Friday, October 31, 2014

Costume Friday

What happens with Halloween falls on an Austin Friday?

A look back at Austin in costume:

And because Jake was such a cutie and wasn't trapped in box or white spandex one Halloween

It might not had been Halloween for this Mad Hatter but who wouldn't give him some candy.


Special K said...

It looks like Nightcrawler will take the Box Office this weekend.

Special K said...

Box Office Mojo is reporting Ouji took Friday's box office but Nightcrawler will take the weekend.

"Friday Report: 'Ouija' Scares Off 'Nightcrawler' on Halloween

by Ray Subers

November 1, 2014

Distracted by trick-or-treating and other assorted Halloween celebrations, moviegoers largely stayed away from theaters on Friday.

Supernatural horror movie Ouija held on to first place ahead of Nightcrawler, though those positions will likely switch by the end of the weekend.

Meanwhile, Before I Go To Sleep and Saw 10th Anniversary both bombed outside the Top 10.

Ouija added $3.5 million on Friday, which was off 58 percent from its opening day. That's a surprising strong hold: the last time Halloween fell on a Friday, Saw V dropped 78 percent.

Horror movies tend to play well on Halloween, so Ouija isn't going to hold up as well as the rest of the field through the weekend. Look for a three-day tally in the $10-to-$11 million range.

Playing at 2,766 theaters, Nightcrawler opened to a solid $3.2 million on Friday. That's not on par with End of Watch ($4.6 million) or Drive (2011) ($4 million), though neither of those were competing with Halloween. For the weekend, Nightcrawler will likely wind up with $13 to $14 million (ahead of Drive and close to End of Watch)"

Box Office Mojo

prairiegirl said...

Like that picture of Austin in those round reddish glasses. I've not seen that picture before.

And that bottom picture of Jake in the orange striped shirt is always a favorite of mine. He was an adorable kid.

Twitter said...

Frank Sinatra (@JGarcia_55)
11/1/14, 20:47

Wtf Jake Gylenhall was in IV a little bit ago I always miss the celebrities here ��

Location: Isla Vista, CA community near Santa Barbara.

#IsThisABoom ?

Methodical Muser said...

Interesting sighting. To supply a little geography lesson, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is only 4 miles from the center of Isla Vista, CA. Sounds like the perfect place if you need a fast getaway.

We also know that both guys are water babies. And it's right by the ocean.


prairiegirl said...

This is hilarious. I love it when Jake "bristles".

Jake Gyllenhaal Deals With ‘Absurd’ Taylor Swift Questions

Jake Gyllenhaal is known as one of this generation’s most accomplished serious actors of his time, so when he hit the red carpet to promote his new hit Nightcrawler, he didn”t exactly want to deal with “absurd” Taylor Swift questions from journalists.

If you blinked and missed it, Jake Gyllenhaal dated singer Taylor Swift for a few months in 2010. Swift wrote a few songs about her heartbreak from Gyllenhaal on her album Red, which sold a ton of copies. More publicity surrounded Swift’s heartbreak over Gyllenhaal than their actual relationship.

As it just so happens at the same time Gyllenhaal is promoting Nightcrawler, Swift is promoting her new album 1989, which probably won’t have any ode to Gyllenhaal songs, but apparently this has given some journalists enough cause to ask Jake about his relationship with Taylor Swift.

According to the New York Daily News, Gyllenhaal wasn’t having to at the New York premiere of Nightcrawler. When asked if he had picked up on any subtle references in Taylor’s newest album, he immediately snapped, “Your questions are absurd.” According to the report, his publicist let out an exaggerated gasp and moved Jake on to the next reporter.

According to WWD, “A few feet down, another reporter brought up Taylor Swift, who had released her poppy new album “1989,” earlier that day. The actor bristled, staring blankly at the reporter for a moment before sidestepping to the next one.”

Later on Gyllenhaal expressed his thoughts on where morals should come in for journalists, in reference to his new film Nightcrawler, where he plays a video journalist that goes over the line many times.

“It’s always the question: journalistic integrity, journalistic responsibility, telling a story. How do you tell your story truthfully, honestly, in detail, and when do you intervene?”

Although he had to deal with absurd questions about Taylor Swift, it seemed like he had a good time at the premiere. Jake posed on the red carpet with Beyonce and Jay Z and was in good spirits.

For more, read at:
C'mon Jake, don't bristle

Methodical Muser said...

"He immediately snapped, “Your questions are absurd.

LOLLLLLLLLLLL! Absurd? Who talks that way? In comparison a reporter recently asked Harry Styles if he had heard Taylor Swift's new album and he simply said that he hadn't. But, heard that it was good. It's pretty bad when a 20 year old guy has more poise and equanimity than a nearly 34 year old man. Or, should I write, man/child.

Special K said...

Jake has never spoken badly about anyone publicly. So I guess he has chosen not to say anything and not create more for Taylor to play off of in the press.

It is as ridiculous for reporters to bring up her up to him, as for her to build her career on songs about fake relationships she's never had.

prairiegirl said...

It is ridiculous, but here's the difference.

If Jake wants to sell a "legitimate" relationship (US Weekly cover of that Thanksgiving weekend), then he needs to be prepared for "legitimate" questions about those "legitimate" relationships.

prairiegirl said...

This is another interesting account of that red carpet NYC premiere. I have one thing to say and that is Jake better watch himself. Because to be compared to Gwyneth Paltrow's iciness is absolutely not a compliment. If Jake wants to endear himself as a "member" of the New York City community, he better start treating their press with politeness and respect. The following article is not complimentary in the least and it this is not the Jake we are accustomed to seeing. I don't get this at all.

prairiegirl said...

Jake Gyllenhaal's a tough act to follow, at least on the red carpet, at 'Nightcrawler' premiere

New York Daily News
Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 2:00 AM

Jake Gyllenhaal rolled up his sleeves to play a hard-hitting journalist in his new movie “Nightcrawler,” but he had no patience for real reporters at the film’s Monday night premiere at the 68th St. AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater. It’s possible, though, that he just needed a sandwich.
After his castmates told us they were amazed by Gyllenhaal’s willingness to starve himself for the role, we asked the actor, 33, if he was privy to any euphoric visions during his fast?

“Really, man?” the “Donnie Darko” star responded with the self-importance of a columnist for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

We then asked Gyllenhaal if he noticed any subtle references to him in Taylor Swift’s new hit album, considering they once dated and she famously writes about ex-boyfriends.
“Your questions are absurd,” Gyllenhaal snapped before his equally joyless flack let out a dramatic gasp, shook her head, and pulled her meal ticket out of harm’s way.

Later there were slight traces of a smile when Jay Z and BeyoncĂ© joined Gyllenhaal on the red carpet. Of course, jokeless Jake isn’t exactly known for his sense of humor.

Since starting his career with a role in “City Slickers,” he’s piled up a list of hits, including serial-killer thriller “Zodiac,” the tragic romance “Brokeback Mountain” and war film “Jarhead.”

“Nightcrawler” director Dan Gilroy talked to us about the actor’s choosing to starve himself for the film.

“That weight loss, what I didn’t fully understand when he was doing it ... it wasn’t just transformative physically,” he said. Gilroy said the actor’s emaciation was a metaphor for his character’s hunger for success.

“I did not plan on it. I was blown away,” Gilroy said.

It doesn’t sound like Gyllenhaal’s co-star Bill Paxton would have minded if not-so-jolly Jake had eaten a popsicle or two.

“We would say hello and we’d exchange pleasantries, but once we were shooting, he would stay in his bubble,” said Paxton. “I get it. He had to lose weight, he was hungry all the time.”

Sounds like every actress in Hollywood.

In the event standup comedy doesn’t work out for Gyllenhaal, “Nightcrawler” actress Rene Russo thinks he’d be a good filmmaker.

“After working with him, he would be a really good director because we would talk about it,” she said.

Russo found an easy and effective way to work with the hungry Gyllenhaal.

“I totally stayed out of his way,” Russo said, adding that “he’s cool” and “really smart.”

A real jokester, too.

Jake on the NYC premiere red carpet

For the record said...

Remember the reporter in Berlin? Asking Jake about how he feels to be with big hitters? Jake didn't like that either. At the time I thought it was out of line. But, maybe it's because reporters are so used to Jake being protected that the first chance they get at an unscripted moment they like to take advantage of it. Can't really blame them.

prairiegirl said...

This is classic. So after we post that Cali tweet sighting of Jake, guess what appears on Twitter less than 20 minutes ago?

UndefeatedChubby1200 ‏@DjChubbESwagg 19m19 minutes ago

Just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal in soho
12:06 PM - 2 Nov 2014 · Details

How easy is that

lol. Fisher Price, fellas. Fisher Price.

Methodical Muser said...

“[Jake] is cool” and “really smart.”

Really? Just not smart enough to respond to a simple question in a calm, confident and skillful manner.

Methodical Muser said...

No sightings of Jake in NY, but once we put up the California tweet, here comes the obligatory walked by Jake in Soho. That means we should be getting some Austin action soon. Can't wait.

541 said...

With all due respect, previous Isla Vista tweet doesn't put an exact date on when Jake was there other than "a little bit ago". Which would mean 5 minutes ago or 5 weeks ago. We really don't know.

Methodical Muser said...

To be fair, the Isla Vista tweet was posted Saturday night and the person indicated that Jake Gylenhall was in IV a little bit ago.

Idiomatic phrase/Common Usage: A little bit means a short amount of time. Otherwise, they would have typed, "quite a bit ago."

Think of a bit, and how a "bit" is generally used as a noun that is very small. Now think of a bit that is little. Something that is already very small, smaller. A little bit.

English 101 said...

I have to laugh at the ridiculous excuse that a little bit could have meant any date. People use that phrase when something has just happened. I would say the odds are the tweeter was talking about very recently. Certainly that day.

You know PR is upset when that's the best they can do.

prairiegirl said...

5 weeks ago? LOL!

Because I know I always tweet about someone I saw 5 weeks ago on Twitter, as someone who owns a Twitter and you know, I don't even like posting something 24 hrs later, let alone 5 weeks later.

With all due respect, that's really grasping at straws. Looks to me like Jake just might have gotten caught.


prairiegirl said...

And you know, while we're at it, let's also talk about how Austin hasn't been seen or heard from since the Austin Filmfest. He tweeted a picture of the audience in Austin but we've not had a picture of Austin since New York City, which was what, two weeks ago???

He's not "DM'ing", he's not wishing fans happy birthday, he literally disappeared off of the radar.

As did Jake since the NYC premiere. Sounds to me like some Trick or Treating fam time.

prairiegirl said...

Tut tut, the paid troll better get busy planting those NYC bumping-into-Jake and "life made" tweets.

Hey Destiny, we're playing the Jets today! I just realized this when I turned the game on.