Thursday, November 20, 2014

All Wet

We've seen Jake get wet before.

But this time he's taking the plunge.
 Jake is on  the cover of the December 2014 of W's Art issue—and completely under water! Photographer and video artist Bill Viola, who is known for using water in his work, snapped both Jake submerged in a tank in his Long Beach, Calif., studio.

It took a few tries first to get it picture perfect

 And a little bit  of work for Jake, he's definitely not the waterbaby that his Tall  Texan is.  It doesn't look like he's meant to be the merman of the family.

"I didn't expect the sensations—the water would go up my nose and out my eyes, which made it difficult to keep my eyes open,"

"There's a panic that sets in, because you're running out of breath," he continued. "And even though you can hear [people] talking, telling you to move your arm or open your eyes, mostly you're in your own head. You feel very alone."

Despite the less than serene experience, Jake looks perfectly at peace on the cover.


prairiegirl said...

I can't imagine trying to hold my eyes open underwater.

Hello everyone! It's the annual weekend at the lake - Lake of the Ozarks! But have Wi Fi, will surf and tweet and blog and tweet and everything else.


Destiny said...

I really love these new photos of Jake--even if just thinking about the photo shoot makes me feel like I can't breath.

AUS10 said...

Mike Nichols made some of my favorite films. Goodbye to a Giant.

W Magazine said...

Jake's interview in W Magazine

W Magazine

the real m said...

He may look at peace but this is not the most flattering picture of Jake. I think it looks sort of creepy. Not sure why the artist did it this way, but then art is specific to one's taste so I guess his point is lost on me. Sort of like the play Jake did. I did not get why the director used water so extensively. I thought it distracted from the play rather than helped it. Also, being in water with clothes on is an entirely different feeling than in a bathing suit. Clammy. So no wonder Jake was not too comfortable while being photographed.