Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smooth Operator

Was ready to post and then saw new pictures that started a Wild Goose chase.

For what?

Where's the hair? Austy's bare.

And how do legs that look like this?
Go to this?

And arms like this?

Go to this?

Is this his summer look?

Better hydrodynamics? (Absorbent Man Go!!!)

Easier for Speedos and sunblock?

Just always ready to make good on his naked tweets?

Or is it that one of the pair can be the one with hair?

Then again maybe its just OTH Alopecia

Whatever it is, it's whole lot of Nair or hot wax to handle all that Texan.


destiny said...

Hadn't noticed the missing hair.

Experimenting with a different look--one that might appeal more to young girls, the primary audience for OTH?

Shows off the arm muscles better, and decided to go whole hog?

Special K said...

I cracked up at the first picture in the post. Austin has caught Jake's hand on the hip thing. Funny how he is the only one doing it.

Well... it does show off the ring.

wow said...

Reallly? Jake is the only person ever to pose for a photo with his hand on his hip?

AUS10 said...

I want to apologize to my family and friends. To the fans. And to jesus.
41 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I used performance enhancing drugs to sculpt my chiseled abs for the twilight movies.
41 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

ring said...

I see Sophia' silver pinky ring too, but not in these pics.

Special K said...

LOL at Austin's lastest tweets. Definitely not PR approved.

He has a wicked sense of humor.

Not homophobic said...

It is not a judgement. It is flattery. You are obviously homophobic. Find urself a religious cult who hates gays. Be happy or be Gay.

Tom what exactly did honestly say that was homophobic? There was nothing homophobic about the comment. Honestly made an assessment about M and M's comment which "were" judgemental towards J/A life without knowing all the facts, circumstances or knowing any of them personally, then, just going on pure speculation and her own devices spewing out what she considers facts then having some emotional fit as if she cares about gay rights when she's stated she is only here for pure amusement. Then you pull out the old convenient and go to phrase "your comments are homophobic. What? Pleas use the word wisely and not when someone does not agree with what's going on in J/A's life as you see it. Nobody said anything was wrong with being gay. Be happy or be gay? Is this saying only gay people can be happy? Are you saying in order for straight people to be happy they have to or must be gay? Sounds like you are treading pretty close to being prejudgedice against straights Tom.

LOL Tom, great comment. People carry on here as if thinking of Jake and Austin as gay is the worst thing in the world, right up there with murderers.

Nobody here associated Jake or Austin being gay as a negative, but you continue to fan the flames D. Your motives are clear. Some people just don't believe everything that comes out of your mouth or your conspiracies. Most people don't even care if Jake or Austin is gay. It's you and your crazy thoughts that seem to think anyone who does not see it "your way" that J/A and BT are being hidden from the world and spend ever waking hour of their days conjuring up ways to fool you and the Ted believers thru PR. And you've put it in your mind and preach if they don't see it your way, they have to be homophobic. It's a lie. Just don't believe what you believe,
but you'll continue to fan the flames as usual.

Jersey Tom said...

Not Homophobic you are taking way too much time trying to analyse what people are saying. I do not have a problem with str8 people. Most of the people in my life are str8 and I love them includung family and friends.

Jersey Tom said...

I find sad people like you who judge without knowing anything. Incredibly sad to be honest.

That is a homophobic remark if you are talking about us dicussing that J and A are Gay.

Special K said...

Tom. That's ECF.

Special K said...

So do you think Nair or Wax? Cause don't know many guys who can deal with getting waxed, compared to all the ladies who do it on a regular basis. If it's wax, tip of the hat. Where I go a few guys got told to go to the bar and get a couple of shots and come back.

Bet it would be a double appt. just to get those long arms and legs and... done.

for Tom said...

Not Homophobic you are taking way too much time trying to analyse what people are saying.

Something tells me you don't realize you and other regulars do this daily.

I find sad people like you who judge without knowing anything.

What's homophobic about this statement or her calling out someone who prejudges others when they "don't" know them personally. If they don't know them personally, how could they know the whole truth of what's actually going on in another persons life.

That is a homophobic remark if you are talking about us dicussing that J and A are Gay.

No It's NOT. You have made it that, but it's not. As much as you want to believe they are gay, you don't know for a fact that they are. You have said many times, you believe in your heart. So, but it does not make it true. The problem is, you react as if it been proven.

Are you aware that someone can be gay, bi or str8 and not believe that J/A are gay? Not saying I'm one of them. Also, some gay people don't care if J/A are gay.

a flop like PoP said...

Austin & Sophia on JJ
20 pictures 18 comments

Surprise, surprise said...

To try and paint the regulars here as homophobic really is laughable. If anything, I see their comments as tough love. Obviously, people who post here, and on WFT2, believe Jake and Austin are gay. Why is that a surprise to you? Go to Babble Land if you want like-minded zombies. Are you really that thick? There are 1,000s of reasons to believe their point of view is correct. Especially, when Jake suddenly clings to every opportunity to sell himself as uber-straight. Or, when he only wants to be seen with his long time "friend" Austin once a year, and only if a beard escort is available. Or, when he waxes pensively that the most important thing for a man to do is find the right woman, which he only can achieve if he's able to go out on that flawless date with that one perfect XX chromosome who then will be able to sire his transcendent prodigies. Come to think of it, seems like that coupling bar is set awfully high. Maybe unobtainable. Oh yeah. That's right. Now, I know why Jake has so many broken engagements! The poor boy just has very high standards. Of course. No one is good enough for Superhetero Jake Gyllenhaal because he requires indefectibility when it comes to selecting that one in a billion virginal womb.

chiming in said...

Don’t forget the Reeke and Sophin Self Promotion Tours. It just goes on and on and on. Jake is gay as glitter and so is Austin. Regulars here have no problem with their orientations. It's Corporate Hollywood and actors like J & A who many believe have the real problem. The overwhelming criticism you'll find at OMG is not based on homophobia, but on these two men's perceived hypocrisy and their seemingly passive acceptance of the status quo: The shrug your shoulders, "I'm just a victim of the star system" routine.

m said...

Save those bare leg pictures so that when a photo of Jake with bare legs in high heels around his neck turns up, we have them for comparison. Those would be some very long legs.

I saw on WDW that Jake is reportedly heading to The Vineyard and has Atti with him, so it must be for a long stay. What a coincidence. Austin will shortly be on the East Coast for an indefinite time period. At least they will be out of pap range for a while.

Jake said...

So do you think Nair or Wax?

I helped!

Special K said...

Maybe Austin didn't want to be so Sasquatchi for the summer.

M, but to find shoes for him. That's going to the specialty shop.