Monday, October 6, 2014

Busy G

After Saturday's respite for Yom Kippor ,  Jake was a busy bee since.

Sunday night  found him at a special screening of  Nightcrawler during the 2014 New York Film Festival. Many in the news business came to watch the movie about the dark side of the after hours freelance news business in LA.

And with a grin no less.

Nightcrawler continues garner great reviews for Jake's performance. 

Then today Jake was back to filming Demolition this time at Coney Island.

These coveralls look a little different than on Austin.

This is why I'm usually on his shoulders.

And rounding out the night, Jake attended the Academy of Motion Picture's party for new members.


Seaweed said...

Wow... who would have thought, the director of Crash, Paul Haggis, the injustice that shut out BBM for the Oscar a short seven years ago.

I wonder if Jake and Paul exchanged any views or thoughts on that, and amazed that there isn't any commentary yet on this!

Seaweed said...

So much goodness here as well... lots of legs, and Tom I'd guess you'd also be admiring a set of clenched butt muscles. Gotta love that long legged Texan!

Florida Tom said...

Oh God I still cringe at the thought of what an awful thing the Academy members did. It was hateful. They always should be ashamed for what they did Seaweed.

Yes I love the long legs of Mr. Nichols. He also sure does have a cute butt. Love that picture of him standing sideways in the wet suit.

Florida Tom said...

Looks pretty definite that there will soon 30 states with marriage equality :)))))))

Seaweed said...

Tom, did I ever confess that I sat in the same classes with Mr. Haggis in high school?

And I still cringe at the thought of how those strange old bastards shut BBM out of the Best Picture Oscar.

Special K said...

Wow Seaweed!! That's something.

Repost from JJ said...

Comment from Just Jared thread about Jake: "Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Naomi Watts the Wildest Piggy Back Ride Ever"

# 67
realitycheck @ 10/06/2014 at 10:43 pm

Many people think Jake is gay because he is. Do you actually think there are no leading men who are gay in Hollywood? Funny, how Hollywood makes you think that is the case.

And, nobody thinks Jake is gay because they can’t have him. What kind of pop psychology lunacy is that. Jake is so deep in the closet, he can’t hang his clothes in there any more. Pay attention to Jake’s publicity machine and you will see patterns pretty darn quickly. I also have two words for you: Taylor Swift (the beard for the stars). Enuf said.
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Special K said...

No wonder you recognized him Seaweed.

As for those Austin pictures - let's say I know my audience. :D

Seaweed said...

ALWAYS lovin the Austin pictures Special.

I'm still really surprised that none of the media drew the line between Jake's and Paul's career in terms of the BBM loss of the Oscar to Crash. To me it just seems so obvious.

In spite of Paul Haggis' success with his screenwriting and directing I'm most impressed with his sense of humanity that comes through in his interviews. He has a gay daughter and has taken a massive stand against the Church of Scientology that has tuned his world inside out.

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

Jake would sell one of his kids to get that 5th Oscar nom spot. Expect Jake to be in California a lot till Oscars time.

Florida Tom said...

Funny how things turn around. BBM made Jake very famous and seem to bring joy to his life. Now the man who benefited from hatred is an Advocate and hero and Jake has turned his back. Life is funny and people are complicated.

Seaweed said...

Tom, I hadn't really thought of it in those terms, but I think you make an excellent point. There is a great deal of irony in all this.

..... and I'll always love Austin's butt, that's just fact!