Friday, October 24, 2014

A Little Inception? Droste tell

Austin in Austin at Austin Film Fest on Austin Friday

Is it an Inception or the Droste Effect?

First screening . The Last 5 Years. With Anna Kendrick. Directed by Richard LaGravanese. - AUS10

 First Jay Duplass panel. Now Cary Fukinaga. So many smart and funny filmmakers. FILMBONER - AUS10

Hmmm wonder how Austin know Anna K?

Austin's film Stroker will be screening at  the film festival as well Austin taking part of the live reading of Flarsky.

Hope he has some time to get some of that bbq, queso and Mexican martinis.


AUS10 said...

My film Stroker screened lasnite in Austin, TX @austinfilmfest. Sold out. Great response. Next screening is Monday night.

prairiegirl said...

That does not even sound like Austin at. all.

Can't they find an intern who can sound remotely like Austin?

prairiegirl said...

How well does this work out? Austin gets a filming in Austin and so he can watch the kids there while Jake works on promo?

Works out perfectly.

prairiegirl said...

So my boys are in the Chi Town for a convention this weekend and had a date night last night.

They ran into this guy in Wicker Park and the guy told them he was looking for Zac Efron and Jared joked, "Isn't everybody?"

LOLLLL!! I so love Jared.