Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wet, Slutty, and Scared

For Nightcrawler Jake got wet,slutty and a little scared.

On his return to The Tonight Show, Jake and Jimmy had a Water War.

They also talked about Jake on Broadway.
And then from a pretaped interview (done a couple weeks ago from the hair and the beard) Jake talks about getting slutty as a part of Halloween costume discussions, which include several of his father's Halloween costume creations, and for some reason white spandex.

Jake backstage at Conan.

And it's too good not to give it's own clip.  Jake getting scared on Ellen

With all the tricks - here's the treat.  Nightcrawler was certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes with a 96% from all critics and 94% from the top critics. -Rotten Tomatoes

A little 'crawler catch up:

With Nightcrawler opening in the US this weekend, there have been tons of articles and interviews.  To help everyone catch up here are links to just some of the many out there, please share those others you find:

Jake did a Reddit Q&A where he interacted with fans online - Reddit

Nightcrawler Exclusive: Jake Gyllenhaal on Past & Future “Colliding” - Movies and Cinema

Jake talking to the Chicago Tribune about becoming a creature of the night - Chicago Tribune

The Esquire UK's Film of the Week: Nightcrawler - Esquire UK

Jake's interview as part of the Producer's Guild NY event - Deadline

Jake on Good Morning America - video

Jake talking about why he wanted to produce movies and how he may direct one day with Indie Wire -  Indie Wire

His life changed and so did his career. According to the Huffington Post

And Jake spooked by social media?
That's what this article says - Belfast Telegraph

Jake will also be a part of The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable Interviews
An eclectic group of eight distinguished filmmakers who did celebrated work on independent films in 2014 will appear on the AFI Fest’s inaugural Indie Contenders Roundtable, on Nov. 9 in Hollywood.

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Florida Tom said...

Jake was correct it seems like a decade since he has been on The Ellen Show. He avoided it like the plague. I guess everyone knows he is a lady killer now so no need to worry :))))))