Monday, September 24, 2012

#1 with a Bullet

Congratulations Jake.

With a come from behind the underdog  EoW went to the top of this weekend's box office.  And with that Jake has something he has never had before,  opening a movie at #1.

It was done without a three ring circus or a bearded lady. 

So here's something to think about Jakey.

Maybe the reason that you done so well  is because you're letting your craft shine again, and not let it get dimmed by all the others shenanigans of playing the game in HW.

People get to see what a great actor you are on screen instead focusing on the other act off screen.


the real m said...

So happy for Jake. He deserves a break for a change. I wish the film was more in the 20 mil range, but there was a lot of competiition this week. Very diverse films each appealing to a different group.

the real m said...

Saw this on mynewplaidpants, though I later saw that the film in not definite, Just in talks. But his snarky comment is up there with Dlisted. "Gyllenhaal will join Hugh Jackman and the recently announced Melissa Leo in Prisoners. The Black List script penned by Aaron Guzikowski (“Contraband”), revolves around a small-town carpenter named Keller (Jackman) whose young daughter and best friend are kidnapped. After the cops fail to find them, Keller takes the law into his own hands, but in the process runs up against the big city detective assigned to the case. No word yet on Gyllenhaal's role, but apparently a script polish convinced him to enter talks. Right - it was a script "polish" that did it. I'm sure Jake polished off something, anyway..."

Jake and Hugh Jackman would be quite a sight to behold. As usual, wont get my hopes up unti a deal is made.

truth said...

If you think people get to see what a great actor he is on screen instead focusing on the other act off screen, why you guys so care about if he is gay or not in his private life or why doesn't he come out yet??Weird....

The real truth said...

First and foremost, Jake is not a great actor. He can't even hide the fact that he's gay after all his PR bullshit and the money spent wasting everyone's time in trying to convince everyone of his "normal" sexual preferences. Maybe people wouldn't care so much that he was gay if he didn't try so hard to portray himself as something he's not.

The Extreme Makeover of Jake Gyllenhaal said...

There was more publicity plants for End of Watch to portray Jake as a big, bad cop than I have witnessed in my time of watching him being pushed.

WME is in the midst of repackaging Jake to his audience. This is evident by the headlines used to promote EOW. The heavy beard and the penetrating stare used so frequently in recent publicity photos is most likely part of this push to change Jake's image.

Don't be surprised if the rumors of the setting up of a beard in waiting does not come to surface.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a feeling Jake will be bearding soon. The more success he achieves the more determined he gets. we have seen it before. I think it will be less stressful for him. more like sophin . that is one reason I have a hard time being happy when he has success. Jersey Tom.

Loser said...

Or could it be that you're just a miserable old git, Tom?

destiny said...

I'm not so sure about the bearding. jake certainly didn't feel he had to have one before EOW got released.

Smaller independent films are sold on their story, the director, and the acting, not on who the actors are dating.

Special K said...

One thing to remember about the beard, is that Jake is playing a down on your luck guy in the play, maybe that's why is it is wilder and woollier than before. And the staring well it is a split second of a picture taken with about multiple flashes around you at the same time. It can come off with a wide eye stare. And that is is not all about the makeover of Jake.

But the most important point I want to make and the want I was trying with the post was, that Jake's greatest successes have happened when he is not bearding. Even Jake and his management can see that. It makes no sense to shove him back in, while on paper it looks like him not bearding would make him less successful, it is the exact opposite. People respond to him more when he is not trying to run some fauxmance to make people like him, when he doesn't try and just is Jake, people can sense it. While he is not out by a long shot it is a step closer to his truth, and people pick up on that.

I really can 't see Jake wanting to go back in or WME shoving him back in and chancing it all only to have Jake slip back in his success.

Blind Item said...

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is set to be the next beard for this former A list actor who is now a solid B who has been flailing around for awhile without a steady beard. Our actress, who is known for her acting, but not much else, wants a taste of fame she has not had yet. She wants covers of tabloids and a new level of marketability and is willing to be a beard. It is not like she dates a lot anyway.

Posted by ent lawyer at 9:40 AM
Friday, September 21, 2013

Bline Item No 3

Bearding takes many shapes and sizes said...

There's all kinds of way to beard. Including the soft bearding with the Taylor Swift song that circulated for weeks before End of Watch, just enough to remind people, who aren't paying attention, that Jake is 100% heterosexual and had a "girlfriend," that he treated badly because he's such a badass. Then there was the whole Minka Kelly dangling carrot bit while he was filming An Enemy up in Canada.

Special K said...

I think the way Minka was making the rounds with lots of names in HW it was more for her PR benefit. And interesting she's back with Chris Evans (Captain America) after the monster box office of The Avenger's this summer.

The Taylor thing - that was classic Swift she's got no other way to write a song or a promote one than looking like the girl who was scorned.

destiny said...

Yes, Jake has shown he doesn't have to have a beard on his arm to sell a movie with EOW. But I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get some light bearding of the Minka sort. I can't imagine we'll have any more tabloid covers and hard bearding ala Reese and Taylor because it brought so much ridicule. It also doesn't fit with the serious, rugged, macho, indie actor image Jake seems to be building.

Finally got to catch up on the clips. I was surprised at how good Jake's accent is in the play. He's been getting some good reviews for his acting in the play.

Agree that the interviews are kind of the same old thing. Sadly that is the way of the world anymore when it comes to these interviews.

desperado said...

I saw that Blind Item and let's face it, timing is everything. Interestingly enough, the post came the day right after Jake's NYC theater premiere and on the website, the picture of the woman that was being spotlighted actually preceded pictures of Jake with Jerry Seinfeld & his wife. Which meant the focus of the photo op was to be on a certain unattached actress by the name of Jessica Chastain. Recently, there have been some suggestive posts about this "mystery" gal, but the most important point that is being made is that she is going to NY not only to work, but to find a personal life. This particular article has been circulating everywhere. Sure it says she doesn't date actors, but I'm sure she'll make an exception for Jakey boy:

Jessica Chastain is suddenly desperate for a personal life

prairiegirl said...

The Taylor song/video was a mutually benefiting splash for two celebrities represented by the same agency, who both had products to promote. A CD and a movie. Jake received a 2-for-1 because it pushed him as heterosexual. When she sang the song on the MTV Awards Show, it was clear as Windex that he had to have known what she was doing. He's just become quite skilled at riding along like a tick while taking in some of the extra blood flow.

Jake has proven he is not above giving outlandish exaggerations and blatant lies to hide his secrets, namely 6 of them - Austin and their 5 kids. I saw it with Love & Other Drugs and now I have been blown away by what I have been witnessing since the Toronto Film Festival.

Jake and Austin sold their souls for the promotion of EOW, as if Jake's future career was riding on it. It's that kind of desperation that makes one utter a Sophia Bush-like "I moved to NYC to be with my family. My sister just had a new baby and that is the most important thing in my life" and "Right now in my life, my focus is my work. It's what matters to me more than anything."

lol. Looks like Jake can't decide from one day to the next how he feels about things. Which is the most important thing in his life? His work? Or his new baby niece, Gloria?

Was someone murdered right in front of him? Or as the story kept changing from interview to interview, it later became someone was murdered and he was in the second car on the scene.

Is Michael Pena "Michael" to him as he referred in one of the first TIFF interviews or is he "Mike" as he later migrated to?

I didn't think Jake would do a lot of things, including bearding again. But I watched the fierce "man-ifying" of Jake unfold online and I realized that I need to re-access just what he is willing to do to save his career and hide his secret life.

Special K said...

See I don't get how Taylor's song is beneficial to Jake at all. Because is she did write about him, which sorry I think it's more about Mayer than Jake, it makes him come off like a huge d-bag jerk. How does that benefit him. Because I don't think anyone in HW has called Jake either a d-bag or a jerk. (Now Mayer that's a different story) While some say Jake can be a little difficult on set, no one has said he's ever been that much of a jerk.

Why would he want that rep? He wouldn't. That's what makes me say it all the Same Old Swift Schtick.

prairiegirl said...

I agree with Special and Destiny - no, he doesn't need a beard to sell his movies. And he has shown it. Fully agree.

But what Jake did in the written interviews and said on Anderson Cooper was every bit as homophobic. He denied his own children and his guy, Austin, the man who he shares his family with.

By saying in an interview that he envied cops because the ladies went after them, what kind of bs was that?

I just don't think that you necessarily have to have a physical, curvaceous entity on your arm in order to push yourself as straight when in actuality you are not.

prairiegirl said...

Special, Twitter has been all about the clues given in the video. All the clues in the video undoubtedly point to Jake, starting with the black/grey scarf that she wears in the video and the bracelet she wears that he was "supposed" to have given her.

Anonymous said...

Smile Jake is back on top. oh great. Jersey tom. Berlin meant nothing. Jersey tom

Anonymous said...

I dolt consider myself a loser at all loser. Jake is a liar and a coward. there is your loser. Jersey tom

Special K said...

Again - there is no gain for Jake from Taylor making him out to be a the big bad meanie. But it does fit her poor me routine to a T, and that's the way she sells her albums.