Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the Beat

Jake was on Live with Kelly & Michael today, and talked about both the play and the EoW.  (With a little dancing thrown in - the EoW clip that is)

It's been a long week for Jake starting in LA and ending in NY.  While he looked more worse for wear in the beginning  Jake is looking better as the week  goes on.

 On Kelly and Michael he got a great reception from the audience
 had some great hair for the interview
showed  off that Yillenhoolahay charm.

Check it out

Jake rounded out today with the official opening night of "If There is"

Tomorrow will be another Jake-ful day with his pre-taped interview on Anderson Cooper's show.

Award duty at the ALMA awards

And a visit with Jimmy Fallon

Can we hope he does a 3-fer and dons the banana suit and shakes it up one more time?

And EoW opens.

Whew ---what a week Jake!

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Friday, September 21st, 2012 

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2012 ALMA Awards
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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
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Thursday, September 27th, 2012 

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Seaweed said...

Well F*ck !

I just had a nice long-winded Piratesque rant about Austin and Jake and it got eaten up by Blogger over the change and I'm too damned lazy to do it over again.

Hate it when that happens!!

Arrrrrrr, hoist the Jolly Roger and head for the open sea, I'll be aft on the poop deck.

Special K said...

I'm sorry Seaweed!

Seaweed said...

I'll get over it Special...

Still havin fun imagining those two as pirates. lol

Special K said...

I am sure it involves someone shivering one's timbers, and going for some pirate booty.

POV said...

After reading, hearing and watching all the (many) new interviews with Jake up to now, I have only positive things to say about him. I’ve never seen him as confident, calm, articulate and eloquent in his public speaking. He is very precise in his answers and replied to every question without hesitation no matter what’s the subject is about or the context of the interview. Far different from his constantly joking, evasive, babbling and not saying anything in particular that he was in the past. It’s a notorious change and he seems much more mature, assertive and in command now. In the clips from the play and the movie, his performances look wonderful. He is at the top of his talent as an actor.
I think the EOW marketing campaign has been great. It was aggressive, proactive and they covered general audience and particular target audiences for the movie, so I hope it’s effective and the film is a success at the box office. Jake never promoted a film as much as he is doing now doing a million interviews, while working in the play at the same time. I hope the film is a success. It has mostly excellent reviews.
Looking forward to seeing the direction he takes next.

the real m said...

Good point POV. I have not watched all the interviews since work has been insanely busy the last week, but of the few I've seen he's been relaxed and totally lucent. Gone are the rambling incomprehensible sentances, though he is saying "you know" every other word. I attribute it to the no bearding lifestyle he has adopted. He may not be squiring Austin on his arm, but we dont see him pretening he's with a woman either. He's not out, but he's not in either.

review said...

Because the found footage approach means we're embedded with Taylor and Zavala for the duration for the movie, End of Watch hinges on us enjoying our extended ride-along with these guys. Fortunately, Gyllenhaal and Peña are on point from the first scene, playing off each other as if they've been friends for decades and capturing these guys' mixture of charm and cockiness without ever turning obnoxious. I was particularly impressed by Gyllenhaal, who has displayed more personality and charisma in his past two movies (Source Code and this one) than the entirety of his now two-decade career.


Cops said...


New York cops are hailing a new gritty police flick as a dead ringer for their lives on the beat.

Director David Ayer's "End of Watch," which opens Friday, delivers a crush of car chases, gun battles and Mexican drug cartels that few of New York's Finest will ever face.

But cops said the film, set in South Central Los Angeles, also captures the banter, brotherhood and daily grind of the gig that's rarely conveyed on screen.

"It's disturbingly real," said former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton. "It's one of the first movies that accurately depicts the professionalism, expertise and camaraderie of cops of this era."

NY Daily News

Special K said...

Great point POV. It is a huge difference than his interviews the past five years. It seems like he is less distracted, like he is juggling all the different stories he needs to remember. Perhaps as it is as how M said, "He's not out, but he's not in either."

Special K said...

This is funny, Jake talking to MTV, who ask about the Art of Growing a Grizzly Man Beard.

Jake Explains the Art of Growing Grizzly Man Bears

new Jake said...

about the play yesterday: video interview

missing said...

Where is PG? On vacation?

Uh oh said...

Oh, Lainey. Can we expect to see more little PR plants here and there about Jake and Jessica Chastain? And yes, there's very much something in it for Jessica, who at the age of 31 (or is it 35? Those pesky high school yearbooks don't lie) has curiously never been linked with a man.

I gotta ask... said...

Why does Lainey cover for Jake, but she doesn't hold back on anyone else?
She's not shy about calling out other closet cases, BIG NAMES, like George Clooney, Matt Damon, WIll Smith, Tom Cruise, John Travolta. And lesser names like Alexander Skarsgard, Zac Efron, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Chase Crawford, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Kelan Lutz and many more. But Jake G. she helps out? Why?

Businessweek said...

Gyllenhaal Sizzles in Stormy 'If There is'

It’s raining buckets onstage in Nick Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

No amount of slosh can dampen Jake Gyllenhaal’s U.S. stage debut as a foul-mouth prodigal who wreaks havoc on his brother’s troubled home. It’s a free-wheeling performance of high comic energy and rude bombast unmatched since Mark Rylance masticated the scenery in another British import, “Jerusalem.”

Like that play, “If There Is” has a ramshackle plot and a lot on its mind, the disparate elements of which float maddeningly in and out of view over the course of one long act.

Gyllenhaal plays Terry, the smart but lethally unfocused boy-man (he’s not yet 30) who arrives unannounced at the suburban British home of his older brother George, an environmental activist; Fiona, George’s neglected schoolteacher wife, and Anna, their fat 15-year-old daughter, a bully target with an understandably morose disposition.

When he arrives, Anna (Annie Funke, fearless and arresting) has just been suspended from school for head-butting one of her tormentors. Meeting her in the kitchen after a long absence, the uncle launches into the tale of a recent sexual encounter, followed by a heartfelt if somewhat poorly timed peroration on the comparative desirability of “fat birds” (pro) versus “skinny birds” (con).
Any Day

Any day now, Terry assures her, Anna will wake up and realize she’s beautiful. She’s not buying it, but a complicated, tenuous bond between them grows as her parents (Brian F. O’Byrne and Michelle Gomez, both very fine) -- entertainingly, if less persuasively, drawn -- spin further out in their own orbits.

The play’s two constants are the sense of danger Terry adds to the family mix, and the theme of destruction that weaves parlously between the family and George’s doomsday prophesizing. They’re embodied by Beowulf Boritt’s drenching set, which begins as a pile of furniture at center stage.

The characters take out chunks of it -- a desk, a bed, a couch -- for a given scene before tossing, kicking or otherwise launching it into the trough of water that extends across the stage lip. (You really don’t want to be sitting in the first few rows). These people wreck everything in sight.

The statement seems to be that our emotional imprint is as fraught and damning as our carbon footprint. “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” ends with a soggy coup-de-theatre that drives this point home.

Like Anna, I’m not necessarily buying it. Getting there, on the other hand, has been one long strange trip.

Through Nov. 25 at the Roundabout/Laura Pels Theatre, 111 W. 46th St. Information: +1-212-719-1300; Rating: ***1/2

AUS10 said...

Space Shuttle. Sick. ---------->

12:14 PM - 21 Sep 12

Anonymous said...

Nice to heaar that Jake seems more relaxed. Had a great day in maime. Jersey. tom

Anonymous said...

On vacation in Maine. Saw the Bush compound in Kennebunkport today. very impressive. Jersey Tom.