Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watching Watch

EoW is getting more and more buzz at it gets closer to it's premiere (Sept 8) and it's US release. (September 21)

More tweets, more talk and more TV for Jake.  - Mark your calendars Jake will be on the Today Show Friday, Sept 14th.
 New York Magazine's Culture Vulture predicts EoW "most likely to break out of the pack" of the small budget movies coming out this fall.

And EoW has been mentioned as a movie to be on the look at for at TIFF.

Speaking of the Toronto Film Festival,  EoW will premiere this Saturday September 8  9:45pm at the Princess of Wales theatre at the film festival. Jake will be joining director David Ayer as  well as his co-stars Anna Kendrick, Michael Pena and America Ferrera on the red carpet.  And don't be surprised if there are some of the real PD that Jake and Michael worked with, joining them that night.

Two more clips have been released including the newest TV spot (courtesy of ComingSoon.com)

and a clip about Officer Taylor's single life


TV said...

Jake will be a guest on the Anderson Cooper show "Anderson Live" some time next week.


the real m said...

I hope people dont have tickets for Sept 8 expecting to see jake in the play. That would be a real disappointment if a stand in shows up.

Not following a prior comment re Austin not attending the plays opening. It's still in previews for another 2 weeks or so last I heard.

So glad to hear Jake has some TV appearences lined up. I need to start setting up the recorder so I dont miss any.

Any Breaking Bad fans here? The season finale was terrific. I hate having to wait a year for the last 8 episodes but will rewatch season 4 and 5 to keep my self busy while they write the script.

Special K said...

Thanks TV. Can't wait to see Jake with Anderson. God help us if they both get a case of the giggles.

prairiegirl said...

LOL, that would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Happy Birthday today to Clarity!!! It's a great day to have cake!

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Clarity!!

Special K said...

Hey Jersey Tom, you okay? You got some wild weather last night.

Clarity said...

Thanks Pg and Special!

Special K said...

Great to see you Clarity!

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Birthday Clarity:-)

All is well in S.Jersey. Survived the tornado warnings. Sure has been some nasty storms though the last few days.

Awesome to hear that Jake is going on Anderson Cooper. I bet he makes an appearance on "Live with Kelly and Michael" also. That is live in NYC and Jake has been on the show before.

Special K said...

I saw this, this morning via the Boston Globe.

Mad Men and Rick Astley fans enjoy!

Mad Men Getting Rick Rolled

prairiegirl said...

You know, I would love to hear what people are thinking about this Tay song business and how it relates to Jake. Because you can't ignore this story right now. It's everywhere on the internet. Tay is everywhere. That song is at the top of the charts, it broke records on ITunes, she's interviewing, she's going to sing at the VMA's tomorrow.

The VMA's have become a pretty big deal now. And supposedly, she's supposed to sing this song, the one that now without a doubt, is about Jake.

Both of these celebrities, Tay & Jake work for the same agency. Because of the music video, there is no doubt that her song is about him. Joe Jonas quickly made a statement that hey, that song wasn't about him. Jake? He said nothing.

Who is benefitting from this? Is Jake being unfairly targeted? Is Tay behind all of this? Or did Jake have prior knowledge of what was going to go down? These are both very savvy show business people and nothing is done without prior calculation. Both of them.

Everyone knows this is ol' Tay's MO. This is how she sells records - she's a marketing machine. She plays the victim, makes the guys out to be the bad one. Poor, poor Tay.

But what about Jake? Does he benefit? Look at all of the internet mentions he is getting. The talk about him being the subject of this video is more viral today than it ever was. And look at the timing of this. Right before the release of End of Watch.

He was the dump-er. He was the "bad" guy, kind of the image that may go hand in hand with being a bada** cop.

What is puzzling to me is this whole nonsense happened a year and a half ago. Why is it being drummed up all over again? Wasn't the disaster of Jake & Tay very damaging to Jake's career? I thought it seemed by moving to WM that Jake was distancing himself from some of that past nonsense. But here we go again. We're seeing some of the same eye rollers with WM that we saw with CAA. If you don't believe that, all you have to do is check out WM's trolls who reside here 24/7.

Or is it all about Tay just selling records? Why wouldn't Jake have made it a point in the bearding contract that there would not be a campaign like this once the fauxmance was done? Or could he have done something like that?

And why are Jake & Austin digging themselves deeper and deeper in to the closet with this kind of nonsense? Would Tay really have released that video if she knew there were future plans for the 2 guys to come out? I don't think she would. She would look like a fool.,

I honestly do not have a tilting opinion either way right now on this - 1/2 of me says she's immature and does this kind of thing plus she is all about marketing and publicity for herself. But the other 1/2 of me says because Jake is so silent, because it's just before that movie EOW and the publicity from this song has his name all over the internet as a "heartbreaker", I can see how he benefits.

This EOW has really, really shoved Jake and Austin deep into the closet, visibly beginning with the middle of Berlinale when Jake possibly found out that EOW had its financial backer. Because it was only days after the end of Berlinale that the formal announcement was made about the backer, followed by Ayer's proclamation that he was adding an intravenous feed of all types of blood to the film.

Did Jake know this whole Tay business was coming? Or is he being humiliated by all of this?

Sorry for the off kilter rambling. I'm not very good at putting together a well flowing comment when I have all kinds of stuff going through my head.

prairiegirl said...

I think I repeated myself several times up there, sorry about that.

Interesting that I saw End of Watch advertised on ESPN. What does that tell ya?

prairiegirl said...

I guess what is really bugging me is the fact that Taylor put out this video which so obviously is supposed to nail Jake. Why would she do that if only to be humiliated later by the possible public revelation that Jake is gay? What woman would set herself up like that?

Or is Tay really this conniving and self-absorbed? Very possibly, lol.

I don't know. I reckon we'll see at some point. It will reveal itself. I'm not trying to start an argument. I myself am not firm either way. I don't think any of us can say we know for sure. So I don't see any harm in throwing out opinions and speculative thoughts. That's what a blog is for.

Methodical Muser said...

...intravenous feed of all types of blood to the film.

Beautifully phrased, PG!!!

If End of Watch was not about to be released in almost three weeks, I might lean toward this all being about Tay Tay and Jake just being a hapless victim to promote her new album and create some buzz for the VMAs.

However, when have we ever known Jake to be an innocent when it comes to selling himself as Mr. Heterosexual? And, that's what that video and song have been doing. It's gone viral on Twitter. The Breakup Story is everywhere on the Internet. Jake has been repackaging himself as a bad boy since the Shoes video in March so him being a cruel BF who dumped a sweet, ice cream licking, virtuous sweetheart falls right into that image that he wants so badly to project. So yeah, it's not hard for me to believe that he's involved some how because he benefits by being viewed as a player and maybe that might bring in some male ticket holders who used to think of him as a Bubble Boy dork.

He gets to just sit back and let Taylor do the dirty work. He doesn't have to do one photo op, or hangout at Starbucks. He stays silent and goes about his business, not saying a word, but getting the "Lothario" press he desires without lifting a single finger.

Special K said...

Sorry this Reeke's so much of Taylors M.O. this is all her using everything in her bag of tricks. Because making Jake the big meanie who dumped her doesn't really get him much good will, especially from female movie goers. Is that who they need to follow Jake?