Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friends and fauxs

 So what do you do when the contract's up and the faux finishes?

Do you avoid each other?  Do you play nice?  What is the etiquette for this kind of thing?

For Jake the contract has been cut short a couple of times and have being dumped (Reese) and doing the dumping (hello Swifty) it's a tough call.  But it seems that Jake has been courteous if need and all business when and if he runs into them at event.

Now Austin is where it differs.  It seems like after the closing date on  contracts it's not all faux and go, but some friendly moments.

A few tweets here and there and then today Austin bumped into his former co-star after the gym, greeting with a hug and waits while she grabs a coffee.

But does that sound like a former beau that got dumped? Because it sounds more like a girlfriend meet and greet.

While HuffPo is trying to float that the faux could rise again, it seems nothing more than running into a former co-worker.  We know how Soph loves to PR' it up when a new season starts, and a new series, double that love.

So going to The Godfather, the I-Ching of movies -- " It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

The best part of the whole thing?  When do you see Austin in baggy shorts and flip flops?


Sophia Bush And Austin Nichols: Are The 'One Tree Hill' Stars Rekindling Their Romance? said...


nice try said...

It's already linked in SK's post.

sensitive aren't we said...

who reads that crap LOL!

destiny said...

What Jake gets out of the Swift song is reinforcement of the idea he is straight not gay. It doesn't matter that he doesn't come off particularly well in the song. In most of Hollywood It's okay for a man to be a dog, just as long as he's a straight one and not a gay one.

Hell, you can be a woman beater and still sell records, get invited to perform on award shows, asked by the woman you hit to sing on a song with her, etc.

Bad boy behavior will not hurt someone's image unless it crosses over into racism, anti-semitism, etc. ala Mel Gibson.

destiny said...

Gee, imagine that. What are the odds that months after Austin and Sophia "broke up" they were seen together the within a day of her new series starting. Don't you just love Hollywood coincidences.

Her new show has gotten terrible reviews, and after one showing TV By the Numbers is already putting it on their cancellation watch list.

How Long Before Partners is Replaced

confuzzled said...

Not sure where you're going with that, Destiny. Sophia needs to re-beard now that she has a show on the air? That being seen with Austin will somehow boost the ratings? Or is Austin looking for a little free publicity?

Anonymous said...

That picture could have been taken when Jake when back to LA. Two friends catching up for publicity of her stinky show. Jersey Tom.

Anonymous said...

They didn't come together. 2 sets of keys. Jersey Tom.

destiny said...

Do you seriously think it was just a coincidence that Sophia and Austin were seen together, after all this time, just as her new show started? And a photographer just happened to be there to catch it all, on that very day?

If so, I have a bridge to sell you Confuzzled.

Special K said...

Actually it does seem like a run in. Why? Because Just Jared - Sophia's go to PR place - doesn't even mention Austin at all.

Just Jared

If there was a PR reason it would have been the lead of Jared's story.