Friday, October 17, 2014

Food, Inc(luded)

Almost time to head down to Texas for the . BBQ, Queso, Mexican Martinis and great films. Paradise. - AUS10
This Texan loves his food.  Taco trucks, sushi, BBQ, a cardiac concerning love of Queso, an ice cream addiction, In -n -Out burgers, Sunday night dinners at Jar, Mozza, his love of the Big Boy, not to mention his self professed "excitement" in Whole Foods,  cooking three big chickens with Jake, Austin loves food.  He's talked about some of his favorite places in LA,  and in Wilmington.

But this man does not live by food alone, especially when your name and alias are both liquors.   Beer, Mexican Martinis, blood-orange juice at Ammo, the Ron Burgundy, tequilas, free bars at industry events, Austin knows "hydration" is key too. 

Guess it's a miraculous coincidence how Jake to be a self professed home chef


prairiegirl said...

Great to have you back, m and Tom, safe and sound, from your awesome travels. Both trips sound wonderful.

And a belated Happy Birthday to the Firstborn Gyllenichols, BT. BT is a big boy now - 7 years old.

Jake and Austin have a seven year old.

Let that one sink in.

Special K said...

Thanks for the reminder Mary, I had hinted at it earlier in the week, with the picture of seven candles, but the birthday birthday slipped pass in all the activities of the week.

It's hard to imagine isn't it, that Baby Tile, is a Big Kid Tile now. They're parents to a first/second grader, full of wonder, inquisitiveness, creativity, opinions and that special personality plus that kids have.

Why do I think they have hit that knock knock joke phase by now, and probably Austin's to blame.

Special K said...

Forgot to say. Love the avatar PG.

destiny said...

Thanks Tom for the birthday wishes.

Good to see you back on the blog M.