Thursday, September 6, 2012

Soft, Hard, Hairy

Here is the latest interview with Jake courtesy of Extra

Ben Lyons talks to the LAPD officer who helped get Jake into shape and ready for his role as Officer Taylor.

No doubt he will be joining Jake and the rest of the cast when they premiere EOW this Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

And if you catch the beginning of the video, you will in fact hear Mario Lopez use the words Oscar buzz.  Guess we will have to wait and see.

Does shaving your head give you a little one up on the Oscar Race?   

And Jake?  Well he gets a little commentary in about his hair growing ability. 


destiny said...

LOLLLLL! Taylor is "working" around the school schedule of her 18-year old Kennedy boyfriend's schedule.

sass said...

And listening to her tell our boy "we are never ever getting back together" on VMA. Good Lord! Will she write about a love to y'all.

TV said...

Jake will be on Live with Kelly & Michael Thursday September 20.

the real m said...

Happy Birthday Roma, sorry I missed the actual day.

Hilarous about Swift. Michael called it right. The song was probably planned all along to aid the straightening of Jake and the timing was impeccable. Jake really needs some straight males to go see his movies and what better way to do it than have a nitwit be your beard. But have to say that interview with Lyons just undid the entire effort. Those two need to just get a room and get it over with. They cant stop smiling at each other. The sexual attraction is intense.

Special K said...

Thanks TV.

I can't wait to see Jake on with Michael Strahan.

This is gonna be good.

prairiegirl said...

Those two need to just get a room and get it over with. They cant stop smiling at each other. The sexual attraction is intense.

Who says they haven't or don't? The hard thing about some behavioral habits of humans, whether good or bad, is they're always underneath, lurking. When partners and spouses are apart, stress and frustration is high, anger builds or self esteem is low, that's when the voice of self-destructive behavior becomes louder and maybe overwhelming.

Take it however you wish but there's a thread on DL where a commmenter writes that Jake still has his non-discretionary (ha, I won't use the word they did) ways only he is doing it very, very quietly.

And why would he do it quietly? Because he has a husband now and if Austin found out, it probably wouldn't be a good thing. That would be a very good reason why.

I think we pride ourselves on OMG as being open to all kinds of rumors and agendas, analyzing them and doing our best to figure out if true or not. I'm not saying this is definitely true but it's out there and I'm taking notice.

I think Jake & Austin still have their legal binding and their family together but I'm not positive anymore about anything else. Jake is showing way too much disturbing darkness underneath the layers for me to keep brushing it aside.

I'm not saying I believe a lot of his public, professional behaviors & statements but the motive behind them is what is becoming irreversibly heartbreaking.

Happy TGIF, everyone.

destiny said...

How pathetic is it to sell a song like that on a what, a "relationship" that lasted a month. I caught her performance, and during it they flashed on Taylor Lautner, another one of Tay Tay's gay boys.

sass said...

I loved watching 1 Destination last night. Found out about them here... Frank Ocean should have used the violins that are on his album when he sang on stage, yet I still loved it.

Kevin Hart's comments, about Frank's discovery of his being Gay, were not funny at all. He has been funny at times...just not last night.