Friday, November 21, 2014

A to Z?

 Back in the OTH days Austin was fighting them.

Could he be back fighting them again? 

Or has he become on?

Austin was in the Atlanta area on November 6th,

Just saw @AUS10NICHOLS in the ATL airport and hating myself for not getting a picture! #HeIsBeautiful #OhMyLawd

6 Nov 2014

And Atlanta is where they film one of the hottest shows on US TV, The Walking Dead on

And then Austin was seen at in Atlanta the night of the TWD wrap party on November 15th

 An episode usually takes 8 days to shoot but premieres and season finales take a little bit longer.  The timeline would fit.

TWD is notoriously secretive  about anything about the show.  They keep the locations a closed guarded secrets, the cast, crew and visitors sign off on confidentiality agreements.  If Austin's on the show, the only way to know is if he pops up on the screen. 

Or if this is the only Zombie for Austin


prairiegirl said...

I think it looks sort of creepy. Not sure why the artist did it this way, but then art is specific to one's taste so I guess his point is lost on me.

I kind of liked a couple of the ones in the white shirt even though they struck me as kind of eerie too; but mostly the effect is lost on me because I have no idea what they're trying to say. Art is open to all kinds of interpretations but I don't get these. Obviously, they're meant to be striking. It seems that everything Jake does these days is strange or shocking or something to garner some kind of strong reaction.

One thing I do notice is the difference between the other pictures on Special's post. These W pictures are not "attractive" pictures. Notice that Jake has something on beneath the white shirt and so it covers him up in the back as well as the front. These pictures aren't meant to be sexual at all. Even though he has on a white shirt, you can't see through it at all.

So forget the Mr. Darcy effect because there is no chest hair showing through, no nipples. Just plain white shirt. If you look at Margot Robbie's picture, her dress is classic looking. Feminine. The olive color is nice - it reminds me of moss and underwater foliage. Also, the neckline is low so it reveals a hint of cleavage. So her picture looks different than Jake's - it looks more attractive.

He may as well be going to a funeral or restaurant to be a waiter.

Methodical Muser said...

He may look at peace but this is not the most flattering picture of Jake

This photo shoot seems to be another example, in a long line of vapid, trying-much-too-hard examples, of Jake projecting a dark and morbid vibe. In fact, except for the bubbles, the impression in those underwater photos is that Jake is a corpse. Therefore, I don’t think he looks like he is so much at peace, as in a contentment kind of way. More like stilled, like in a rest in peace never going to breathe again sort of depiction. Looks like Jake’s obsession with birth and rebirth is now being captured in the magazine covers that he does now too. Heaven forbid if he would look stylish, sexy or even like he cares about his appearance. After all that kind of lively sensibility might be interpreted the “wrong” way.

Methodical Muser said...

Let's face it, since Jake signed with WME he has literally and metaphorically been trying to kill off the old Jake Gyllenhaal.

#AndYouKnowWhy #JakeHasIssues