Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stars and No Holds Bar

A couple of weeks ago OMG posted about  Jake sitting down with this season's indie stars in the running for award season to talk about making movies in Hollywood and making indies. 

Below is the 72-minute discussion moderated by The Hollywood Reporter that was just released.

Speaking of Jake and fellow stars,  a story quietly slipped into the media mix.  It was dismissing the idea of Jake's fellow Southpaw co-star Rachel McAdams. Bustle's "Who's Rachel McAdams dating? It's Probably not Jake Gyllenhaal." effectively put down the idea of her with Jake or even with Jake during the filming of Southpaw.  Hey Bustle what do you know to rule the Jakester out so quick? ; )

Like they say, timing is everything.


Daily Mail said...

Country star Billy Gilman comes out on same day as Ty Herndon in solidarity... and slams the industry for being 'ashamed' of gay artists

Billy Gilman came out as gay on Thursday, just hours after fellow country artist Ty Herndon revealed he has been in a relationship with a man for five years.

Inspired by Ty's courage, Billy shared a video to Youtube titled My Story By Billy Gilman, in which he talks about his sexuality and his partner of five months.

But the former child star, who is now 26, criticised the industry for being 'ashamed' of gay artists and encouraging them to lie about who they are to protect their careers

wrong guy said...

of course jake is not dating Rachel but Bustle is incorrect, the person visiting Rachel on her bday was not Sambrook but Duane Murray her co-star. the person was misidentified by one outlet and everyone else repeated it because no one bothers to google.

Florida Tom said...

Awesome that these two guys came out. Also very good Billy said he was encouraged to lie.