Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hunger Gains

Louis Bloom is hungry and on the hunt.

First hungry for the job

Then hungry for stories for the job he made.


Methodical Muser said...

Speaking of Family Tile, I came across a very interesting tweet on Friday afternoon…interestingly enough on BT’s 7th Birthday:

Chris Hanna (@Chris_Hanna)
10/17/14, 21:11

Lou Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal's character in the great Nightcrawler, is on LinkedIn:

Being the curious sort, I looked up the profile to see what kind of marketing campaign had been developed for the movie and found some fascinating reading material. Not the bio, of course, because that was just typical PR pablum gruel. But, the “Also viewed” category was quite revealing in a, “Whoa, where did this person come from?” kind of way. Because besides the usual publicity and pedestrian marketing presence, one outlier participant stood out like a sprig of asparagus in a corn patch. Or, a pink polka-dotted tutu on a Pitbull. Then again, when you think about it for a moment, given Jake and Austin's own personal needs (and I’m not talking about frilly attire here), the individual listed didn’t seem all that mysterious in the grand scheme of things. Family Doctor. Toronto. Medical Practice. Sounds a little reminiscent of the Beverly Centre, doesn’t it? Particularly, since Jake has been seen more than a few times in Toronto since he signed with WME in 2012.

Jessica Bortnick
Family Doctor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Medical Practice

What’s even more intriguing is that once up, the LinkedIn account didn’t take long to be deleted. In fact, the page disappeared not too long after the career profile was posted. Seems strange when so much work had been put into the Lou Bloom persona and this “professional” account was built up to be a key aspect of publicizing the movie, which isn’t going to be released for another couple of weeks.

There was even a companion article published Friday on Indiewire that discussed the expansive social networking campaign of the movie, including the use of Facebook. Funny thing is though that Lou Bloom’s Twitter account is still up. So is Nightcrawler’s FB link. But, LinkedIn and Family Dr. Jessica Bortnick from Toronto, Canada is long gone. Go figure.

LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts for Lou Bloom

prairiegirl said...

That's intriguing to say the least. Toronto isn't that far off from NYC, is it????

I tell you what, we here on OMG are very familiar with tweets, FB and whatnot being "taken down", aren't we? We've seen it before and we're used to it.

Apparently, in the Supernatural fandom, not so much. If I so much as try to point out something on a popular Supernatural blog in reference to a social media item that I doubt the legitimacy of, I am viciously verbally attacked. You would think I was pointing out there was no more Santa Claus to a bunch of 5 year olds.

Yeah well, myself and my partner in crime (you know who) nailed J2's Mgmnt's asses on a photoshopped twitter pic and guess what happened, about 48 hours after the question was raised? The tweet and pic was taken down.

BWAH!!!! Oh, they were not happy. Not happy at all.

Totally fascinating, you guys. Jake and Austin and WME aren't the only ones trying to pull the occasional wool over fans' eyes. Nor is Modest Management. And it so helps to have had this experience because when you see this stuff happen with other closeted actors, you recognize it right away.

Methodical Muser said...

Another interesting tie in to this marketing campaign, is that the very first time the LinkedIn career-base site was used to promote a movie was with a Harvey Weinstein production in 2013. Looks like Jake might have been given some promotional advice. Someone forgot to tell Jessica.

The Butler

Special K said...

Did anyone else notice that the address in the second picture is Mountain View, CA.

Now who "lives" in Mountain View, CA?