Friday, October 10, 2014


 Whether John was an alien or a spiritual being,  Milch created scenes that showed an ethereal aura of light around John.

 Milch loved using light with Austin

He treated John like a heavenly body,  and with a body that heavenly you can see why.


Twitter said...

Ben Siemon (@BenjaminJS)
10/12/14, 00:44

Happy Coming Out Day, Jake Gyllenhaal! So proud that you found the strength to finally accept who you are*

*in that dream I had last night.

Seaweed said...

Oh my hormones...

John from Cincinnati does it for me again and again, and again. It's interesting to delve into the methods of directing and capturing these performances and making them into something with plenty of nuance.

Greetings everyone !

Methodical Muser said...

Well, October 11th is certainly a perfect day to tweet your Coming Out wish:

Ben's [Siemon] credits also include the film Freak Dance, playing a killer chicken's wife in "Thankskilling 3," crudely impersonating celebrity voices in the 2009 MTV animated show "Popzilla", and writing for, where his articles have been featured by the Huffington Post and Andrew Sullivan. He'd love for you to follow him on Twitter @benjaminjs and arrange him a date with Jake Gyllenhaal, if you have connections.

Methodical Muser said...

December 1, 1976-October 12, 1998

Never Forget Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard’s parents: Why we didn’t push for the death penalty for our son’s killers