Friday, November 14, 2014


  Marvel fans click this. - AUS10

So Austin what are you trying to say

You watch Comedy Central?

You like  Key & Peele?


You like when people poke fun with Marvel members? ; )

 Ok.. good to know there  Austy. 


E News said...

Funny how the troll is the one who insists on 6 children. I know I normally refer to 5.

Yet the troll insists on 6.

Okay, so it's 6.

Like I said, you and the 2 PG tag-alongs believe this. To each his own Dear. You'll be gray and rocking in a chair, (If you're not now), waiting for these fables you've created to past the time of a boring life.

Jake continues to make movie after movie, Austin dates whoever he wants, including Jake.
Keeping you Upset! Still, you and your 2 friends will continue to pull your gray hair out at the roots turning over every rock looking for the 6 GylleNichol kids that exist only in your world.

Ted has one over on you, you bit, he's laughing. Great Ted. lol

prairiegirl said...

I think the Troll is the one who has a lock on the rocker, complete with crocheted lap afghan and kitty cat to stroke.

Good grief, I would hope Jake is making movie after movie. He took the years off while the babies were incubating and nursing and now that they're preschool and elementary grade age, he's back to work. How many working mothers do we all know who did this?

And dating? Both of them???

BWAHAHAH!!! That's the biggest laugh I've had all day. What in the heck is the troll smoking today?

Hey, if his idea of these 2 dating whoever they want (lol) is Austin following The Poopster around like a bearding accessory and floating smoke clouds about Rachel McAdams and Jake without HD photos, he just needs to keep on knitting that cute little sweater. I know I certainly won't stop him.


I almost have to feel sorry for the troll when he flaps around like a fish on dry land like this.

stopping by to see said...

that the topic of Jake and Austin with kids still gets this PR plant in overdrive. There have been so may clues out there since Jake started bearding with Reese Witherspoon that the topic is not even debatable any longer. Jake and Austin have a family together. And, now they are deep in the closet raising a family. There's not much mystery here.

Oh, and Jake is not working all the time. His filming schedules are a study in hiding his actual contact hours. And, I agree that Austin hardly works at all. A guest appearance here. A short film there. A bearding photo op when necessary. Then there's his twitter account telling us he's hitting on underage girls during the rest of his free time. Yeah, right. Jake and Austin having several children is far more credible than the manufactured image WME projects.

the real m said...

Every time the troll goes on their high horse march, it means something is up. Maybe Jake and Austin were seen together on Jake's recent trip to Hollywood. Keep your eyes peeled for a blind item.