Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's Put on a Show

While it might be Jake's first time working off-Broadway, he has been going to Broadway shows since he was a kid.

Check out this out from a his recent interview with the NY Times:

"Growing up in Los Angeles, with frequent trips to New York to see relatives, Mr. Gyllenhaal was a theatergoer long before he stood on a stage himself. Sitting in nosebleed seats as a boy, he was dazzled by Patti LuPone vamping through the opening number 'I Get a Kick Out of You' in 'Anything Goes' for Lincoln Center Theater; he then promptly fell asleep. From other musicals he graduated to serious drama like 'Angels in America,' though mostly he went to school plays featuring Maggie, now 34."

[ You 've got to admit there's some irony that Jake reminisces of a childhood memory that involves Cole Porter, legend LuPone and Broadway ; ) ]

There isn't a video of LuPone doing the opening of "Anything Goes" but there is one of her doing the closing number for the Tony's.

Makes you wonder if Jake got the chance to catch the latest revival of the show (with Tony Award winning Sutton Foster who just moved on) and stayed awake.

We know that Jake has been and continues to be a big fan of musicals, so when is he going to do one? Come on Jake - you've put up with you wearing that damn hat, when are you finally going to do Damn Yankees? 


prairiegirl said...

Well, good morning, everyone!!! Nothing like a big, wide dry erase board just begging for markers to streak all over it, lol

Dog watching this weekend, Molly & Lucy, two aging border collies. Very much aging. They have to be taken outside via the front door because the deck steps have become too dangerous, plus Lucy is afraid to go down them. And but of course, it pours rain all day Friday and 1/2 the day yesterday. But of course!! lol. Aw man. Rotten Little Jingles is missing because he has been loaned off while his mama tries to sell her house. Nothing like Jingles' daily deposits to chase off potential buyers, you know? lol. Oh, but I sure miss that little guy. Miss his constant howling and crying and rotten little ways. Miss him terribly.

He will come back later, I am told when the new house is ready. Fresh cement just waiting for him to make tracks in it.

prairiegirl said...

I knew that I had heard that name before - Hal David. He was Burt Bacharach's writing partner. He passed away yesterday. He helped co-write Closer To You and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, What the World Needs Now, Anyone Who Had a Heart, etc. Geez, probably anything Dionne Warwick sang was probably written by those two. What a talented man. You listen to a Burt Bacharach or Dionne Warwick album and you just heard wonderful melody after melody. I could listen to Dionne Warwick sing forever.

AUS10 said...


Feeling more at home under the water these days. Barton Springs yall. Austin, TX @GoPro ------> …

12:59 AM - 2 Sep 12 ·

prairiegirl said...

Whewwww, scruffyyyyyyyyy!!! lol. Got to avoid that rug burn, you know.

Good to see Austin made it back to ATX in good shape.
; ) I think Jake could use some time in that waterhole of Austin's, relax a little bit.

Austin is just a natural, isn't he? He moves so fluidly in the water, beautiful looking. Jake can look at that tonight after his second show.

Oh, and hey. Nice trunks.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow that was cool. Austin is right at home in the water.

Why isnt he in LA looking for a job or a hot woman?

new pap pics said...

gossip center

Jersey Tom said...

Katie Holmes. There ya go.

Jersey Tom said...

Gyllenholmes. There ya go:-) How perfect is that.

Special K said...

Funny the reviews of the previews mention that the play has no intermission.


Special K said...

Not sure if anyone is into Broadway musicals but the videos for Anything Goes are great, both LuPone and for Sutton Foster.

Honestly I was blown away by the new revival cast dancing away for 6 plus minutes and sing without taking a breath.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, Jake's proud of that smoking now, isn't he? Wheweeee dog!! Light 'em up, Jake!!! He's got the whole world in his hands now.

I dunno but I think in that picture he should be playing like a Ferris wheel or Tilt A Whirl ride operator. He's even got that grizzled, unshowered for days look down pat.

Ought to be just perfect for the End Of Watch demographic.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I remember reading as well that there isn't an intermission. So I wonder what the purpose of this nonsense story is?

Because you know that with Jake, there's always an underlying purpose for his story headlines.

Just another smokescreen. LOL! Pun intended.

the real m said...

Funny. I just watched Sutton Foster on Craig Ferguson . I had no idea who she was and while she perfomed a song I said she must have a broadway background with that voice and delivery. And here she is. Very talented.

Spent the last 2 days attending our neighbors daughters wedding. They are Indian (Sikh) so it was a multi day event. Time consuming but very interesting. The wedding ceremony was almost 4 hours. I just wish there had been an English translation so I could follow along. They had a pass out for non Sikh to explain the parts of the ceremony but it just described the phases, not the words.

and that act is all the poorer for it said...

Funny the reviews of the previews mention that the play has no intermission.


Probably easier to type that than to say he comes out for a smoke break during the 15-20 minutes he's not on stage.

lol said...

Ought to be just perfect for the End Of Watch demographic.

Yet somehow I don't think the demographic you're referring to is reading online.

Special K said...

Probably easier to type that than to say he comes out for a smoke break during the 15-20 minutes he's not on stage.

Or it is to cover if he needs to leave the last third of the show.

huh? said...

He does come back you know. He's featured in the last act and cast bows.

Nah said...

^^ From the makers of the Tupac hologram, we bring you the Jake hologram!

prairiegirl said...

Yet somehow I don't think the demographic you're referring to is reading online.

Talk about overthinking.

Jake smokes non-stop now, haven't you noticed? Everything about him physically is Groundhog Day - same rotation of clothes, viral hair growth, same dark, brooding features.

Doesn't matter if he's on a cig break or walking down the sidewalk; it's Groundhog Day.

I'm sure somewhere in all his daily comings and goings, that demographic is in there somewhere.

**rolls eyes**

prairiegirl said...

Boy, extra sensitivity about that EOW demographic, huh? **scratches head**

What's up with that, lol? It's hip, it's where it's at, right? Isn't that why Jake was always seen hanging with K'naan, JayZ and Kanye? Oh, and then there was that embarrassing pant leg thing.

Speaking of, where is that good friend of his, K'naan? Maybe the guy is touring or something. Well, I'm sure we'll get some more K'Jaan soon, what with the TIFF coming up and all.

Yea, I'm home, I'm home!!! So sad though to say goodbye to Lucy & Molly. Say goodbye to their house that I have been staying at for so many years now. I started blubbering all over the place, LOL! Geez. I'm glad their mama wasn't there. I've been watching them a looooooong time. Love my girls.

There they are!!! ----->

prairiegirl said...

Anyway, enough of that. I'm not picking on the movie itself - the movie sounds like it has a good story and it looks to me like Jake is quite good in it. I just notice that Jake takes on the colors of whatever movie project he's working on.

Take for example now the play - so far in a couple of interviews, he's throwing out the f-word just like his play character. So I look forward to more of the same. I guess it could be considered free publicity. Can't beat the price!

Jersey Tom said...

I did a visit over to Goldderby a couple days ago. I see no hint of any kind of buzz for awards for EOW. Not even in the darkhorse category. Doesnt mean it wont be good or make some money but it wont be great. Nothing in the acting categories either.

Twitter said...


Tomorrow is my first Triathlon. Please wish me luck. I need all your help and energy. @TriRockSeries

6:35 PM - 2 Sep 12 · Details

the real m said...

There have been a few publications hyping the fall movies to see and so far none that I've seen have mentioned EOW either. Maybe the budget is too small to be on their radar and no money to grease the publicity wheel. But I find it odd that it's not been mentioned anywhere yet. You could make a case that it's a summer movie since it opens the last day of, but it did not get mentioned in summer movies either.

prairiegirl said...

Wishing Austin the best of luck for safety and a personal triumph.

I'm very worried though as I see tomorrow's high in Austin TX is to be 101 degrees.

I hope to pete he has been seriously training for this and knows how to pace himself. That kind of heat is very dangerous and so now I'm going to be concerned.

I hope this thing starts early in the morning. It's going to be upper 70's in the morning, going into the mid 80's by 10 o'clock.

Be careful, buddy!! Listen to your body.

prairiegirl said...

It could be a sleeper. The dark horse. The diamond in the rough.

Never know!