Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tux'd out

Jake broke out another impeccably tailored tuxedo for the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences Governor's award.

This time as he joined other Academy members who celebrated lifetime achievement awards.

In a stunning shawl collared tux and hand tied silk bow tie,  Jake showed that Hollywood glamor side that he keeps hidden in those green khakis and black/grey shirt combo.  Jake looked like he could hop on the stage and in minute's notice  and handle announcing a winner or winning himself.


Florida Tom said...

Jake looks great. Damn he is in full campaign mode.

just passing by said...

Yes he's certainly is in campaign mode. Can't blame him. It's Oscar season and he has a product to sell. Namely himself and from everything I've read his product this year is downright awesome. He looks gorgeous however to me there's a air of boredom in these photos as if he was silently wishing he wasn't there.