Friday, November 7, 2014

Star (Wars)Treatment

Austin was so excited about the name of the new Star Wars movie he tweeted about it:

Episode 7 THE FORCE AWAKENS Great title!!! - AUS10

But OMG thought he might like these that are a little more relevant.


prairiegirl said...

Oh my god, Special, every single one of those killed me. They just killed me. I don't even know which one is my favorite - they're all so excellent. You outdid yourself on this one. **tip of the hat**

Attack of the Fauxes
The Chlo Snore
Revenge of the 5 Head

^^ some of my favorites.

But you know, I think I'll pick that last one. Because that one has got to be so real for them. When that family is under one roof, who knows if they even get a good night's sleep - especially during the cold & flu season, right?

lol. That would be another great one, Special!!! Revenge of the Cold & Flu Season. LOLLL!! Because when one kid gets it? They're all going to get it. That's just the way it is in a family like theirs.

But anyway, where I was going with the night of sleep. Those guys better enjoy a good night's sleep because come time they all start waking up, there's no peace and quiet until it's time to go back down for bed. There's not even any quiet in the bathroom because someone's probably knocking on the door, looking for them.

See, these are the kinds of stories that would be so funny to hear on Jimmy Fallon or Conan. The stories about their kids. I bet they have a ton of them by now.
:( Now that I would enjoy and watch.

destiny said...

Love all the movie titles, I especially like The Phantom Goose,

PG, they don't count Thursday (or Wednesday, another common opening day) in the weekend totals of a movie.

the real m said...

Special, you always amaze me with your clever posts.

Looks like Nightcrawler is getting lost in the shuffle this weekend. Has anyone seen Interstellar? I'd be curious to hear your take on it. Not sure why but I find Anne Hathaway really annoying. She's been interviewed on TV quite a bit the last few days. She's beautiful but something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

prairiegirl said...

And yet again @smokey_bear tweets about whether or not there is a "the" in his name. I mean, what is it with him and this interpretation or recall of his name?

Smokey Bear ‏@smokey_bear 9m9 minutes ago

This is a helpful reminder that there is no "the" in #SmokeyBear.
1:04 PM - 9 Nov 2014 · Details
Truly I think he's taking this way too personally

I had to tweet at him. Why does he use Smokey Robinson as an example? Who says Smokey the Robinson? Nobody, that's who! C'mon Smoke, let it go, buddy. Some people grew up on Smokey the Bear. Cut us some slack.
grrrrr. It's getting a little irritating, lol.