Friday, October 3, 2014

So you see....

Just a little reminder:

 Back in 2006 some reports talked about meeting Austin.

"but we do remember meeting Nichols at the premiere of his most recent flick, "Glory Road." We stopped to talk to him because he was so tall and handsome, and for no other reason. He admitted to us that he was the only person in the movie who wasn't good at basketball.

"I lied and told them I was a basketball player," he giggled, as we swooned. "I am a terrible basketball player."

We then told him that if they ever made a movie about Tom Brady, he should play him in the lead role. This comment thereby exhausted all of our sports knowledge.

We eavesdropped as he chatted with someone else nearby, who asked him what his favorite recent movie was.

"Brokeback Mountain," he grinned. We gripped a nearby publicist for support. "I can’t think of any other love story that got me so..." and then he trailed off.

When you look back at Austin's pictures even recent ones it looks like it still has him....

Austin might always say what's going on but he knows the power of a picture. 

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prairiegirl said...

It's chili weather. You know what I put in my chili?

Navy beans, pinto beans, hamburger & onions, can of Rotel, can of corn, can of French Style green beans, can of tomato sauce, package of taco seasoning. 5-Can chili.