.

J said...

I would love to see how Jake and Austin would handle an appearance at the Teens Choice awards.

destiny said...

Wow, that's a great catch on the "embrance the gay" Special. Agree with the other interpretation too--or maybe not so much accept it as it's the gray matter that is important.

LOL said...

"Also think when Ted says "embrace the gray" it's dual speak. 1) Accept that Goose is with Toothy. End of Story. 2) A play on words of "embrace the gay" - and that could be not only to those JIS fans but a little message to Toothy and Goose as well."

How many JIS fans care about what ted 's trying to sell?

whathappened? said...

As a long time fan of JG and HL, both discovered by my kiddos and me almost simultaneously, I need to say say how uninspiring his performance in POP was to all of us.
Jake and his co-star's obvious lack of chemistry--the rating should have be "G" or "PG" so our youngsters could enjoy a good sword fight--about all that was happening in this movie anyway--which would surely accomplished a more robust box office.

The banter between the POP and the princess was just plain silly and the director/editor should be taken out back and flogged continuously for a week.
I realized with my limited exposure to Hollywood film making shenanigans, that this director(who had to have come cheap) shame on you Jerry B., would not be able to deliver. "He directed Harry Potter you say?" OMG!

If Jake is gay and I say if, I would suggest he get busy enjoying his gay life and open his heart and mind to gay life and love even of he has to be on the DL for a bit longer.
Jake acting was flat, his always apparent emotions, his eyes, always so readable in all his movies prior to BBM, were flat and emotionless. I enjoyed the movie--I didn't walk out as I did when I went to see the ATeam--but I realized this movie was not going to be another hit, another POTC and because I've been a Jake fan for a long time, I was sad for him.
I'm convinced more than ever, as I get older, that not acknowledging who you are is an enormous detriment to opening yourself up to superior acting...though according to some actors--Marlon Brando--doing so can damage your mental health.

destiny said...

I hadn't thought about the impact of the rating Disney chose for the movie; I know a lot of parents are very careful about that when taking young kids. Another mistake by Disney and Bruckheimer??

destiny said...

Whathappened, Bruckheimer has a reputation for being a control freak and giving his directors very little room to do their own thing. I bet he got last say over the script too.

Special K said...

Well Newell said he did the movie and alluded that he had cut the movie and then Big Jer came in with his list of thing that need to be changed.

Jersey Tom said...

Time to move on folks. reeke oops PoPs is over forever:-) Goodbye Disney Goodbye:-)

Best Actor JG for LAOD.

destiny said...

I think you're right about one aspect Tom--Reese has been on JJ this week after about a 3 week absence. And no pix or sightings of Jake. I think POP promo is officially over.

Special K said...

Go Celtics! Beat LA!

Special K said...

Think it would be interesting to see the three of them on the red carpet for the same event. We know from TDAT premiere it does matter if Austin has a lady on his arm, his eye are on Jake. And remember how they threw snowballs at each other, this time, they would just do the at a distance Wonder Twin Activate thing.

Jersey Tom said...

You very well may see Sophia ans Austin at this event but no way Jake is there. Sophia will be tyhe one who wants to go and she wont go alone. No way she wins though.

TCA said...

The Teen Choice Awards are one of several awards shows where the winners are informed before the show that they've won. I don't think Jake stands much of a chance at winning so doubtful he'll be there.

turbulentmouse said...

I will LMAO if all three of them showed up together. Everyone else is probably right that Jake would never go but it's just funny to think about.

Special- love the pic with the Red Rover caption.

destiny said...

I agree with TCA.

m said...

CW must have bought that nomination for Sophia. Atonement for her losing a new job due to OTHs extension for another year. A throw away time filler year.

I don't go to babble often but checked it out today. They have pics of Jake leaving a Dogers game with a guy. Jake with bare arms, rolled t- shirt. He looks like he is on a date. I'm not saying I think he and Austin are kaput. Just noticing and filing away for future reference.

I have not seen POP, so can't comment but found whathappened's comment quite interesting. POP was filmed during a time when Jake looked as miserable as I have ever seen him. I watched Lust, Caution the other day. Good film and incredible acting, but tedious with the subtitles. I watched Ang Lee's commentary and he talks about how an actor has to bare all to give a good performance. They can't hold anything back. That was true of Jake and Heath in BBM and of the leads in Lust, Caution. I admire Ang's ability to get an actor to that point. Can you do that while bearding and living a lie? I doubt it. Do you have to give all for a role like POP?. I do think people can tell the difference and the star sets the bar for those around him/her.

Special K said...

Not sure if many people caught this

On The Joy Behar Show last night (Monday 6/15)Betty White and the hostess started talking about gay actors, specifically gay actors from the golden age of Hollywood. Betty talked about Rock Hudson and how his great friend Doris Day outed him, "Actually it was his dear friend, his beloved friend Doris Day who inadvertently outed him. She invited him to a show she was doing up in Carmel. So by then he had AIDS. So the minute he came on camera, then everybody knew. And Doris just couldn`t believe that she had been — you know, a party to that. But Rock was – was — everybody kind of knew his situation, but it didn`t seem to hold back his career." Betty then let it slip that superstar, and icon Cary Grant was gay also "Cary Grant, the same thing." Joy couldn't believe her ears and asked "Oh he was gay, too?" Betty then tries to backtrack but the damage was already done "No, I don`t know. I never had him — I never had it."

Cary Grant was married 5 times. And in a relationship with famed costume designer Orly-Kelly. His relationship with Randolph Scott was legendary on and off over 12 years, living together in "Bachelor Hall". It said they were deeply in love, although neither never acknowledged it publicly. Scott himself was married twice.

Morning Men Classics: Elegant leading man Cary Grant and western star Randolph Scott!

cfkef said...

About babble pics, M, it's probably this guy again. I may be wrong, of course.

m said...

One, why are you pairing them together? Très intriguing. Two, it's not quite that black and white. Embrace the gray, darling.

As I posted & predicted several days ago, Ted has included his little clue that Jake and Austin are still together. I think that Ted meant that for us here, as I am sure he reads my posts. PR can spend all the money they want trying to destroy this blog, but it will be over Ted's cold body.

Jersey Tom said...

That guy is one of Austins best friends. I believe he went to a game with Jake before and may have been the guy in the book store pics.

?? said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Austins best friend said...

"That guy is one of Austins best friends."

Could you give us a link please where you got that information?

:( said...

I miss prairiegirl :(

didn't know said...

Thanks for the Cary Grant Randolph Scott link. No studio would take pics of two "single" guys like that now.

same old said...

AfterElton weighs in on the Jake question. Again with the "gay rumors started with BBM" line: Jake and the gay rumors.
No, they started before anyone had seen BBM. Probably swirling around in the air when Jake and Austin started stroking each other on the set of TDAT IMO. Just that Jake became well-known to a greater number of people after BBM.

123 said...

^knickers in a knot, gasbag?

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Is Grey Goose's beard a new lady in his life, or are they more on-again, off-again?

Dear Beauty and the Beard:
They're pals, which is the best kind of beard. So nice of her to help her gay BFF, don't you think?

Bitch Back

destiny said...

Pretty sure that is not the real M posting in the middle of the night.

m said...

Thanks Destiny, that was not me. I don't know if I should be flattered that someone likes to impersonate me or not.

taking one for the team said...

It does look like Austin's friend in the photos on GB. There is no source credited, so who knows where UV found them.

destiny said...
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destiny said...

Funny about Betty White and Cary Grant. Don't see why it is such a big deal after all this time, either.

M, what did you think of True Blood. I know everyone is gaga over Eric, but personally I'm shipping Bill and Sam. Hot!

destiny said...

Miss you too PG!