Monday, September 17, 2012

Jaked Around

It's a whirlwind of Jake in LA the last 48 hours

The ALMA awards

Special private screening for a fundraiser for Eric Garcetti

then  LA Premiere of EoW


and squeezing in a interview with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow and a pop-in with Conan.

Then it's back to NY and back to the play with just days to go before the official premiere.

Hey look who else knows Mayor Villaraigosa.

EoW version of the Police's Don't Stand So Close to Me.


Just Jared said...

EoW Premiere

videos said...

EOW premiere red carpet:





Popsugar (from TIFF)

Moviefanatic (from TIFF)

Black Tree TV (LA press junket yesterday)

ALMA awards

There was a SAG Q&A yesterday: ID Tumblr

LA Mayor said...

Eric Garcetti ‏@ericgarcetti
Tx to Jake Gyllenhaal for joining campaign supporters for #EndOfWatch sneak preview& inviting me to be a part of film

facebook said...

Eric Garcetti
My thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal for coming out and joining other supporters of my campaign for a sneak preview of End of Watch -- and thanks to Jake for inviting me to be a part of this incredible film.

Garcetti is not Villaraigosa said...

Special private screening for a fundraiser for LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Oh that's rather embarrassing. Spesh, I hope you realize that isn't Villaraigosa in that pic with Jake you posted.

EoW said...

ET interview video

maximotv red carpet video

taping Conan yesterday

50shades said...

‏‏@KISS1063 @EndOfWatchMovie star Jake Gyllenhaal is coming up @OnAirWithRyan...we’ll ask about the #50ShadesOfGrey movie rumors!

Special K said...

My apologies about the mix up. My bad. Late night.

All better now.

And for me right now - brunching in PHI

Still said...

Special private screening for a fundraiser for Ed Garcetti

LOL nor do I think he's ever gone by "Ed".

Jersey Tom said...

I guess Austin is busy out being a young buck going from girl to girl. Gotta hand it to him he doesnt beard unless it is very convenient for him. Sophin was easy and work related.

Ryan Seacrest interview said...

"Jake Gyllenhaal Says ‘Of Course’ He Would Want To Play Christian Grey!"

(full audio interview):

Vogue said...

Jake is in the new issue of US Vogue (October 2012-Keira Knightly on the cover). The title is: ’To Tell The Truth’ (2 pages/ Photographer: Craig McDean)

Beautiful pic: Vogue

Special K said...

Happy Birthday M&M!!!

Hoping you have a great day!

prairiegirl said...
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Jersey Tom said...

happy Birthday M and M. Enjoy your day and have cake:-)

destiny said...

Happy Birthday M and M. Hope you had a wonderful day.

destiny said...

That is a nice photo of Jake Vogue, nice to see him with the scruff instead of the beard.

Special K said...

Oh yeah that is a great picture of Jake in Vogue. One of the best I've seen of him in the last few years.

I love the texture of this picture too. His scruff, the tweed coat, the worn leather chair.

Twitter said...

Jordan Kaiser ❕ ‏@JordanKaiser

Jake Gyllenhaal is at Grin's right now in San Marcos

9:01 PM - 18 Sep 12 · Details

Jordan Kaiser ❕
Port Arthur, TX

please said...

Why bother copying over a tweet so obviously wrong?

Jake's on stage tonight. And not in Texas.

Undaunted said...

The dictatorship of some does not govern those who are open to practical and plausible possibilities.

please said...

How so? How is it plausible for Jake to be in Texas in the same night he's acting on stage in NYC?