Sunday, October 26, 2014

I screen, You screen, He screens, They all scream

It's one thing to talk about your movie with reporters

but Jake went to talk about the movie with moviegoers

Jake Gyllenhaal surprised tonight's early screenings in Boston & Philly. Who's next? Tag photos ! - SeeNIGHTCRAWLER

Movie goers when for the early screenings of the movie, but no one expected Jake and Dan Gilroy to be there. 

Be on the look out for Jake and Dan to be doing some more Nightcrawling as the movie opens next Friday.

Check more adventures of Nightcrawling on Nightcrawler's official twitter

Jake sat down with Good Morning America
Check out the video here

And Jake is coming back to The Tonight Show, after almost 8 years Jake is returning to The Tonight Show.

MediaCrawler Tour:

Oct 29 The Ellen Degeneres Show,  check local listings for time and channel
             The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,  NBC, 11:35pm EDT

Oct 30: Conan  TBS,  11:00pm


Special K said...

It looks Jake ended up in DC last night walking into a theater in Georgtown.

But no more random pop ups for Jake.

Unfortunately, the Jake Gyllenhaal selfie tour has come to an end, but you can see him in #NightcrawlerMovie FRIDAY:

prairiegirl said...

Watching all the "Selfie & Snack Bar 2014 promo tour" yesterday on Twitter, I likened it to watching a politician during the last week of elections.

They're everywhere, kissing babies, shaking hands and handing out pamphlets and buttons.

That was Jake. No one can deny that he doesn't go all out promoting his movies. He works hard.

But the thing is - this "man of the people" thing he was doing is so out of character now for him. I'm sorry, but it is. For the last several years, he has done everything to discourage people from bothering him. Earbuds in place, nose in a book. Running to cabs and limos. Bodyguards to shield him from questions and anything Prince of Persia.

"No thank you, not today" when people have asked for pictures. Over. And over. And over. And over again.

But yesterday? He was Jamie Randall. Jake became Jamie Randall - he knows that role, doesn't he? Had it down pat and so that's who he became.

Jamie Randall.

missing all the social cues said...

You obviously can't tell work time from down time can you?

the real m said...

We can tell work time from down time. The point is that everyone can tell that its just for show. A subtle turn off that permeates everything Jake does. He has a lot riding on this film. Fingers crossed it performs well.

prairiegirl said...

You obviously can't tell work time from down time

And you obviously cannot read.

I repeat - Jake became Jamie Randall.