Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 It was Talk Like a Pirate Day today,  and who was the one who said he wanted to be a pirate in a fan Q&A about a year ago?

This guy.

So Austin here you go:

 You been Piratized.

So which of these pirate lines do you think did he used today?

Yarrr, give me yer scupper lest I grope yer rotten peg-leg.

Just be givin' me th' landlubber!

Have ye puffy shirt?

We be shoutin' like a godforsaken boot-licker.

Yarrrr! Plank that rotten sword!

 Curse ye! Blast that buggerin' cannon!

 Get yer blubbery treasure chest out of me hat!

 Yarrr, give me yer booty lest I stab yer pale beard.

Would ye like t' touch me parrot?

Yo ho, blow the man down!

Hmmmm maybe that's what Austin will say he's been doing all this time. Pirate adventures.

Well maybe these kind of pirate adventures.

And don't forget Jake has jumped on the pirate ship too.

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Special K said...

Congratulations are in order for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fiance Justin Mikita.

"Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson popped the question to his partner Justin Mikita. He makes the announcement in a new video that marks the launch of a new foundation called, which advocates for bow ties and marriage equality."

Check out the video here: Towleroad

Special K said...

Reminder Jake is on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning.

AUS10 said...

Street named in El Paso, TX for a great film I worked on. If you havn't seen it, take a look. Glory Road. --------->

1:27 PM - 20 Sep 12

what's up with that said...

It's so strange how Austin hasn't tweeted about EOW, whereas a lot of Jake's other celeb friends have.

Special K said...

I think it's even more interesting that Austin mentions Texas, after there was that tweet of seeing Jake in TX.

Texas said...

Could it be that Austin is actually IN Texas and that's why he mentions it? He seems to love his state.

Jersey Tom said...

What the heck is he doing is Texas? One might think he be in LA looking ofr a job. Bet he is in NYC now.

where was he? said...

If he's in NY why wouldn't he be at opening night of Jake's play? I see Pena and Mumford were there. If Austin wants some name recognition he should have been outside getting his photo taken like all the other opening night invited guests.