Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pictured Past

Back when they were promoting BBM,  Jake and Heath were featured in Entertainment Weekly.

The picture take by Martin Schoeller that you didn't get to see was this:

This previously unpublished photo is part of  Schoeller’s Retrospective Exhibition, at the Hasted Kraeutler gallery and run Nov. 13, 2014 - Jan. 3, 2015.

Schoeller says he included this photo of Brokeback Mountain stars, because it so perfectly captured their easygoing friendship.


Destiny said...

Love that "new" photo. Boy does it bring back memories of all the BBM promotions, and Heath, sigh.

sad sigh said...

Heath A Ledger

the real deal

the one

I guess

Seaweed said...


This is one incredible image. In a brief moment you can sense so many things. I feel love and loss; this brings on joy that's be fading over time, and tears at the un-imaginable loss.

Thanks so much Special for this window into the past.

the real m said...

Beautiful picture. It breaks my heart to look at Heath. Such a waste. I have not been able to watch his movies for the last couple of years either. Too painful to think about his death. The only exception is the batman/Joke . Maybe because he looks so different there, I can handle that flick.