Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Legs Inc.

Top Ten Captions

10. You're hungry Jake eat a Snickers before another dummy gets hit.

9. Ok, 4 car crashes down,  now the creepy house scenes and we almost done.

8. Don't worry Jake. His legs crossed at the knees is not sending some not so straight  subliminal message.

7. Jake,  of course your thighs are thinner than the fake dummy legs under the car.

6. Act like you know nothing, no one will notice.

5. We don't need animatronic legs, we can do that in post.

4. I know as a producer you're looking to keep costs down .   But Jake I don't think we can return them and get the money back, they'll notice the tire marks.

3. Don't knock the shoes they look better than those scuffy boots you pull out for the red carpet.

2. Sorry Austin's called dibs on the legs Dan.  He has some plans for an Instagram picture.

And the #1 caption is:

I can't remember if Harvey is using this picture for his holiday cards to the competing studio heads or as reminder to the voters for the award campaign.


prairiegirl said...

Is this picture supposed to look like some kind of hip painting? Is it supposed to be humorous or campy to look 'casual' as they sit atop of this car whose hood is bent up, obviously after having supposed to hit that person and then dragged the body along, trailing a large smear of blood?

For people like myself who drive our highways every day twice a day, and we or the drivers around us are doing anywhere from 65 to 90 mph (I know there are people passing me doing 85-90 mph), a scene like this hits a little too close to home. It's your worst nightmare to be in an accident on the highway.

Yeah, I've found myself touching 80 a few times and had to let up on the gas. Usually it's because I'm running late to work, my own fault of course. And I have got to force myself to knock it off; that it's not worth it.

I can't fully appreciate the humor of a pic like this. I don't understand the story that a member of their filming party rushed to take pictures of an accident where three young girls were thrown from a vehicle. How would one of the Gilroys or Jake feel if that film person were taking pictures of a car wreck where one of the members of their family was lying in the grass injured? How would they like that?

Has Jake actually been near an auto accident on his own civilian time with the kids in the car? Has anyone else ever heard the sound of a car hitting another one?

It's horrifying. It sounds awful.

Are we supposed to find this cool that he can sit on the hood of that car with fake legs and big deer-like smear of blood underneath it like it's a Friday the 13th film? A Friday the 13th film is different - you expect that. It's like a Halloween scene - everyone knows it's fake.

But this film is about real life stuff - I don't get this at all where you act like you're sitting in the bleachers watching a demolition car race.

I worked in the same dept. with someone who lost their young son in a car wreck. He was told at work one morning. I'll never forget it. It was terrible to watch him go out the door after having received the news and members of his immediate family came to the office to drive him home.

You guys, you don't ever want to have to witness something like that. You don't want to be in an accident and you don't want a member of your family to ever be in an auto accident. It's not "sensational". It's very, very real life and it's upsetting.

I'm sorry, I don't get this anymore about Jake. I don't get this picture at all. Maybe it's because I've had firsthand witnessing of the effects - guess that makes a difference and others can look at it in a removed way.

I don't ever want to get to this kind of desensitized place where it seems Jake is at that this kind of picture is released to get a reaction.

Special K said...

It is one of the pictures from behind the scenes on the set.

Dan and Jake going over the script in the middle of the crash scene.

It was just such a crazy juxtaposition of things I thought it would be interesting to caption.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry, Special, I think I'm supersensitive about it because of my past experience. Ha! I don't even like deer smears on the road.

I like the number 2:

2. Sorry Austin's called dibs on the legs Dan. He has some plans for an Instagram picture.

Well, Game 2 about to come up. M & M and I were on the phone for awhile during the game last night and there were a few moments where I was not very sportsmanlike! lol. It was not a good first try for myself. lol. I was better behaved when I switched over to Supernatural because it was on at 8pm where I'm at.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake is a harebrained hypocrite. He states in The Guardian article that "we" are all to blame for media scum at horror crime scenes. I sure hope he is kidding and using the royal "we" because its Hollywood types and closet cases like himself who are so desperate to portray themselves in what they perceive to be a "manly" way that they will use graphic carnage and tabloid mayhem of any kind to prove how marketable and cool they are. His willfully redacted career and current self-promotion is all about embracing violence and inhumanity in his films. Please don’t include everyone else in your independent choices and obsession with being viewed as a malevolent thug.

have to admit said...

Jake really does look like he is trying way too hard. Frankly, I don't understand why he continues to disparage his previous movies before he signed with WME. Especially, Prince of Persia. It makes him appear bitter, petty and definitely opportunistic. Anyone watching and listening can tell that Jake is all about awards, instead of the creative process like he tries to make people think. So I guess I'll add that he's shallow too.

Florida Tom said...

Big brawl in KC.. This gonna get ugly :-)

Florida Tom said...