Wednesday, November 26, 2014

All about that base

Now was there a reason that Austin needed to tweet about ice coffee at the CVT truck on Tuesday?

The smallest menu in LA just got a little bigger. We're now serving up the "Coffee Cream" - an iced…   - AUS10

I guess he can't help himself when it comes to coffee, ice coffee that is.  Just had to share a video of making ice coffee with soft serve.

That's subtle Austin - you're a master of subtly, the way you love coffee.

Wait it was about ice coffee right? 

And not where the CVT is.


Special K said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone had a great day.

@AUS10NICHOLS said...

I bet the percentages of celebrities who don't control their own twitter account goes up considerably when they are gay. Because that's one more way for their "teams" to control their heterosexual marketing.

Many Public figures do not run their own Twitter Account

Southpaw said...

@MovieWeb: First Look at Jake Gyllenhaal in Boxing Drama 'Southpaw'