Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeping up Appearances

While Jake is doing double duty while promoting Nightcrawler.

Working so much, he's having trouble with his trousers.


the real m said...

My husband is thrilled with the Giants win. Exciting game, and I am not a regular Baseball fan. But that was a good one.

Rotten Tomatoes is showing very high scores for Jakes new movie. Very happy for him. I hope the box office looks OK. Not sure why they picked Halloween night to open. I think they were originally set for a week earlier but moved it.

I know I just got back home from a month out of the country, but I have a real urge to visit Manhattan. So many good shows playing on Broadway at the moment. Do we know the dates for Jake's play yet?

the real m said...

PG, I forgot to mention that I started watching The Gilmore Girls on netflix. I had missed the first couple of seasons when it was on TV. Jared was in the first pilot episode! He looked so young, but still very handsome. I have only viewed 3 episodes so far so not sure if he will surface again or not.

prairiegirl said...

Hi m!, Congrats to you and M & M on the Giants win. I was soooo sad, it kind of hurt a bit. I developed a mad fancy on #35 Eric Hosmer!! He reminded me of Jared with his crazy grin and that hair.

You know, I'm not sure how long Jared was on Gilmore Girls but yeah, he was but a wee babe on it. Jared has been gorgeous since he was in his teens. He's just - exquisite. He is a mix of wild man and sass and gentleman and child. He's so unique and when he is working out, he is allllll umpf. ugh.

He and Jensen really are so extraordinary.They're in the closet but yet they slip up so often and sometimes they just let it all hang out. They aren't afraid now to be seen out together on dinner dates and so many touches and looks and words shared between them all captured on film and I'll share some of my absolute favorite vids just in case any of you wish to see them. They really are quite excellent videos and I bet Seaweed & Tom would like to see the eye candy because these 2 guys are stunning together.

prairiegirl said...

This one is my absolute favorite:

Something Right

Probably my next favorite:

Or maybe this is my 2nd favorite! A beautiful acoustic Without Words I love that one too.

I was going to pick another one of Padackles4ever91's because she's so awesome, but this one has some different clips in it and I like the song, too. Domino

Bonus if you can't get enough: When You Need Me The Most

So many people comment that they would love to have a relationship like what these 2 have. They're not only both gorgeous to look at, they're so funny together and they will defend each other if another fan gets mean. Look at how often they are in sync with their movements and all of the looks in their eyes in these vids and there is no denial they have been in love w/each other for a very long time.

It's too bad that Jake & Austin only shared those Laker photos. Jared & Jensen have a wonderful video album that they have been generous and brave enough to share with the world.

prairiegirl said...

oh no, I messed up!!! My link for "Without Words" was wrong. Here it is:

Without Words

And since I'm annoyingly here again, another bonus!!!!
Don't ever let it end

ha ha ha, couldn't help it. Don't mind me. I just get carried away with these 2.

Seaweed said...

I'm grooving to your obsession PG, can see it clearly and do appreciate the beauty of it all.

Seaweed said...

Almost forgot... Congrats to the Giants ! !