Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School

By now everyone who is back to school is back to school and that  makes the thinking cap to go on. 
Both Jake and Austin have played teachers. 
In Source Code, the body Jake jumped into was a history teacher. 
In An Enemy half of the twin thing plays a professor
In Proof, he was a Post Doc teaching undergrad math. 
Then there is Austin 
He's been an English teacher on Friday Night Lights 
and then 
He tackled Math too, with a roomful of girls who all wanted to take Trig in LOL 

So who would be the better teacher?  Who would have the more fun class?  What would be their best subject to teach? 

Now set your schedule. Who of the two for that that 8am Tuesday class and what would it be?
And who would be your pick for Wed afternoon seminar? And on what subject? 
No detention for sassiness. It's more fun that way.


AUS10 said...

Tim Burton, Please cast Michael Keaton in another movie! -movie lovers everywhere

2:55 PM - 7 Sep 12 · Details

AUS10 said...

#istandupfor My Mom. Cancer Survivor. 18-Time National Champion Water Skier. And all around bad ass. #SU2C

7:15 PM - 7 Sep 12 · Details

Jersey Tom said...

RIP Morgan Freeman. Great actor:-(

monty p said...

He's not dead yet.


Jersey Tom said...

I heard that. That is awful. Who would do that?