Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why (W)ME Worry?

Jake's on Conan tonight and you have to wonder what can happen that hasn't.

When they get together


Big Moons

Some Musical Theater and Jazz Hands


Arms a flutter



Gee your beard smells terrific moments

And Jake's gag reflex

Where else could they go tonight?  ; )


destiny said...

Special, the comments for yesterday's thread have disappeared.

Special K said...

Thanks Dest. I'll fix it.

Special K said...

Great interview with Conan. They have so much fun together.

Jake got in a pretty funny joke in about being Swedish.

But one question, Jake did you do your own dialogue for the clip of EoW that Conan showed?

Special K said...

Conan also brought out that school picture of Jake when he looks like cross between a pixie and Stuart Minkus from Boy Meets World.

Conan went for Jake as a kid looking like Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry McGuire.

Special K said...

Here are the clips from Conan. They heading look like the same old stuff but that's just the tag. It's worth it to watch.

No one says Jake's name correctly

Getting in Shape

Jake Riding Along

destiny said...

I really enjoyed the Conan interview, one of his best in a long time.